School Valentine Loot Bags one the Cheap and Easy


Valentines day is coming up very soon and with that brings another round of Valentines Cards and loot bags for classmate friends. I have 3 kids in 3 different classes, with roughly 30 students in each class, needless to say the holidays, wether it is Valentines day, Easter, Christmas, you name it, are getting a […]

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How to Save More on Groceries: Feb 5-11

How to Save More on Groceries

This is the fourth week I am showing you my readers how I save on groceries that week. Literally I am showing you my battle plan. If you go back and read my first post you will see I use menu planning, great food choices, technology and a list to help me save. Here is […]

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Did You Know Your AIRMILES expire? They Do


Sometimes, I am very thankful to other bloggers for reminders and introductions. Tenille from Feisty, Frugal & Fabulous posted today about something many of us had forgotten. I know I had. Airmiles start to expire at the end of this year. That’s right if you are a long time collector like me you may want […]

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A Month In And I am Making New Resolutions #Netflix

Netflix resolutions

I think if you are a regular reader of mine you know I love Netflix. Over the Christmas break my teen and I got to watch quite a bit and even did some binge watching but then came January and the rush and hustle and bustle to get back into routine and our viewing time […]

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How are You on those Resolutions? Small Steps Go A Long Way


Well we are a month into the new year and a mere month ago we were all busy setting goals and resolutions. If you are like most people they are already gone out the window, but if you are like me, you are still working on them. Mine goals were mostly health and fitness related […]

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How to Save More on Groceries: Jan 29-Feb 4th, 2016

How to Save More on Groceries

We are now in our third week of me sharing how I am saving on my grocery bill every week. I want to thank you my readers for sharing this post. Since I have started this series it seems every news show in the country has done a segment on how to save or slash […]

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5 Tips to Frugally Finding Kids Clothing

kid in clothes rack

I am a mom to three growing children and as such I am constantly on the hunt for cheaper ways to upsize their clothing when needed. Frugal is the word I would use for my methods, and it has been that frugality that has helped me keep my children from having to run around naked […]

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Valentine Gift Ideas & A Giveaway from Hallmark Canada

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas from Hallmark Canada

It’s that time of year and Valentine’s Day is around the corner. A box of Valentine’s goodies arrived from my friends at Hallmark. Happy to say, I am part of the Love Hallmark team again this year. My teen loves these little boxes and well she gets excited to see what’s in them and the […]

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The Best Canadian Websites & Apps that Save You Money


There are so many apps that can save Canadians money. Most of these apps fall into one or more of these 3 groups: coupon apps, flyer apps and cash back apps. For websites, many are portal sites that offer you deals, a percentage back etc. Some of the apps also have online portals so you […]

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How to Save More on Groceries: Jan 22-28th, 2016

Chciken Enchilada Soup-0721

Last week I introduced my readers to a new weekly feature here on CommonCentsMom. With the dollar at a low, and some produce being in short supply we have to get creative and try and stretch our dollars further. How am I able to do that? 1. I menu plan. Last week I shared a […]

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