The Newest App for Canadians: Download Caddle Now


A couple of months back one of my girlfriends who knows my love of apps that save Canadians money shared with me a new app that was in development. I met with the man behind the app and fell in love. I was also told I couldn’t share my new love with anyone. Don’t you […]

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The Best Apps for the Holiday Season

Holiday Apps

It truly is holiday season. The hustle and bustle has begun. We are all flocking to the malls and stores looking for just the right gifts for those who have made the nice list. Well at least I am and there are a number of apps that are helping this tired mom get it all […]

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RSVP for the # 12DaysofKanetix Twitter Party


It’s that time of the year. Families are hustling and bustling and getting ready to celebrate the holidays with family and friends. Why not take a break from the hustle and bustle and join us for the #12daysofKanetix Twitter Party. We all love a great Holiday party right!  Many of us plan some kind of […]

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Remembering that Moment #BeCovered


Do you remember that moment when someone else mattered more then you did? That you cared enough you knew you would want them to carry on without you? I remember holding my newborn daughter, we were in a homeless shelter and thinking, Oh My Goodness she is mine and I am responsible for her. It […]

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3 Ways to Save Money on Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday Blog

This is an exciting week in the world of shopping, sales and the holidays.  Why?  Because this week is Black Friday.  The last week of November has traditionally been the time of the year when our friends to the south of the border celebrate American Thanksgiving with a day of extreme sales on the Friday […]

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The Best App for Your Black Friday Shop


It is that time of the year again. Our American neighbours are not only planning their Thanksgiving dinners but their Black Friday shopping as well.  Canadians love Black Friday as well, well at least, I know I do. There are so many great deals right here close to home, no need to cross the border when […]

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Are you a Savvy Saver? Take the Quiz

become a savvy saver

It’s Financial Planning Week here in Canada and  TD has launched an online Savvy Saver Quiz, to help you understand more about your personal finances. Whether you are dealing with student loan debt, mounting credit card bills or looking at retiring it is always important to know where you stand financially. I can never say this enough. […]

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Breaking the Bedtime Stalls with Netflix in Just 5 Minutes


Long gone are the days of the great bed time debates between my daughter and I, but I remember them like they were yesterday. She was the master negotiator always begging for just 5 more minutes. She wanted that victory and when she wouldn’t get it she was thirsty, slow as could be and sometimes […]

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To tweet or Not to Tweet That is the Question


Last night as the news was rolling in about the tragic events in Paris last night, again the question for those of us who live and breathe in the online world and act on behalf of brands was,” Do I Tweet or don’t I”? It becomes a question, do I stop doing business for half […]

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How to Make Education Affordable for Every Student #CDNmoney #EduSaveWeek #FLM2015


If you have teenage children or if you’re a teenager in high school the cost of college tuition may be on your mind.  It seems everywhere we turn nowadays we’re hearing about the rising cost of post-secondary education in Canada.  So the question we have to ask ourselves is “How can young Canadians afford to […]

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