Thrifting Thursday: Do you shop in thrift stores?

Value Village © by bradley j


Do you shop in thrift stores?

I do.

There are 3 Canadian ones that I love to hit up quite regularly: Value Village, Salvation Army and Goodwill.When my daughter was younger there was also a consignment store Ages and Stages (it is on the Danforth if you are in Toronto).

I have shopped second-hand stores for as long as I can remember. Think of it like going to a garage sale without having to rummage through someone’s garage or backyard. I find it is a great way to be eco-friendly and save more than just a few dollars and if you are a vintage designer you love a good thrift store, there are so many things that can be tweaked and upscaled for your home.

Because of my love for the second-hand I have decided to start a new regular feature called Thrifting Thursday to my blog. I will be sharing what I found, how things can be reused (upscaled), and discussing thrift in general. Why be thrifty? Think more money to do the other things you want to do and love.

I also want you my readers to share your great finds, and I will be looking for guest bloggers to write about their great finds, upscales, frugal decor, etc on Thursdays.

Now about one of my most recent finds. Right before Christmas I really wanted to have lanterns on my new mantle. Yes, in the new apartment, there is a beautiful fireplace mantle that is the focal point of my living-room. So I really wanted to decorate it with lanterns, but every lantern I saw was out of my budget. Then one day, at the Goodwill store at the end of my street, I spotted 2  lanterns, silver, weathered and perfect for my mantle. Best part I got both for $3.I love when I find what I am looking for in a thrift store. What about you? Have you thrifted lately and are u willing to share your story?


  1. Ellen says:

    Hi – I saw your tweet and would be interested in doing a guest post. I have recently found a few good deals at thrift stores, and have an Aunt in law (is that a word?) who is the thrift shop queen. :) I've done a few guest posts at a blog called Budgeting in the Fun stuff. Please just email me if you're interested! Thanks.

  2. Jenn says:

    I frequent thrift stores and have many amazing tales to share!

  3. I absolutely adore thrift stores. And used book shops. I have spent many days doing nothing but journeying from one to another to find great buys. I have gone on vacations where my fave moments are finding new thrift shops!

  4. Shash says:

    yes I do!! you can find some interesting items plus name brands for cheap cheap!! :)

  5. Kimberly says:

    I Love thrift store shopping! It's like the ultimate treasure hunt to me. I've been doing it for years – since I was in college. I've found some incredible antiques that just needed a little love and care to make them just like new again. Books, CDs, DVDs – my favorite leather jacket is a $2 Salvation Army find from 15 years ago.

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