5 Frugal Tips for the New Mom #PampersSavingsCA

frugal tips for a new mom

Every once and a while I get asked how I became the Common Cents Mom. What made me frugal? What made me a deal hunter? Truth be told it was becoming a mom. When my now teen was born, I was homeless. Yes, homeless and I had to restart my life. I quickly learned how […]

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Graduation Gift Ideas from Hallmark Canada

graduation gift idea

It is that time of year in many households, it seems about a quarter of my friends have a graduate of some sorts in their house this year. My own daughter is in grade 12 but she will be done with high school next year. There are plenty of graduation ceremonies next week here locally.  Our […]

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Caddle Canada Offers: Summer Jams, Apples and Flash Friday


  There were two new offers on the Caddle app yesterday. This week it is all about #SummerJams and Canadian apples then today for the Flash Friday offer it is all about #NationalPralinesDay. The offers are limited in quantity so make sure you look for new ones on Thursdays and then for a special one […]

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How to Manage the Summer Mayhem


Kids love summer. I know mine does at least. While she may love it, sometimes I loathe it. When you are an entrepreneur with clients, summer school, summer camps, travel and friends stopping by it can seem more like mayhem. It will  definitely be a full and busy summer here at my house. I am sure […]

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Planning My New Summer Retreat Thanks to the #CTWOWGuide


It is that time of year and summer is upon us. I must admit I love summer, and I am so glad that my teen does as well. I don’t think many of you know I live in an apartment, but that apartment is in a house that gives me full access to a beautiful […]

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How to Know if My Rainy Day Fund is Safe in Canada


  I think we all have heard the old saying, “Save for a rainy day.” Most of us bloggers and advisors who talk about money suggest three to 6 months of income set aside for the “just in case” scenarios. One never knows when a job loss, health crisis, or unexpected home or car repair […]

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5 Simple Ways to Bless Someone Else on a Budget

free hugs

Sometimes when things are stressing me out like they have been this week, I find giving to others lifts my mood. Ever felt like that? I know for me when life is busy and stressful that pause to help someone else ends up helping me. When I pass on a bit of encouragement, give to […]

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I am a Repeat Offender, Are You? #StreamTeam


Ever have a date circled on your calendar for weeks? That’s me. I have had the release date for Orange is the New Black literally circled on my calendar since March and was lucky enough Mother’s Day weekend to get a sneak peek of the first 6 episodes of this season. I am so anxious […]

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Caddle’s Canada’s Cash Back App: Engage, Earn, Anywhere


Late last fall you may of heard me talking about a new Canadian app called Caddle. Caddle is the newest way for Canadians to engage with brands they love and know and earn cash from literally anywhere. Haven’t been following my social post about Caddle? Here is how the app works: How does Caddle work? […]

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Flipping out for Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Today after a busy day it was time to have a cup of tea and retreat to one my my favorite activities flipping through the flyers on Flipp, looking for the best deals of the week.  Normally I am planning my menu, making my grocery lust and the like using the app, but then I […]

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