Collecting can be Addictive


Have you ever collected anything? Over the years I have had a few different collections. From marbles to books to postcards as a kid to the collections I love now my butterflies and my snowmen. So for this Wordless Wednesday I give you part of my snowman collection that comes out each Christmas.

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The Thank You List


It is the season for much hustle and bustle, but also a season where many of us try and give in ways that matter. People tend to be more charitable, more kind this time of the year. For me as a year closes, and I draw closer to turning that half century, I am feeling […]

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Holiday Prep 201-Tech that can Help Your Holidays

Holiday Prep 201

Tis the season and last week for the #cdnmoney chat on Twitter we were talking Holiday prep. Whther it is Christmas, Hannukah, or some other major holiday with it always comes lots of prep, from the budgeting, to the list making, to the shopping, to the travel there is always lots to do. So how […]

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Thinking of a Pet as a Christmas Gift? Things to Consider

Pet story photo

Evaluate the responsibilities required when giving a pet   You have it pictured in your head: the carefully wrapped present with holes in the box moving around under the tree – and then the delight on your loved one’s face when a furry little friend hops out.   Under the right circumstances, a pet can […]

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My Favorite Shows of the First 50 Years of My Life


Earlier this week I wrote about my life in music so I decided to share some of the tv shows that have left me entertained, laughing, and sometimes even crying. We all can identify to certain music and I think it is that way with certain TV shows as well. As a young child I […]

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Building Holiday Traditions with Hallmark Northpole

Hallmark Northpole

To help celebrate the Hallmark original movie North Pole, it’s on next on December the 12th, Hallmark created the Northpole collection. Because I am a member of the #presspause panel Hallmark Canada sent me a box of goodies to checkout. For us every year we have built Christmas traditions and one of them that we have […]

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Reviewing My Three Words of 2014

Three Words

Back in January I wrote about the 3 words that I would use to create the life I wanted this year, it is a habit I have had for a few years now. The words have become anchors for the year. This past year I choose the words courage, choice, and community. 2013 was the […]

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The Music of My Life


My friend Jennifer recently shared the playlist of her life, well I got to thinking about the playlist of my own, especially now as I approach my 50th birthday. The Beatles She Loves You was topping the charts when I was born.   While I was growing up, mom listened to bands like The Hollies, […]

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Popcorn Garland Fun

popcorn garland on the tree

  Sometimes the simple things like popcorn stringing and watching Christmas specials remind you to stop during this season and to be grateful for the simple ways you can bring joy, fun and excitement to your home while sticking to a budget. Really it does make common sense. Do you have simple things that you […]

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Clean Happens with the All Natural Better Life Products

Better Life Products

When you live in a house with a kid with allergies, you are always looking for healthier ways to clean. Its why many days I prefer natural solutions. Also having a teen in the house, and babies that visit you need to be ready for spills and accidents. Recently, I was sent a box of […]

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