The Great Balancing Act and The Thing We Hate to Talk About

Last week was some week in this house. It was a painful itchy one. My teen had gone to a pool party with friends and was in a swimsuit all day. She had a great time but can you guess what happened? If you guessed an infection down there, you are right.  We really had missed the summer, soaking up the sun, and the pool but dealing with a yeast infection is no fun.  For many women, the warmer temperature brings an increased risk of an “itch” that nobody likes to talk about – yeast infections. We really do hate to talk about it, so you know me I tackle the harder conversations.


Surprisingly, yeast infections affect more women than you think! It’s not just my teen dealing with one.  Approximately five per cent of women experience reoccurring yeast infections (3 to 4 infections in the last year)[1] and this has a lot to do with heat. The infection occurs when moisture gets trapped and yeast can overgrow, cause itching, burning, and discomfort. If you’ve had one, you know exactly what I’m talking about.


The good news is that with a few simple tips, you can avoid that pesky itch. Most of these my daughter forgot.


  1. Remember to dry off: Relaxing in a hot tub is the perfect way to enjoy a warm, summer evening. However, yeast grows best in a moist environment, making hot tubs a breeding ground for unwanted infections. This means it’s important to dry off well afterward and change into dry clothes right away. Use this same approach when spending the day at the beach or pool.


2. Know your pH: Many vaginal health issues, including odour, itchiness and yeast infections stem from an unbalanced pH. RepHresh™ Gel is a gynecologist recommended product and                       clinically proven to be pH balanced which can help to eliminate feminine odour and relieve feminine discomfort.

3. Wear cotton undies: Unfortunately, your tight skinny jeans may not be the best option this summer. Warm, tight clothing allows for little oxygen movement making the perfect breeding                   round for yeast. If you must rock the skinnies, wear cotton underwear.

4. Take healthy measures: RepHresh™ Pro-B reduces the number of urogenital pathogenic bacteria and yeast on vaginal surfaces. It’s clinically tested and works by balancing the yeast and                 bacteria that are naturally present in a woman’s body to help restore and maintain proper vaginal flora. Try adding one capsule to your daily routine to keep your body on track and ensure             nothing slows you down this summer!


When my teen had her itch down under we went in search of both of these. The teen reported the gel definitely helped her with the itch.


Are you ready to beat the summer heat? I would love your feedback if you’ve tried either of these products.


* This post has been sponsored by Church and Dwight, however, all opinions are my own.


Flipp’s 5 Fab Deals – Healthy Choices

This week, it is all about making healthy choices in the food we eat. I have decided to eat more fruits and vegetables daily to become a better me. We all get to the point where some days we don’t feel like cooking so we order in or go out to eat. This can be costly and not always the best solution. Using Flipp always helps me find the right product for my needs, not my wants.


Healthy Choices

Food Basics 

Healthy Choices

Perfect combo for adding to a salad or on their own

Healthy Choices


No Frills -$1, $2, $3 sale

Stock up the pantry and crisper.

healthy choices

Yes, No Frills alone has more than 5 deals but it is all on one page.

Giant Tiger – Grow your Own

Pick up some seeds and start your own mini garden.

Healthy Choices

All you have to do is plant the seeds and watch them grow.

healthy choices


There are many choices this week for us to make those healthy choices. What’s on your shopping list?

3 Tips to Help Teens Have a Healthy Smile this School Year

It’s that time of year, and we are busy getting our kids and teens back on schedule and making sure great habits are in place for the coming school year.  One of the things we had to concentrate on with my teen was dental health.  You see, like over 50% of teens, she was not brushing her teeth at least twice every day.  How can we get our teens brushing their teeth? How can we make sure our teens have a healthy smile for this school year?There are some simple things we can do as parents to get them brushing. For me, as a mom, it meant working within certain boundaries. My daughter has some sensory issues and is allergic to mint.

Here are some tips that I used with my teen, who is now brushing twice a day without being reminded. I count that a win for mom and my daughter’s teeth.


Less Junk Food

You can’t always control what they eat when out with friends, but you can control what you purchase. This summer I have been making sure there is less junk food in the house. Healthy snacks and beverages are vital for dental health.  I find my teen is now even ordering healthy options when we are out.

Compliment Them

I know my teen loves being told she looks good. Does yours? When we reinforce with a sincere compliment, we tend to have to remind them less. Let them know their new or improved dental habits are noticed.


Keep the Right Supplies on Hand


When dealing with my teen’s sensory and allergy issues, I learned that having the right tools was so important if I wanted her to improve her dental health habits. She is allergic to mint. Do you know how many toothpastes have a mint flavour? We went shopping for a different flavour and, after checking with her dentist, found that even a flavoured kids toothpaste is fine to use as long as it had fluoride.  Nice to know if you have a kid like mine who reacts to mint. I also learned to have the right floss (unflavoured works for her) and the right toothbrush. Stock up on what works when they are on sale; that way you will have a small stockpile ready for the school year.

When it came time to find the right toothbrush, we chose the new Sonicare Series 2 Plaque Control Toothbrush from Philips. It retails for about $79.99.

Phillips Sonicare toothbrush

Why did we choose it? The toothbrush uses patented sonic technology to drive fluid deep between teeth and along the gumline for a super clean. After a recent visit to my dentist, I know how important that is. My teen says when she uses the Sonicare toothbrush it feels like she has just come home from the dentist. She loves how easy it is to use and how it makes her mouth feel.

I love knowing that it removes 6x more plaque than a manual toothbrush, which helps to reduce cavities. Thankfully, she has only ever had one. I also love that this toothbrush did not break the bank.My teen loves that hers is pink, though a variety of colours are available.

Have you ever had trouble getting your teens to brush their teeth? If you have, try my tips and let me know how they work. For my teen, changing these three things has helped her to develop some great dental health habits that will give her a great smile this school year.

Philips Sonicare uses dynamic cleaning action and patented sonic technology to gently and effectively reach deep between teeth for a superior clean you can see and feel.   Switch to Sonicare 2 Series and remove 6X more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

Sonicare Logo

Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Philips via Mode Media Canada.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Philips.



Getting Fit Frugally

Yes this is me! This is my before picture..Today I made a choice and took on a challenge that many of us Canadians are doing. Today I signed up for the X_weighted National Challenge.

I got up early and  headed  over to the YMCA in Halifax. I was number 12 even getting there before 8 am! We had about an hour before things got going.

I went got measured and it was an OH MY God moment because I am at my heaviest weight ever in my life and that is scary! And then there were my measurements and that was another slap in the face.

My weight was 276

My Measurements are Chest 53   Waist 51 and Hips 55

Can you say UGH!

Then it was upstairs for the fitness test. I have never huffed and puffed so hard. I got through it though. Thank God! I did it in almost 6:00 minutes. The hardest part of the test was lying down flat and then getting up. You had to do that 20 times!

I am committed to getting healthy. But I am scared too. Nervous. Can I do it? But really now I have to do this. It has moved from a want to a must. I have to get this extra weight off.

The goal for this 6 month challenge is 72 pounds! That is alot! I will have to work hard and smart. I will be using the tools offered at the X_Weighted site as well as tools offered at Sparkpeople.

How else will this Fat girl became Fit and Fabulous?

  • I joined a gym. I was able to get a corporate membership and for me that is a frugal investment into myself.
  • I set a goal of running walking the 10 k race as part of the Bluenose Weekend in May.

What are some other frugal ways to get this weight off?

  • Squawkfox listed some great winter activities for us to try.
  • For me just putting on the walking shoes and taking a brisk walk is always good
  • Rent or borrow a work out dvd from the library
  • Invest in a skipping rope and skip.
  • When the weather gets a bit better go for a bike ride.
  • If you have a Wii. There are a bunch of games that do help you get fit.
  • Dance: I love to move. Lately this one I have been doing with my tween daughter.

For Canadians up for the Challenge you can sign up today or tomorrow at the X_Weighted website and for everyone trying to lose weight I do recommend  Sparkpeople as well as a great free tool.

I will leave you with a horrific side view, but as Dr. Oz would say we need a starting point

Help Me Bust A Move!

Last night I got to go to my very first Tweet Up here in Halifax. It was awesome! All of  women there are on Twitter (home of the micro blog). Got to meet some amazing women and then we had a brief presentation about a great cause-Bust a Move!


Bust a Move is a new grassroots fundraising effort here in Nova Scotia who’s goal is a world class breast center here. There is a huge need here. We need better equipment and everything in one local not everything spread over a very large campus as it is now.

The QEII and IWK Foundations inviting me and  you to” join them for Bust a Move – a very special fitness extravaganza guaranteed to challenge the body and uplift the spirit! The Halifax Metro Centre will come alive when 1,000 participants and hundreds of volunteers unite in support of world-class breast health services in Nova Scotia.”Yeah there is a limit on the number of participants, so sign up now if you want you want to join. There will be 6 and yes, I said 6 hours of fitness! My goal be fit enough to last to last the 6 hours. We will be doing yoga, zumba and so much more.

Do you want to know who one of the celebs instructing us will be? Can you say someone who wears short shorts, do I need to say more?

Now here is the catch, each of us 1,000 participants MUST raise $1,000 for the cause. That is the goal!

Now if you want to help me, there are a few way you can.

First you can go to my donation page here.


If you want to send a check instead of credit card you can, there is a form you can print, fill out and send.

Second you can donate through paypal. I set up a donation button.Unfortunately for some reason it is not pasting right into my WordPress blog. So if you want to donate via paypal you can send the money through my paypal account which is

Now here is the good news 100% of funds raised are going to get much needed new digital diagnostic equipment for the  unit. Can you say you help, your donation will help save the lives of women here in Nova Scotia.

Now I know not everyone can give, if you are local they are looking for volunteers and as well me personally I can use prayer support and

If you have read this far, thanks, already, I do appreciate it…Watch me become a fit, frugal, fabulous 45 yr old who can stay on the exersice mat for 6 hours for a great cause. Help me Bust a Move anyway you can!

Frugal and Fit Friday -Week One

frugal friday I have decided that I wanted to start weekly series. It is called Frugal and Fit Friday.Why? I have made the choice as well as being a frugal mom I want to be a fit Mom. I need this for me.

Really I have been overweight all of my adult life, and I can no longer stand to live in this body that is now my creation. Really, I am now at my fattest! I hate that I huff and puff when I walk, that my thighs hit each other when I walk, and I can not run without getting out of breath for minutes after word. I am not fit. I am not healthy and that is about to change.

I am inviting you my readers, my friends to follow me on my journey to becoming a fit frugal mom. Now I am not rich. No Weight watchers or purchasing into any programs for me.

How am I going to be fit and frugal?

1. I signed up for Spark People. Perhaps you have heard me mention this great FREE tool for weight loss before. I have posted on it. I will be keeping track in their online journals of both what I’m eating and how much exercise I am doing. This means I am journalling what goes in! This is important for weight loss.

2. I have an accountability partner. I have a girlfriend and Yes she lives on the west coast, but she wants to lose as much as I do.We will be encouraging each other in this path. I also have all of you and by doing this once a week you all will know the facts.

3.On Wednesday I wrote about walking. Walking for now will be my primary exercise..But I have put together a wee frugal home gym that I will blog about next week. I will walk either outside or at the mall for 45 minutes at least 5 times a week. I will also to strengthening exercises for 20 minutes twice a week.

4. I am also planning my menu and will be posting my frugal healthy halal recipes on my blog each Monday. By planning what I eat no need for running to the store, which for me can bring oodles of temptation.

5. I am drinking lots of water instead of the soda pop that had been in my glass most days.

All of these cost me nothing or next to nothing but time and I am worth the time and effort!

So now time for my Truth Tube as Dr Oz would call it.

Weight –250 exactly ..Goal 150

Blood Pressure was 132/ 82 which is normal thank good ness

Waist Measurement 44 inches

Breast measurement 53 inches

BMI 39.15 which puts me at severe risk for

  • Hypertension
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sleep apnea
  • Endometrial, breast, and colon cancer

My Real Age is 56 (12 years older than I am).yikes!

Now by following my own 5 rules 1.Journal, accountability, drinking lots of water, exercising and menu planning I am planning for success. So come with me as I get fit frugally. I will also be tweeting my frugal weight tips on twitter