Smart is the New Cool #streamteam


Can you believe it, school starts in just two weeks today here in Canada for the most part. I know my teen is actually looking forward to getting back into the classroom. She is excited to take her college psychology course and get grade 12 under her belt. My teen is one of those girls […]

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Back to School Clothes Shopping on a Budget


Buying school supplies may feel easy on the wallet once you start clothes shopping. It can get expensive – fast, especially when older children are involved. Young children often have very little concern about what they are wearing or where it came from allowing you to save money by shopping discount stores or inheriting hand […]

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Help GLAD Donate 4 Good #Donate4Good

2015-08-23 11.24.41

Ever notice how much cluttter a family can accumulate? Ever since my daughter and I moved into this house 3 years ago I swear I have become a collector and hoarder. Yikes! So this summer I did something about it. There is so much stuff we weren’t using..clothes not worn for more than a year, […]

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What Would You Do With an Extra $1500 #My1500


All summer long my friends at Scotiabank have been hosting a wonderful contest that asks the question what would you do with an extra $1500. We all dream about what we would do if we came into a windfall but sometimes even those small amounts can make a difference. It might mean travel, taking a […]

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3 Simple Ways To Save at the Canadian National Exhibition

Princes Gate is ready

    This week marks the start of the Canadian National Exhibition, for us it is a tell tale sign summer is almost at a close here in Toronto.  Opening Day is Friday August 21st this year. That is just a few sleeps away as my daughter reminded me. For us the most important day at the […]

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Expect the Unexpected

my first home

  Do you expect the unexpected? It happens. It is not just something that happens on tv. For me as a young woman I had a plan. I even had 5 year and 10 year plans, but then life threw me some curve balls and things well they started designing a plan of their own. […]

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Time for Back to Campus #StudentLife with a Contest and a Twitter Party!


I remember well getting ready for university my first year, I lived at home while I explored a new city, Halifax and attended Dalhousie University. By the time I hit second year however it was time for me to spread my wings and I was on my way to the University of Manitoba. While there […]

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School Lunches on a Budget


If you’re looking to save money on school lunches you’re not alone. Many parents are choosing to send a cold lunch with their child due to health, economic, and safety (allergy) reasons. The rising cost of buying a meal at school coupled with uncertainty of food quality also leads many parents to pack a lunch. […]

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4 Tips for Having That Conversation With Your Teen


There comes a point in every parents life when we have to have certain conversations with our kids. Some of them are really really hard. I know talking to my daughter about sex and sexual health certainly have been tender conversations with a bit of embarrassment for the both of us. Now, it simply makes sense to […]

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Do I Need Everything on That School Supply List?


Does it seem like school supply lists are getting longer and longer?  Really, over the years I have found them too long and filled with things that may or may not get used. Several different news reports have done the research to show this is happening. Many parents are left scratching their heads and digging […]

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