Summer Trip: Gravol™ to the Rescue and a Giveaway


Summer is here, everyone seems to be on the road, in a plane or on a train. Everyone seems to need to get from point A to point B sometime in the summer.  Each of those trips means travel, often in close quarters. Recently my teen and I traveled with Via Rail to the east coast […]

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A #HealthyMe Check In: Week 2 of Medifast

2014-07-15 18.00.39

So I am on the second week of Medifast and well this is normally when I start cheating and looking for easy outs. I have tried every diet out there I think at least once. I have battled forever with my weight, but now it is not about weight, it is about health. So if […]

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Simple Ways to Cut Costs on your Next Family Road Trip


There’s perhaps nothing that encapsulates summer quite like loading the kids in the car, packing a cooler, and driving off to the beach for a weekend! If you’re planning a longer holiday, however, it’s all too easy to underestimate the expense involved. Road tripping can be a great way to save money on travel, but […]

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Have a Mastercard? Love Toronto? A Giveaway #LoveThisCity

science of rock

Are you a Mastercard holder? I am. I have had Mastercard for years. Now the advantage of being a Mastercard holder in Toronto is you can take advantage the Priceless Cities program and get some great deals on some of my favorite places in Toronto. Last week Mastercard Canada sent me a prepaid Mastercard, that […]

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Moores’ Canadian Suit Drive #SuitDrive


It is that time of the year again and Moores Clothing has already begun its 5th Annual Clothing Drive. Why a suit drive? Right now in Canada there are hundreds of thousands of me who are unemployed. We all like to make a first good impression, and a suit does that. When unemployment happens it […]

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A #HealthyMe Update: Week 1 of Medifast

2014-07-13 15.54.32-1

So last week I told you I was selected to be Canad’s first Medifast blogger. Well what a first week it has been. There was lots to learn, lots to drink, and lots to eat. What is the diet program? Well each day I eat 5 Medifast Meals ( or drink or slurp depending which […]

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A New Canadian Deal and Coupon Site: Shopster


As a Canadian that loves to save I am always looking for apps and sites that will help us do just that. I recently found ..It’s byline is Big Names, Big Savings, and well it is living up to that byline. This weekend I was on the site looking for some deals and for […]

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Walmart’s 20th Anniversary Brings Rollbacks Galore


It’s hard to believe that Walmart is now 20 years old here in Canada. I remember the first time I shopped a Walmart I lived in rural New Mexico and the store had everything I could possibly need. We went there for everything. So when I moved back home to Canada, I was excited to […]

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Merguez and Lentil Soup

Merguez and Lentil Soup

With Ramadan being this month sometimes for a iftar meal ( the meal Muslims break fast with) a good soup is called for. You want something nice and healthy to start your time of eating off right that is why this sausage and lentil soup hits the spot. We have been making it here at […]

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A #HealthyMe Update: Starting Medifast

2014-07-06 17.33.48

If you read my blog with any regularity you know that as I approach age 50 I am trying to get healthier. I am tired of being fat and having no energy. So I made this year about getting healthier. I set a goal and got informed. As part of my research when I was […]

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