My Three Words for 2015: Happy, Healthy and Helping

3 words for 2015For years I have been doing a challenge first set out by Chris Brogan in 2006. I personally have been doing it for a few years now. They are the words that guide my year and so far they have been bang on and have helped me face the challenges that every year brings.

As I look back my words over the years have been:

In 2012 they were Create, Connect and Cultivate

In 2013 they were Brave, Trust and Habit

In 2014 they were Choice, Community and Courage

My words for 2015

Happy– I will seek to be happy and look for joy, peace and contentment every day.

Healthy–More and more I will seek after my physical health, my mental health and my spiritual health and building a healthy growing community

Helping- I will seek to serve more, do more and help more this year.

Are you doing the 3 Words exercise? Have you done it? How has it helped guide your year?

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