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Kodak Moments

  I love taking pictures and have been an avid photographer since my teen years. Remember when you had to take your film to be developed, well I was that girl who even took a course in developing way back when. These days my phone is often my camera for when I am on the […]

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Change Comes With Financial Literacy and Entrepenuership


I never thought when I was a mom struggling to make ends meet that I would be a successful entrepreneur years later. I never thought my daughter would be one as well. You know me as the CommonCentsMom but I am now much more than that. I have a successful freelance business as well as having […]

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Mother’s Day Must-Haves From Hallmark (with Giveaway) #LoveHallmarkCA

Hallmark Tea pot and cup and saucer

Recently, I got to attend the “Behind the Letter” event with the folks from Hallmark Canada that not only showcased the wonderful selection of Hallmark gift suggestions but reminded me how important in today’s digital world handwritten cards still make a difference. With Mother’s Day around the corner, there are so many economical choices that […]

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Treat Your Mom to Medieval Times this May


Over the last couple of years, one of our favorite places in Toronto for a great family fun night out has become the Medieval Times. Who can resist some chivalry and honor? Both my daughter and I love the show. We get to attend about once a year. The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament will […]

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Netflix Can Be a Mom’s Best Friend


    Netflix can be a Mom’s best friend after a long day of working and taking care of the kids. There are so many fantastic shows to watch, and when you find one you love the urge to binge watch until you can barely keep your eyes open is unavoidable. Here is a list […]

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Simple Steps to Take When Starting Your Kids on an Allowance #TDFamilyAllowance

teaching kids about allowance

  Thinking about starting your child on an allowance? There are several simple steps we can take when starting the process that will allow having an allowance to teach them to be money smart. How can we do this, how do we teach these little kids who think everything they have just magically appeared in […]

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The Flipp App Is Your Environmentally Friendly Choice

shutterstock_108327635 (1)

  When it comes to REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE, I put my emphasis on the first statement every day.  When it comes to the word, reduce, the Flipp app helps me when it comes to my shopping lists and helps the environment too. I can reduce the amount paper required when it comes to seeking a deal, […]

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The Second Hand Economy Helps You Earn and Save with Kijiji


Here in our house, we live in a second-hand economy which is great when it comes to Earth Week and spring cleaning. Think of all those unused items you still have around your house.   Last year the second-hand economy contributed up to $36 billion to the Canadian economy, including the purchase of imported goods. […]

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Simple Ways to Save Money When Eating Out

Eating Out Edited and Titled

Eating out is a big part of a lot of our budgets. With more hours spent at work, school, and daily activities, sometimes we don’t have time to cook a meal at home. Whether it’s a treat, or for necessity, there are simple ways to save money while eating out. From fast food joints to […]

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RSVP for the #TurboTaxParty, Do Your Taxes with the Experts

TurboTax_April2016_donut (1)

Can you believe the tax deadline is less than 3 weeks away folks? Yes, I have been talking about taxes all month long with the experts from TurboTax during the #CDNmoney chats on Twitter, but I realize some of you, like the me of old, will leave your taxes till the last week. Many of […]

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