Injustice and Stereotyping is Never Good


  As a white woman you would think I know little about racism, and even less about injustice, but I have felt the hands of hate, the hand of injustice a few times in my life but nothing like my a number of my friends who live with it every day. I can be very angry […]

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Giving Made Easier for Canadians with ChangeIt and BMO


Every year, at this time of year, we all look for ways to give back. There is even #GivingTuesday on Dec 2nd because after all the spending of Black Friday we also look for ways to give back. This month,  the Bank of Montreal announced it is making it simple for Canadians to give back and make a […]

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Loving the RBC #AvionVIP Holiday Boutique Shopping Experience

2014-11-23 12.12.24

Yesterday, I was invited to be a Avioner for the Day at one of the RBC VIP Lounges here in the GTA. There are 2 here locally, one at Yorkdale, and the newest one at Square One. Since I wanted to shop with a friend who lives in Mississauga I headed out to Square One. […]

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Gifting that Gives Back with Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages

It is that time of year, Christmas flyers abound, every one is getting ready for Black Friday and well starting their holiday shopping. Many of us look for ways to give and give back at this time of the year. I know that I do. I try and support some local retailers, some that have […]

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Lets Talk about Gifts that Make Sense – Financial Gifts

Christmas Gifts that make sense

With this month being financial literacy month, my daughter and I have been having lots of conversations with my teen age daughter about money. With all this talk about money this month our talk turned to Christmas. We started talking about Christmas and her list as we decorated the Christmas tree yesterday, what she wanted, what she […]

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I am not Cheap, I am Money Smart


I was very honored to be asked to give some of my very best frugal money saving tips to Financial Post readers, along with some other great Canadian bloggers. I have many tips I could of shared as I have here on my blog over the years. But my main tip I use every day is […]

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Life Lessons Learned

Blessed and Thankful my daughter

Today my teen daughter and I were having a long talk, it was a heart to heart. We had the time as it was a professional development day and she was home with me. It is great to have those moments in time when you can have a meaningful discussion. We talked about life lessons, […]

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The Stork Canada Twitter Chat is Coming


One in six Canadians struggles with infertility, I know several of my friends who did, yet many feel alone because their friends and family had no problem conceiving their children. And out of the ones who do battle infertility, only 15% can afford IVF treatments and other assisted reproductive technologies.  Can you imagine? The Stork […]

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Remembrance Day- Lest We Forget


Today is Veteran’s Day here in Canada.  Lest we forget, we stop and thank those who have gone before at the eleventh hour on the eleventh day. Many of us wear poppies in the days coming up to the day to remember the poppies that grow on Flanders Field. Each year I am proud to […]

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How to Choose a Financial Advisor in Canada #cdnmoney

How to Choose a Financial Planner in Canada

Over the years during the #cdnmoney chat we have tackled the question of choosing a financial planner more then once, but it is such an important topic that Christa and I thought we needed to be talking about it again during Financial Literacy Month.  I have a friend and he happens to be a financial advisor, […]

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