Flipp’s 5 Fab Finds – Dollar Day Deals

I can’t believe that May 1st, is only a few days away. May is a month full of celebrations like Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, BBQ’s and the time to start planting the gardens for the season. This week there are a few stores that have great dollar day deals. Time to stock up and fill those cupboards and freezers with time-saving bulk meals.

Dollar Day Deals -April 27 – May 3

No Frills – ends May 3

Dollar Day Deals

BBQ season is here and these are perfect staples to have for those gatherings.

Dollar Day Deals

Check the coupon section and you will find additional savings for French’s and Diana Sauce to print off.

Food Basics -ends May 3

Dollar Day Deals

dollar day deals

Frescho -ends May 3

Are you ready for Cinco De Mayo? Here are some quick buys for a meal to help celebrate the day.

Dollar Day Deals

There are a tremendous amount of deals at Freshco and this is the 3rd week of $1, $2 and $3 dollar day deals.

Cinco De Mayo Meals

  • tacos
  • rice dishes
  • nachos
  • enchiladas
  • burritos

Need more recipe ideas? Check out these ones from Taste of Home.


  • don’t overbuy products
  • dollar sales happen often
  • use coupons
  • price match

Be prepared with a list and have all your coupons ready. Learn how to eat Fresher and Cheaper.

I have my list with me, wherever I am. If you carry a phone, your list will be with you too. Flipp makes shopping simple. Choose what you are looking for and it will bring up all the deals and will even tell you what aisle in the store to go to. This is a great feature, no more wandering around looking for the products you need.

If you haven’t downloaded the Flipp app yet, you are missing out on savings.

Download Flipp today from Google Play or the App Store and start saving.

Drop by next week for Mother’s Day specials including meals and those special gifts.

Flipp’s 5 Fab Finds – Spring Cleaning and Organizing

Living in a small space, there isn’t always enough storage for all those extra items we have, like kids toys,  kitchen gadgets and craft supplies.  It is time to get spring cleaning and organizing those items just sitting around.  There is always a long list of things to do when it comes spring cleaning so was so happy to see these top 10 hacks from Flipp.


Our favourite tip was to have a playlist. Really, who can clean without a playlist. Do you have one for cleaning? I know I do.

When it comes to spring cleaning we also donate, donate, and donate. There are several great organizations that will even come to your home and pick up your donations. Spring is definitely a great time to get rid of the clutter.

I also keep our old toothbrushes for cleaning. They are great for getting those tight spots and I keep them in my cleaning caddy.

These hacks work for me. Tell me do you have special spring cleaning hacks? What makes life easier for you?

Ready to attack your spring cleaning? This week there are some perfect items I have found on Flipp to help out.  When you have kids running around playing and making a mess, having these supplies makes cleaning and organizing much easier.

Spring Cleaning and Organizing


Spring Cleaning and Organizing

Food Basics

spring cleaning and organizing

Canadian Tire

spring cleaning and organizing


Check out the coupon section for extra savings on cleaning products and more.

Download Flipp today from Google Play or the App Store and start saving.


Flipp’s 5 Fab Finds – Last Minute Easter Deals

Easter Weekend is here, so if you haven’t finished your shopping, now is the time.  Check out Flipp to find out which stores are having a 2-day sale (Thursday and Saturday) for Easter Weekend.  These last minute Easter deals will fill your table with plenty of food. If you have kids and are looking for basket items, there are many to be found.

Last Minute Easter Deals

No Frills

Choose ham and potatoes instead of turkey or roast for dinner.

Last Minute Easte Deals



Food Basics

Veggies for your side dishes

Last Minute Easter Deals

Giant Tiger

Solid Easter Bunny

Last Minute Easter Deals


Make it yourself Easter crafts and fun. On Saturday, April 15th, visit for the Kids Club Easter event.


If you stop by Walmart for any Easter treats, be sure to pick up a beautiful potted Lily

If you don’t already have the Flipp app, download it today from Google Play or the App Store.

Have a Happy Easter.

Flipp’s 5 Fab Finds – Easter Deals

Hippity Hop, Hippity Hop, Easter weekend is only a week away. Every family has their own traditions for celebrating if they celebrate. Growing up, for Easter we would get an outfit for church, some chocolate and an egg hunt. I continued the tradition with my daughter. Whether you are preparing for a small or large family, it is always great to save money, with these Easter deals you can. Below you will find deals for both dinner and a basket or egg hunt.

Easter Deals for Dinner

No Frills

An Easter Lily makes for a beautiful centrepiece or a hostess gift.

Easter Deals

Looking for an alternative to Turkey dinner? Why not roast beef?

Easter Deals

No Frills will price match all Turkeys and you may find a utility turkey at a lower price. (parts may be missing)

Food Basics

Easter Deals

Easter Deals


Easter Deals for Baskets

For more Easter deals, head on over to the Flipp app.


Be aware that the 3 pack deals for Cadbury eggs are more than the individual eggs.

Easter Deals

Giant Tiger

Easter Deals



It’s always fun to do some crafts

Watch for next week’s last minute Easter finds.

Download the Flipp app today from Google Play or the App Store.

Happy Easter!

Flipp’s 5 Fab Deals- Spring Fever Sales

It is hard to believe that the first day of spring is on Monday with all the snow and cold weather. When the weather starts to feel warm, we want to get outdoors and enjoy what it has to offer. Trees budding, flowers popping up and the birds chirping are just a few signs of spring. Flipp’s 5 Fab Deals this week will help with the spring fever and give you a head start on Easter, which is less than a month away.

There are many ways to gt into spring mode. Whether it be with outdoor items, spring clothes or toys for Easter, Flipp has you covered on all the deals.


Flipp’s 5 Fab Deals – Spring Fever Sales

Toys R Us – Half Price Toys



Lowe’s – Get your Garden Going

Flipp's 5 Fab Deals

Walmart – Paw Patrol Galore

Flipp's 5 Fab Deals

Giant Tiger – Garden Delights



Don’t forget to check out the available coupons.

Have a great weekend!

Friday’s 5 Flipp Finds – St Patrick’s Day Deals

This weekend begins the festivities for St. Patrick’s Day with a parade. St. Patrick’s Day is a week away and it is time to plan a meal for the occasion. Prepare some tasty dishes with these St Patrick’s day deals for meals. Whether you are preparing corn beef, cabbage,  Sheppard’s pie or an Irish stew, you will find everything you need and more with the Flipp grocery flyers this week.

St Patrick’s Day Deals 4 Meals

Meat Deals

Frescho – Corn Beef Brisket

St Parick's Day Deals

Food Basics – Ground Beef for Sheppard’s Pie

St Patrick's Day Deals

Loblaw’s – Beef and Sausages

St Patrick's Day Deals

Vegetable Deals

Loblaw’s – Veggies galore

St Patrick's Day Deals


Frescho – Potatoes

St Patrick's Day Deals

If you are wondering how to prepare an Irish meal, check out these recipes from Food.com.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

4 Tips for Shopping at the William Ashley Warehouse Sale


It is that time of the year again, and the William Ashley Warehouse Sale has returned to its location in Vaughan. Last Friday, I got a sneak peek at the sale and did some shopping buying some gifts and some much-needed items for my teen and me. I have to say this the warehouse is full of great items from brands you know and love. The sale started on Oct 25th and runs through November 27th. Here are some tips to manage your time at the sale.

Make a List

Have a shopping plan as always. Know what you are looking for and who you are shopping for. There are sections in the warehouse that can match everyone on your list. William Ashley is known for the beautiful housewares from its stores, but during the sale, they also have amazing sections of baby items, puzzles, games and yes even some toys and craft items.

They even have things you may need around the house including knobs and hooks. I kind of fell in love with the knobs.

Grab a Cart



You will want to grab a cart or wait for one if you must. I found shopping with a cart allowed me to have my hands free for browsing. There is so much to see and explore, and you do not want to miss any of it. The cart also has 3 tiers, think shopping spree!

Check Out the Daily Deals

They have a featured daily deal in the front section of the sale. Make sure you check these outs. I think of them more as featured sale items because the prices at the sale are already good.  I grabbed the daily deal when I was there on Friday.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road


If you want to make sure you see everything stick to the yellow path. It is a path that takes you through every section in the warehouse. You will start it dinnerware. I fell in love with a teapot there. Then it is off to Home Decor, Giftware, Christmas decor, spa, candles, baby and kids items and more.



I bought a few things for Christmas shopping mostly in the Christmas decor, candles and games sections. Now when you go, if you spend more than $300 before taxes you will receive a $50 gift card that can be used at their Bloor Street Store or online at williamashley.com before December 24th, 2016 if you are spending more than $199 pre-tax.

I enjoy my trip up to Vaughan every year, and after a morning of shopping, I am glad to be home where I can sip a cup of tea and start wrapping some presents.



The 5 Top Places to Look for Coupons in Canada and the USA


Do you like to save money? I know I do. These days for me it is very much a necessity. When hard times hit, well I go back to the basics. For me, the basics mean using coupons so I can stretch my dollars.  Why do I have to stretch my dollars right now? My AD network closed its doors last week. In doing so, I lost a large part of my monthly income. As a blogger,  those ads you saw on my sidebar mattered to my monthly income. It was that simple. There is a lull happening while I figure out my next best move.

I find myself knowing; I know the basics of making my dollars stretch, and I am very thankful that I have that knowledge. So when we need to stretch our dollars where are the best places to look for coupons:


Did you know that technology is helping consumers like you and me save money? If you are looking to save, you want to have certain apps on your smartphone. Everyone knows I love the Flipp app. Did you know it has a coupon section both in Canada and the US? Yes, you will have to print these coupons off at home, but since you have the flyers on the app as well. It lets you know where to find the best deals.  Other friends love the Coupgon app. This app is used at the checkout to help Canadians save.

My American Friends love the Coupons.com app as well as the Flipp app that I shared earlier. It has a ton of offers, and you can get the coupons in 3 ways: mailed to you, print at home if you have an iPad, iPhone or certain iPod touchs and certain HP printers like mine ( the HP Envy 7640) or added to your store loyalty card. It all depends on the deal.

Printable Coupons

Here in Canada, we have Smartsource.ca. Think of a one stop place to get lots of great coupons. From ice cream and cereal to beauty products I am sure you will find coupons your family can use. Combine these with a sale and you have a great win. For my American friends, you have SmartSource.com Just found out both of these have apps!

Another page I recently discovered while back to school shopping was Teacher’s List. On Teachers List there are some great coupons you can print off as well some great deal offers if you live in the US.

Websaver.ca has printable coupons and mailed coupons for their VIP list.

Online Coupon Codes


Another one that many friends use is RetailMeNot. The have coupon codes, deals, and printable coupons. They also have some that are exclusive to their site.

Email Companies Directly

If you love a company email them directly. Here are 25 companies who will email you coupons for free if you live in the US. Here in Canada, I know this works as well.

Social Media

I often find coupons by following my favourite brands online. I also belong to a few local savings groups online. I find these groups love to share deals and coupons.

Remember these are just the five best ways to find the coupons you want. You can also find them on tear pads in the aisles as you shop, in magazines, in newspaper inserts and even asking your friends. Let me know your favorite ways to find coupons.

The SPC Card- A Student Savings Card


I know another back to school post, but this one could have the students in your life saving hundreds of dollars this school year. That is a good thing, right? My teen is busy getting ready for back to school and well this mom is always looking for ways to save.

Yesterday, my teen and I were at the mall. We were shopping for back to school must-haves for her. We were at one store, and since my teen was making a purchase, they asked if she wanted to purchase the SPC card for $10.00 to get an immediate discount. She looked at me and said, Mom, I want to get it. So many of the places she loves to shop and eat at give discounts to students who have the card.

Students with the SPC card can earn some great discounts, and they can even bank for free at BMO.

Some of the great deals your student can find:

  • 10% off at regular and sale prices at the Source
  • 10% off your entire purchase at The Body Shop
  • 10% off regular priced merchandise at Rexall
  • 20% more Petro-Points at Petro Canada
  • 10% off all regular and sale prices including BOGO at Payless shoes.
  • $5 off any purchase of $25 or more at Journeys.

There are also great offers at some restaurants and coffee shops.

Check out all the deals here: https://www.spccard.ca/deals

My teen this morning was checking out all the deals as she still has a few things to pick up before the first day of school. If you have a high school or university student in your family, you may want to get a card for them.

caddle cash back offers

Caddle’s Cash Back Offers: August 5th Edition

Today is #NationalUnderwearDay. Who knew? Undies have their own day. Caddle is celebrating by giving you cash back on any purchase of underwear today. There is also a quick one question survey you can take part in to earn cash today.  Did you get a chance to check out the new cash back offers on the Caddle app already? Remember they come out every Thursday morning. This week it is all about Pokemon Go, your furry friends, and oranges.


New Offers on the Caddle App:

  1.  Take the Pokemon Go survey and let Caddle know what you think about this new game. You can earn cash back simply for answering a few quick questions.
  2. Have a furry friend? Simply take a photo or video of your pet. Upload it to your social channel of choice, and tag it with #FurBaby and @CaddleCanada
  3. Love oranges? With your purchases of oranges this week you can earn $0.25 cents.

Remember these other offers on the Caddle App: 

Little things add up. This week you can continue to earn cash back when your submit your grocery receipt of $50 or more. You can also write a review or share your best cow pun to earn cash back this week. Let me know which Caddle cash back offers you love this week.

Let me know what have been your favorite ways to earn cash back with Caddle? Do you love the surveys, the social media silly share offers, cash back on fresh food or does something else catch your fancy? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Don’t have the Caddle app yet? It has an online portal you can use, or you can download it for iOS now. Android is coming very soon!