Garnier Clean + Makeup Removing Lotion Cleanser #GarnierSensitive


Anyone who knows me knows I don’t wear much makeup. I am a no frills, no fuss kind of woman but I do like to wear it on occasion. Now when it comes to my skin care and nightly beauty regime I am pretty old fashion as well, but for the last year whenever I […]

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6 Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Daily Deal Site Buying

Get the Most out of Deal Site Buying

Are you looking for a great deal? Love shopping through some of the daily deals sites? I do. Over the years I have gotten some great deals on everything from concert tickets to meals out to even a weekend getaway. Here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of your deal […]

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Helping to Keep those Resolutions on Track (Giveaway)

Help with Your Resolutions Giveaway Prize Pack

Do you remember January 1st? Did you make any resolutions or goals? Sometimes we need a little helping hand to keep those resolutions on track. Sometimes, by March or even long before our resolve is out the window. Have you followed through on your New Year’s resolutions? For so many like me we set health […]

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Finding My Purpose, Finding My Passion


Do you know what your purpose is in life? Do you have something you wake up excited to do every single morning. I wanted to teach. When I was a teen becoming a teacher was my goal. I thought of it as my way out of the dysfunctional life I had at the time and the […]

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Binge Worthy TV Watching for March

3rd rock from the Sun Netflix

If you don’t have Netflix yet, you are really missing out on some great original tv. One of the best parts about being a Netflix #streamteam member besides the free Netflix is getting to watch some amazing shows and wait in anticipation of some new releases. I have been binge watching shows for months now […]

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Being Prepared for Every Emergency with Energizer® EcoAdvanced™ & A Giveaway


  With the bitter cold of late I am reminded of how important it is to be prepared for every emergency. I remember well the ice storm last year and how hard it hit at my house. Do you prepare a winter emergency kit? After last year it really is something that I made sure […]

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TurboTax Canada Review and Giveaway


Thanks to the gang at TurboTax and being a brand ambassador this year for their spring campaign, I get to review a copy of TurboTax and give 5 of my readers free codes that they can use this year. Last month I wrote about organizing for your tax return. Hope you were paying attention and are […]

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Three Tips for Frugal Feline Care

cat playing

February is here, which means the end of winter is getting near!Many of us are still in hibernation mode. I know for me with the brutality and cold of this winter I am wanting to stay indoors and hibernate. My sister tells me that even her feline who loves a good stroll outside is wanting […]

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The Best Way To Improve Your Health and the #BritaBootcamp Giveaway

Brita Grand Pitcher and waterbottle

  One of the best things you can do for you, is to take care of your health. For those of you who follow my blog know I am using the hashtag #healthyme  as I journey to a healthier me. One of the best things I have done since January was increase my water intake. […]

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How to Cut Cable Costs in Canada

cut the cable

Are you still spending a small fortune on cable or satellite television? The average Canadian household spends $123 That is over $1200 a year! Now many are even higher than that if you add specialty channels like HBO, sporting channels and the movie channels. What could you do with that money? Spending a small fortune on cable […]

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