4 Tips for Shopping at the William Ashley Warehouse Sale


It is that time of the year again, and the William Ashley Warehouse Sale has returned to its location in Vaughan. Last Friday, I got a sneak peek at the sale and did some shopping buying some gifts and some much-needed items for my teen and me. I have to say this the warehouse is full of great items from brands you know and love. The sale started on Oct 25th and runs through November 27th. Here are some tips to manage your time at the sale.

Make a List

Have a shopping plan as always. Know what you are looking for and who you are shopping for. There are sections in the warehouse that can match everyone on your list. William Ashley is known for the beautiful housewares from its stores, but during the sale, they also have amazing sections of baby items, puzzles, games and yes even some toys and craft items.

They even have things you may need around the house including knobs and hooks. I kind of fell in love with the knobs.

Grab a Cart



You will want to grab a cart or wait for one if you must. I found shopping with a cart allowed me to have my hands free for browsing. There is so much to see and explore, and you do not want to miss any of it. The cart also has 3 tiers, think shopping spree!

Check Out the Daily Deals

They have a featured daily deal in the front section of the sale. Make sure you check these outs. I think of them more as featured sale items because the prices at the sale are already good.  I grabbed the daily deal when I was there on Friday.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road


If you want to make sure you see everything stick to the yellow path. It is a path that takes you through every section in the warehouse. You will start it dinnerware. I fell in love with a teapot there. Then it is off to Home Decor, Giftware, Christmas decor, spa, candles, baby and kids items and more.



I bought a few things for Christmas shopping mostly in the Christmas decor, candles and games sections. Now when you go, if you spend more than $300 before taxes you will receive a $50 gift card that can be used at their Bloor Street Store or online at williamashley.com before December 24th, 2016 if you are spending more than $199 pre-tax.

I enjoy my trip up to Vaughan every year, and after a morning of shopping, I am glad to be home where I can sip a cup of tea and start wrapping some presents.




The 5 Top Places to Look for Coupons in Canada and the USA


Do you like to save money? I know I do. These days for me it is very much a necessity. When hard times hit, well I go back to the basics. For me, the basics mean using coupons so I can stretch my dollars.  Why do I have to stretch my dollars right now? My AD network closed its doors last week. In doing so, I lost a large part of my monthly income. As a blogger,  those ads you saw on my sidebar mattered to my monthly income. It was that simple. There is a lull happening while I figure out my next best move.

I find myself knowing; I know the basics of making my dollars stretch, and I am very thankful that I have that knowledge. So when we need to stretch our dollars where are the best places to look for coupons:


Did you know that technology is helping consumers like you and me save money? If you are looking to save, you want to have certain apps on your smartphone. Everyone knows I love the Flipp app. Did you know it has a coupon section both in Canada and the US? Yes, you will have to print these coupons off at home, but since you have the flyers on the app as well. It lets you know where to find the best deals.  Other friends love the Coupgon app. This app is used at the checkout to help Canadians save.

My American Friends love the Coupons.com app as well as the Flipp app that I shared earlier. It has a ton of offers, and you can get the coupons in 3 ways: mailed to you, print at home if you have an iPad, iPhone or certain iPod touchs and certain HP printers like mine ( the HP Envy 7640) or added to your store loyalty card. It all depends on the deal.

Printable Coupons

Here in Canada, we have Smartsource.ca. Think of a one stop place to get lots of great coupons. From ice cream and cereal to beauty products I am sure you will find coupons your family can use. Combine these with a sale and you have a great win. For my American friends, you have SmartSource.com Just found out both of these have apps!

Another page I recently discovered while back to school shopping was Teacher’s List. On Teachers List there are some great coupons you can print off as well some great deal offers if you live in the US.

Websaver.ca has printable coupons and mailed coupons for their VIP list.

Online Coupon Codes


Another one that many friends use is RetailMeNot. The have coupon codes, deals, and printable coupons. They also have some that are exclusive to their site.

Email Companies Directly

If you love a company email them directly. Here are 25 companies who will email you coupons for free if you live in the US. Here in Canada, I know this works as well.

Social Media

I often find coupons by following my favourite brands online. I also belong to a few local savings groups online. I find these groups love to share deals and coupons.

Remember these are just the five best ways to find the coupons you want. You can also find them on tear pads in the aisles as you shop, in magazines, in newspaper inserts and even asking your friends. Let me know your favorite ways to find coupons.


The SPC Card- A Student Savings Card


I know another back to school post, but this one could have the students in your life saving hundreds of dollars this school year. That is a good thing, right? My teen is busy getting ready for back to school and well this mom is always looking for ways to save.

Yesterday, my teen and I were at the mall. We were shopping for back to school must-haves for her. We were at one store, and since my teen was making a purchase, they asked if she wanted to purchase the SPC card for $10.00 to get an immediate discount. She looked at me and said, Mom, I want to get it. So many of the places she loves to shop and eat at give discounts to students who have the card.

Students with the SPC card can earn some great discounts, and they can even bank for free at BMO.

Some of the great deals your student can find:

  • 10% off at regular and sale prices at the Source
  • 10% off your entire purchase at The Body Shop
  • 10% off regular priced merchandise at Rexall
  • 20% more Petro-Points at Petro Canada
  • 10% off all regular and sale prices including BOGO at Payless shoes.
  • $5 off any purchase of $25 or more at Journeys.

There are also great offers at some restaurants and coffee shops.

Check out all the deals here: https://www.spccard.ca/deals

My teen this morning was checking out all the deals as she still has a few things to pick up before the first day of school. If you have a high school or university student in your family, you may want to get a card for them.

caddle cash back offers

Caddle’s Cash Back Offers: August 5th Edition

Today is #NationalUnderwearDay. Who knew? Undies have their own day. Caddle is celebrating by giving you cash back on any purchase of underwear today. There is also a quick one question survey you can take part in to earn cash today.  Did you get a chance to check out the new cash back offers on the Caddle app already? Remember they come out every Thursday morning. This week it is all about Pokemon Go, your furry friends, and oranges.


New Offers on the Caddle App:

  1.  Take the Pokemon Go survey and let Caddle know what you think about this new game. You can earn cash back simply for answering a few quick questions.
  2. Have a furry friend? Simply take a photo or video of your pet. Upload it to your social channel of choice, and tag it with #FurBaby and @CaddleCanada
  3. Love oranges? With your purchases of oranges this week you can earn $0.25 cents.

Remember these other offers on the Caddle App: 

Little things add up. This week you can continue to earn cash back when your submit your grocery receipt of $50 or more. You can also write a review or share your best cow pun to earn cash back this week. Let me know which Caddle cash back offers you love this week.

Let me know what have been your favorite ways to earn cash back with Caddle? Do you love the surveys, the social media silly share offers, cash back on fresh food or does something else catch your fancy? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Don’t have the Caddle app yet? It has an online portal you can use, or you can download it for iOS now. Android is coming very soon!






Caddle’s Cash Back Offers: July 29 Edition

Today is a great day. It is #NationalLasagnaDay and to celebrate we will be having Lasagna for dinner tonight. Caddle is celebrating #NationalLasagnaDay as well with it’s #FlashFriday offer. Purchase a Lasagna today at any Canadian grocery store and earn $1.00 cash back.  With this week’s new Caddle cash back offers, I am trying to think of a great cow pun, honing my review skills and making my grocery list. All of these will have me earning money this week. 


New offers this week:

  1. Earn $0.25 cents for your grocery store receipt this week. Just make sure it totals $50 or more.
  2.  Write a review. Visit any online retailer and select a product you have purchased from them and submit a review. Reviews help everyone. Remember to make sure the user name for the review matches your Caddle user name.
  3. Have a great cow pun? Share it with Caddle and on your social channels with the hashtag #CowPuns to earn cash back as well.

Remember these Offers on the Caddle App:

The big thing to remember this week when you refer a friend to the Caddle app you earn cash back. Normally, you would earn $0.50, this week that has been doubled to $1.00 so share the app with your friends. We all love to share great things that help us save money and earn money. You earn as soon as your friend signs up and does one interaction with the app.

As well, love chocolate and pickles there are cash back offers for purchases made as well.

Be sure to check out all the great offers on the Caddle app.





funny tee

Caddle’s Cash Back Offers: July 22nd Edition


Yesterday, when Caddle released this week’s new cash back offers I was thinking of chocolate covered pickles. Today I am thinking of all the funny tee shirt slogans I have seen.

Todays’ #Flash Friday offer is all about the funny tee shirt. Who doesn’t love a tee that makes them laugh? Share your favorite funny t-shirt on your social media channels today with the tags #FunnyTeeDay and tag @CaddleCanada and you earn $0.25. That is a easy earn of some cash. Here is one that makes me laugh.

funny tee


New Offers this week:

  1. Love chocolate like I do? Then you want to earn cash back by doing an easy survey that will take you less than a minute and if you purchase any chocolate bar this week you also earn cash back.
  2.  Need a new light bulb, purchase energy efficient light bulbs and earn $0.50 cash back
  3. Love pickles like my daughter? Choose dill or sweet to earn cash back with the 1 question survey and then if you purchase pickles this week earn $0.25. (Combine this with the  Bicks’s pickle offer on the Checkout 51 app and earn a total of $0.75 from the two apps).  Just checked the Flipp app and Bicks are on sale at a couple of retailers this week, so you can save or price match to get the best deal and then earn cash back as well. I call that a win/win!

Remember the other offers on the Caddle App: 

The big thing to remember this week when you refer a friend to the Caddle app you earn cash back. Normally, you would earn $0.50, this week that has been doubled to $1.00 so share the app with your friends. We all love to share great things that help us save money and earn money. You earn as soon as your friend signs up and does one interaction with the app.

There are also some other great offers this week be sure to check them out on the Caddle app.






Get the MBNA Rewards Mastercard Credit Card

Looking for a new credit card? One of the good deals right now is the MBNA Rewards Mastercard Credit Card or the MBNA Platinum Plus Mastercard Credit Card offered by RateSupermarket.ca.

Why is this a deal?

Upon approval of the MBNA Rewards MasterCard® or MBNA Platinum Plus®MasterCard® Credit Card you receive $100 gift card for free from RateSupermarket.ca

What is special about these cards?



The MBNA Rewards Mastercard

  • No Annual Fee
  • 1 % rewards return ( Earn 1 MBNA rewards point for every $1 spent)
  • Redeem points for cashback, travel, brand-name merchandise or gift cards to top retailers and charitable donations.
  • 0.00 AIR Balance transfer ( please read the terms to learn more)
  • 19.99% purchase rate
  • 24.99% cashback rate

With this card, you also receive 5,000 bonus MBNA Rewards points after your first eligible purchase. That is equivalent to $50 when redeemed for cash back or travel.


The MBNA Platinum Plus Mastercard

  •  No Annual fee
  • 0% promotional annual interest rate on balance transfers ( read the details in terms and conditions)
  • Access to 24/7 customer service
  • Around the clock fraud protection
  • Immediate cash access at over 1 million ATMS world wide
  • 19.99% purchase rate
  • 24.99% cashback rate

As with any credit card, you will want to verify the terms and conditions. To check out this great deal visit the RateSupermarket.ca website.


Caddle’s Cash Back Offers: July 8th Edition


Today is Cow Appreciation Day and well Caddle loves cows so there are 2 cow themed offers this week on the app.

Today only it is all about that dairy treat most of us love on a hot sunny day, ice cream. Today only buy ice cream or ice cream bars and earn $0.50 cash back with the app.


New Offers this week:

  1. Share your love of cows not cats on your social media feeds and earn cash back. Share why cows are better than cats with the hashtag #CowsNotCats and tag @CaddleCanada to earn $0.25
  2. Answer a few easy questions about vitamins and earn $0.15 and if you purchase vitamins you can earn $0.50 cash back.
  3. Purchase Almond milk and earn $0.50 ( if you live in Ontario, Almond Fresh is on sale at Metro, combine the sale and the cash back offer to earn more.

Remember the other offers on the Caddle app:

Have the app in iOS, if you leave a review of the app you can earn.

Follow on the social streams of Caddle? Have you earned for doing so.

These are just a couple of the easy ways to earn without breaking the bank. Tell me, after you check out all the great offers on the Caddle app which is your favourite this week.




Caddle’s Cash Back Offers: July 1 st Edition

First of all Happy Canada Day!


Today only on your Caddle App:

  1. Share your favourite Canadian Icon and earn cash back. This is a one day only offer and they are limited in quantity so get yours in now.


New Offers this week:

  1. $1.00 Cash Back on Insect Repellent or Insecticide ( Combine this with the $4.00 cash back offer on Check-out 51 and get $5.00 total back from both apps). Raid Wasp and Hornet Bug Spray is on sale at Walmart for $7.97 – 4.00 from Check out 51 – 1.00 from Caddle and your out of pocket expense ends up being $2.97
  2. $0.25 Cash Back on Cucumbers. Cucumbers are $0.57 at the Real Canadian Superstore. $0.57-$0.25= $0.32 out of pocket expense
  3. $0.25 Cash Back on Cherries. Cherries are $1.77 at Walmart Canada $1.77-$0.25 = $1.52 out of pocket expense.

Other Offers You Must Do:

1. Share your favourite #SummerJams ( song) on your social media channel, tag caddle and use the hashtag and earn $0.25 cash back. ( this is another freebie!

2. Check out the Chef’s Plate offer. If you are busy and on the go, this is a great service to have.  3.

3. Have a book lover in the family? Check out the Book Outlet offer. It gives you $5.00 cash back on a $35.00 order. Perfect for getting books to read all summer long.

To see all the offers on the caddle app in you area, click here.

Share with me what has been your favourite cash back offer ever?

Remember to SAVE the most cash. To have the most for things you love to do you can save time and money by taking advantage of apps like Flipp, Checkout 51 and Caddle. You also save more when you add a coupon. Yes, you can stack your savings in Canada!


frugal tips for a new mom

5 Frugal Tips for the New Mom #PampersSavingsCA


Every once and a while I get asked how I became the Common Cents Mom. What made me frugal? What made me a deal hunter? Truth be told it was becoming a mom. When my now teen was born, I was homeless. Yes, homeless and I had to restart my life. I quickly learned how to stretch my dollar and look for deals. I learned every money saving tip and technique I could they have come in handy the past few years as my nieces began giving birth. Babies are expensive, so I will pass on my frugal tips for the new mom just like I did with my nieces.

Earlier this month I shared a few tips but now let us get real and talk about things that are going to impact the pocketbook. Here are five tips that will help you save money during those early years:

Do Everything with a Bit of Planning

Ever gone to a store to get one thing and you end up with 12 as you browse the aisle and you don’t even really need some of the stuff in your court? I know I am guilty of it. Here is a well-known secret I am going to share with you, with a bit of planning you can ALWAYS have the best price. Sales cycle. Did you hear that? The average time between great sales on items is normally 6-8 weeks. When it is on sale by enough to last until the next sale. As well, since we are talking about being a new mom, do not overbuy, they grow quickly!

Apps are Your Best Friend

Anyone who knows me, knows I love Flipp. I was there very first brand ambassador. I am still a brand ambassador for a reason it helps families save time and money. Any app that does that can be my best friend! If this is your first time reading CommonCentsMom I have a couple of favorite Flipp posts you can read to learn more about the app here , but let me tell you it is available on both iOS and Android, and you will love how easy it is to make a shopping list and check your local flyers for the best deal in town that day! Call me crazy, but I think that is great information that can help any new mom save money.

I do use other apps to earn cash back on a regular basis. Who doesn’t like getting money back on items they are already purchasing. I use Caddle and Checkout 51 on a regular basis. This week on the Checkout 51 app you can earn $3 cash back on Pampers Cruisers, Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Easy Ups and Pampers Wipes. You can also earn $2 cash back on Pampers Baby Dry.

pampers coupons

Become a Coupon Queen

Ever watch Extreme Couponing? Well, learning how to coupon is pretty easy, and when it comes to being a new mom, there are plenty of coupons available. You can check coupon sites for coupons that can be printed or mailed to your home. Are you on social media? Follow your favourite brands and you can also often get special coupons just for those who follow them.

Right now,  get $1-$3 off Pampers products at pgeveryday.ca and pampers.caYou can also find coupons in store on shelves. Ever see those? I do all the time. I was told there are  save$3.00 when you buy any ONE Pampers® Easy Ups or ONE Pampers® Wipes 320ct or higher at Loblaws, Real Canadian Super Stores and Shoppers Drug Mart (coupons available in-store while quantities last.). Combine a coupon and a cash back offer and you save even more. Yes, you can do that!

Become the Price Matching Princess

Do you know what store prices match in Canada? When it comes to price matching in Canada use the following retailers when it comes to baby needs:

  • Walmart
  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • No Frills ( may limit quantity)
  • Fresh Co ( each store may limit differently
  • Babies as Us (Toys are Us)
  • Giant Tiger

Earn Cash or Rewards as you Shop

One of the things most major retailers are doing these days is rewarding loyal customers so are the banks. When you shop with a cash back credit card or rewards credit card you are earning rewards or cash back. I prefer cash back. I also have friends who prefer travel rewards. When you shop always have at least one card ready for you to collect cash or points that can be redeemed for goods. Did you know you can even double dip? An example fo this shop using your Airmiles Card and a credit card that collects rewards or cash back and you earn twice. You do not want to leave those dollars sitting with the banks and retailers.

There definitely are some easy ways to save money when you are a new parent and I hope these tips help you. Let me know of any others.

Disclosure: Disclosure: I am a Pampers Savings ambassador. As part of my affiliation with this group, I have been compensated to share deals and test diaper subscription services. The opinions on this blog are my own.