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Apps that Save You Time and Money on Groceries: Flyer Apps + Price-Matching

Christa Clips shares her top 2 flyer apps that she uses for price-matching
Christa Clips Apps that Save You Money at the Grocery Store Flyer Apps and Price matching 300x300 Apps that Save You Time and Money on Groceries: Flyer Apps + Price Matching

Top 2 flyer apps to replace paper flyers when looking for sales and price-matching

Saving money at the grocery store has become so slick thanks to all of the new mobile apps out there. Whether you want to save on the sly or are an extreme couponer, there are two types of FREE mobile apps to help you cut your grocery bills:

  • Flyer apps - used for finding the best sale price and price-matching
  • Cash Back Rebate apps - used for claiming money back by snapping a photo of your receipt

At a recent #CDNmoney twitter chat, co-hosts Christa Clips and Common Cents Mom lead a lively discussion about Mobile Apps that Save You Time & Money at the Grocery Store. In this post we’ll recap some of the tips & tricks that the #CDNmoney community shared when it comes to using apps for grocery flyers and price-matching. Check back in for our next post about the Cash Back Rebate apps!

instantly turn a regular price into a sale price!

Finding the lowest possible price for each item on your grocery list is the foundation to being a savvy shopper. Many stores will price-match or ad-match their competitor’s advertised prices and the new mobile apps for viewing grocery flyers make the checkout process super slick: simply show the cashier the flyer on your mobile app and they’ll adjust the price. With only a couple of extra seconds of time, you can instantly turn a regular price into a sale price! 

Tip: Putting items on the belt in the same order will speed up the price-matching process if you’re ad-matching multiple items (which we HOPE you are!)

Price-matching isn’t for everyone. Not everyone has access to stores that will price-match, or perhaps the extra planning and care at the checkout stage just isn’t your style. No worries! Identifying how you currently use your grocery flyers to save money will help you decide which grocery flyer app is best for you:

a) “I look at the weekly flyers to see what’s on sale at my favourite grocery store and I plan my meal plan and grocery list around those items.”

b) “I look at the weekly flyers to see what’s on sale at all local grocery stores and I plan my meal and grocery list around those items. I price-match the sale prices at one store.”

c) “I make a grocery list of what I need then check the flyers to see if any of the items on are on sale at a store that I can visit.”

d) “I check the flyers to see if any of the items on my grocery list are on sale at stores that I can price-match.”

If you’re a price-matcher (b and d) you’ll most likely love the search and clipping features of Flipp. If you’re a flyer browser (a and c), we think Reebee is the most visually appealing flyer app.

Flipp - currently available for iOIS and Android devices, Hollie and I agree that this is the most comprehensive grocery app to date – in fact, she has signed on as one of 6 Brand Ambassadors for Flipp in 2014! Type a grocery item into the search bar to find the lowest price. Once you’ve decided which store you will visit or base your price-matching on, use the handy clipping feature to add that sale price to your Clippings page. Do this process for each item on your grocery list and the app will arrange them in a tidy shortlist of clippings no matter how many store flyers you’re using!

flipp clipping 198x300 Apps that Save You Time and Money on Groceries: Flyer Apps + Price Matching

Flipp allows you to “clip” items from multiple flyers and sends them to your shopping list. 

When shopping, simply “flipp” through your clippings when the cashier is ringing in your items and I say “I’d like to price-match this flyer price, please!” Flipp has a great cache system so you don’t need wifi or data access to recall the list and flyers that you’ve previously opened on your device. Travelling? Use Flipp in any Canadian or U.S. city.

Techie Tip: Deleting items from your clippings list right after you’ve bought them will keep your app clutter-free and keep your price-matching fluster-free!

Christa Clips uses Reebee app instead of paper grocery flyers 300x226 Apps that Save You Time and Money on Groceries: Flyer Apps + Price Matching

Reebee is a greener way to view your grocery flyers!

Reebee - this app is available on Android, iOIS, and BlackBerry which makes it the most accessible flyer app, although it does not have the search and clipping features of Flipp. Reebee is our preferred substitute for paper flyers in terms of browsing to see what’s on sale because it’s the same layout as the paper flyers and there is never anything expired to delete (Flipp’s clipping list needs to be manually emptied). If you’re a price-matcher but don’t have an iOIS device, you can also use Reebee to “flash at the cash” just make sure that the date and store name are showing on the screen by tapping lightly on the bottom right corner. Reebee also has a strong cache system and as long as you have opened page 1 of a flyer, you can access that entire flyer without wifi or data access.

Techie Tip: make your own “clippings” list like the one offered by Flipp by taking individual screen shots of the items that you’ll be price-matching, then simply scroll through them in your photo gallery when you’re at the checkout.

Go green by using these mobile apps to view your flyers.

And stay in the green by using the apps to save on your weekly groceries! 

Both apps are FREE! Download Flipp to your iOIS device or to your Android here. Download Reebee to any Android, iOIS, or BlackBerry device.

Ready to add more layers of savings to your grocery shopping? Stay tuned for our upcoming post about the mobile apps to claim cash back with your grocery receipts. Sound too good to be true? I’ve typed this post on my iPad which i PAID for with these cash back rebates! ~Christa Clips


Christa Clips shares her Save-at-Home-Mom story on her blog along with frugal living tips. Christa is partnering with Common Cents Mom to share posts with more ways to save on groceries, shopping, and household costs.


6 Tips to Save on Your Transportation Costs

6 Tips to Save on Your transportation costs

6 Tips to Save on Your transportation costs 1024x1024 6 Tips to Save on Your Transportation CostsRight now here in Toronto the Canadian International Auto Show is on at the Metro Convention Center, so it is a great time to talk about all things cars and transportation. Last year I got to the auto show on the first morning and loved being there checking out all the latest and greatest, this year I haven’t gotten there yet but I have bought a ticket so I am hoping one day later in the week. Now we will be talking cars tonight as well for the #cdnmoney money chat and we hope you can join us from 7-8 pm EST.

So how are some of the ways that you can save when purchasing, leasing, insuring and taking care of your car?

Set a Budget & Check Consumer Reports

First of all when buying a car think not only of the car costs but of ALL the costs involved and make sure you get a deal that is well within your budget. Things to consider: car loan or cash. You may want to consider possibly leasing. Whichever works best for your personal situation make a budget and stick to something you can afford. For me I have always bought used and well my cars have all gotten me to where I need to go.

I found offers up a great comparison tools if you are checking out different cars.


Compare Insurance Rates

Comparison shop, read reports and get more then one quote when it comes to insurance.  I know I got 3 very different quotes on the last car I insured. A great way for Canadians to check insurance rates is by using a site like Rate Supermarket. You can check your insurance rates and get a quick quote here.


Maintain Your Car

Once you have your car you need to think maintenance. A properly looked after car saves you money in the long run. Make sure you are changing you oil and checking your filters. I even took a basic car care course so I could help maintain my own vehicle, so yes I can do all the basic maintenance. Make sure you check your tire pressure as well. By thinking ahead and taking care of your car you will save over the long haul.


Think before You Drive

Now you are ready for the road. But wait before you get in the car, ask the question is the car needed for this trip or could I walk it? or take public transit? Car owners you do not need to use your car to go everywhere. Think about your driving. If you are commuting into the heart of Toronto for work, could you save on gas and parking but taking the TTC or GO? Trust me, carry some tunes or something to read and you are there alot more rested and relaxed instead of the hustle and bustle of the drive in and you save cash. Yes it takes a wee bit longer sometimes but not much.

Once on the road plan your trips so you minimize the number of outings ie: get all your errands done on one trip. Instead of doing them over 2 or 3 trips out of the house.

Could you carpool? If you work with people who live near you why not share the transportation costs.

The last thing to think about is the cost of gas, with Gas Buddy you can check out the price of gas anywhere in the USA or Canada.


Watch Your Gas Gauge

When you are buying gas be mindful don’t overfill your tank. Make sure your cap is on nice and tight as well so you don’t lose gasoline. As well for the best consumption do not let your tank go under 1/4 full. Going on fumes is not good for your car.


Use Cruise

If you are going on the highway use your cruise control. Did you know you save 7% more gasoline if you use it?


What are some of the other ways that you save on your transportation costs? I would love to hear them. Come and share them during the #cdnmoney chat, Tuesdays from 7-8 pm EST or leave me a comment and let me know some of your favorite ways to save.

5 Easy Last Minute Valentine Gifts to Save the Day

5 Easy Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts

5 Easy Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts 1024x1024 5 Easy Last Minute Valentine Gifts to Save the Day

So here it is Valentine’s Day, and you forgot, or you procrastinated so now it’s the last minute and you racking your brain thinking what can I do? Well I searched Pinterest and here are some last minute ideas that I found. All of them are pretty cheap and pretty easy, and guess what I have used a few over the years. Remember it is the sentiment that counts, and by the way shouldn’t we celebrate love every day.

love coupons 5 Easy Last Minute Valentine Gifts to Save the Day


This free printable from Iheartnaptime is adorable!

Another great free pintable for 12 months of preplanned dates can be found over at We love that they still date!


DateNightGift 34 5 Easy Last Minute Valentine Gifts to Save the Day


Have kids and want to do something fun for them we found these Lolly Leis that we loved and we think they would too.

lollyleis 5 Easy Last Minute Valentine Gifts to Save the Day



Okay so you want to be healthy Alpha mom designed these great lunchbox notes tags and stickers that you can add to fruit.

lunchbox notes e1282829840730 5 Easy Last Minute Valentine Gifts to Save the Day



Are you the woman and you forgot, well print off a gift certificate..and give him a gift that takes your time, like a massage, cleaning the garage, washing the car, etc. Think of a way you can serve your man, or maybe you could bake his favorite treat.

Hope these 5 quick and easy last minute Valentine’s Day gift ideas help save the day, if not head over to Pinterest for lots of inspiration.




Bunnies, Chocolate, Jelly Beans and Eggs: How to Celebrate Easter Without Ruining Your Carpet

easter egg decorating

easter egg decorating Bunnies, Chocolate, Jelly Beans and Eggs: How to Celebrate Easter Without Ruining Your Carpet

Easter is one of the highlights of spring, especially if you have kids, but everyone knows that Easter can be dangerous for your house. You paint eggs — and the paint may drip as you hide them, or the eggs get crushed. The kids eat chocolate — and sometimes get some on the floor with their sticky fingers. Maybe you even surprise the kids with a real pet rabbit — but the rabbit has a few accidents before it gets used to hopping around the house. Whether you’re hosting an Easter gathering or simply celebrating with the kids, file away some tips for keeping your carpet clean this Easter.

Call in the Professionals

Messes of any nature, especially big ones or ones that settle in because you don’t get to them quickly, don’t signal the end of a carpet’s life. Homeowners and landlords in the Denver area should contact COIT Denver for fast, thorough carpet cleaning service. If you’re planning on hosting a gathering of friends and family this Easter, call in the pros to clean your carpets and flooring beforehand so you have a home you’re proud to show off. Then call them again after the gathering to get rid of all that tracked-in dirt from shoes, sticky jelly bean and chocolate stains and other spills.

Litter-Train Your Rabbit

Don’t buy a rabbit on a whim. As The Huffington Post reports, people abandon 80 percent of rabbits they purchase on Easter. Rabbits take as much if not more care than cats and dogs, so you have to be sure your entire family is ready for the responsibility. If you are, then it shouldn’t be too much of a commitment to litter train your rabbit.

Although all pets have accidents from time to time, it helps when they’re trained to do their business away from your carpet. A spayed or neutered rabbit is more receptive to litter box training. The key is to carry your rabbit to its litter box whenever it pauses and lifts its tail — a sign it might be ready to go — until it goes on its own. You might also purchase a rabbit already litter-trained.

Throw Down Vinyl Mats

rabbit Bunnies, Chocolate, Jelly Beans and Eggs: How to Celebrate Easter Without Ruining Your Carpet


Work Fast to Tackle Small StainsBefore the celebration, and before you let your new rabbit run free, protect your carpet with vinyl mats. Messes are much easier to clean on a vinyl surface, and nothing can penetrate through the vinyl to your carpet below. You might not want the vinyl mats up all the time, but it helps to bring them out for a day when you’re expecting possible messes. If you keep the rabbit in a small area of your living room with a fence (when you take it out of its pen), keep vinyl mats in the rabbit’s area at all times.

The sooner you tackle a stain, the less likely it is to settle. If you have paint, chocolate, egg and pet waste stains to deal with on Easter, work fast to lift the worst of the stain:

  • Pull up the excess with paper towels
  • Spray the area with club soda
  • Use carpet cleaning solution as directed or make your own: put equal parts warm water and distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray liberally over the stain
  • Blot with an absorbent pad
  • Let dry
  • If any stains remain, sprinkle area with baking soda and use a scrub brush to work it in
  • Let sit for a few hours or overnight; vacuum away the baking soda

Always test new cleaning solutions in a corner of the carpet out of sight in case it does more harm than good. If the stain has sit too long and doesn’t seem to be loosening, schedule a professional carpet cleaning appointment as soon as possible.

One of the easiest ways to protect your carpet this Easter is to dial back on the celebration. Decorate eggs in the kitchen but don’t hide them. Allow chocolate treats only in the kitchen. Skip the pet rabbit you promised your kids. But is that really how people celebrate? Relax knowing you’ve taken a few precautions and your carpet will survive the holiday, and indulge in the festivities. If there’s any problem at all, you need only contact the professionals to restore your carpet to prime condition in a matter of hours.


Egg painting image by courosa from Flickr’s Creative Commons

Rabbit image by Jan & Peggy from Flickr’s Creative Commons

Fitting Style: Online Shoe Shopping Tips

Online shoe shopping tips

online shoe shopping tips Fitting Style: Online Shoe Shopping Tips


When shopping for shoes, trying them on is a must. The fit of shoes can vary from one brand to another or from one style to another. But trying shoes on before buying isn’t an option when shopping online and so finding the right shoes without wasting time or money can be hard.


Don’t fret! You can buy shoes online without going through a lot of trouble. Keep the tips below in mind when shopping online for shoes and you’ll save yourself from stress.


The most important tip for online shoe shopping is to know the return policy. Shoes can often look very different in a picture on your computer than they do in person and you don’t want to be stuck with shoes that you can’t wear. Maybe the colour isn’t right or you just don’t like the way they look on your feet. Or maybe the fit is all wrong–too small, too tight, or the heel is too tall for you to walk comfortably. Be sure to read the website’s return policy carefully to ensure that you can return anything you don’t like for any reason. Many stores won’t accept returns on shoes that have been worn, so keep this in mind before you decide to wear a pair of shoes that aren’t quite right.


One reason people love to shop online is that they can often find great deals, and this is true for shoes too. Many online stores offer final sale or clearance items that have deep discounts. The downside to these final sale deals is that many of them aren’t returnable. Pay close attention to whether there are any return limits on clearance if you plan to shop for major deals. If you’re willing to take the chance, or if you’ve had experience with a certain brand of shoes before, buying from these non-returnable final sale deals may be a great option.


Another thing to keep in mind when shopping for shoes online is the cost of shipping. Sometimes shipping rates can make a great deal into a bad one. Before ordering anything, be sure to check the shipping rate to your area. Also, remember to check whether the website offers free shipping on certain orders or to certain areas. Many sites now offer free shipping, but you must order a minimum purchase amount before you qualify. Is it worth it to you to order enough to qualify for free shipping, or is the shipping charge less than what you’ll need to add to your order? You can also search for coupon codes that may offer free shipping on an order or even money off your purchase.


You should also take note of how long the standard shipping time is. If you need shoes for a party the next day, waiting a week or more for your order to be delivered will not be acceptable. Decide if you need expedited shipping, which often adds a lot to your cost, or if you’re all right with waiting for your shoes to arrive. Always have a back up plan in case unexpected delays happen. Most of the time, your order will arrive within the estimated delivery time, but exceptions can happen.


The biggest advantage to shopping for shoes online? You have a much wider selection than your local shoe stores probably have. This is especially beneficial for people with hard to find shoe sizes. If you have smaller or larger feet than average, shopping online will offer you a bigger selection to choose from. Or maybe you find that most shoes fit a little too tight? You may need a wider shoe. Wide fit shoes are often harder to find or are offered in limited stock or sizes in stores, so shopping online can be a much better option.


Online shoe shopping can be convenient and allow you access to a much wider selection than you can find locally, but shopping for shoes online can also be tricky. The secret to successful shoe shopping online is know the return policy, the shipping charge, and the shipping time. Knowing these things before you order will make buying shoes online just as fun as buying them in stores.


Guest post by- Victoria Fleming is an online fashionista. She often blogs about the tricks to successful style shopping on the web.


Smoking Can Make Cents


VIP battery cart res  Smoking Can Make Cents

As a smoker, you are hit with nothing but negative ads. Everyone hates what you do. Strangers are happy to tell you how you are killing them. The feeling of being a criminal does stop there. You go to the store and you are greeted by secret cabinets, special language and the highest taxes paid for a little bit of pleasure or just to feed an addiction. The world is stacked against you and you are paying dearly too.

Everyone tells you to quit. Patches, gum and sprays just don’t cut it. There is something about inhaling that can’t be replaced by a patch on the arm or a spray to the back of the throat. Holding the cigarette is an important part of smoking.

What if you can have inhaling and save a bunch of cash at the same time? Yes you would. This is where an electronic cigarette may be for you. Check out VIP Electronic Cigarettes as a great example what e-cigarettes can do for your wallet. Similar ritual but not actually smoking.

Nothing is burning with these gadgets. Nicotine and flavour is vaporized and gives the rush and taste. No ash, tobacco, butt or second hand smoke to offend. With no tobacco, your habit, pleasure or addiction is not taxed the same are cigarettes. That is where the wallet starts to become happy again.

Whether you are quitting and need to move through a nicotine reduction or just trying to save some money e-cigarettes is something to consider. The ritual of holding and inhaling stays the same. Coffee in the morning still has your companion between you fingers. The sense of missing something that comes with other replacements doesn’t affect you. Caffeine and nicotine still do their thing. With the money saved you can step up the quality of your coffee now.

You are not a criminal. You shouldn’t be paying a fine every time you need or want a little rush of nicotine.

How to Save Money When Booking Family Holidays

Save Money when Booking Holiday Travel1

Many people are ready to book their family holidays in January when Christmas is over and the winter weather leaves them looking forward to relaxing, sunny days on holiday with the children. You can certainly find bargains in January and the golden rule is to book either early or late.


There will be plenty of choice if you book early and you should be able to take advantage of free child places on many holidays that can save quite a lot of money. The advantage of last minute bookings is that you can sometimes find real bargains and pay much less for high quality holidays that have failed to sell earlier in the season, but families are often safer booking early to ensure they get the facilities they need.


Save Money when Booking Holiday Travel1 How to Save Money When Booking Family Holidays


Choose your holiday


Package holidays can often work out cheaper than booking your flights and hotel separately, particularly if you are planning a week or two weeks in one of the popular resorts. Remember, very few prices are fixed absolutely and you can often haggle with your travel agent to reduce the price.


Villas can work out better value for cheap holidays 2014 than hotels, especially if you are a large group. If you holiday with friends you can make massive vacation savings on a large villa compared to hotel accommodation of the equivalent standard. Self-catering holidays can work out cheaper in destinations such as Portugal or Slovenia, where the cost of living is low, especially for families.


If you do not want a self-catering holiday it can really pay dividends to opt for an all-inclusive deal. This way you will not have to constantly be forking out for ice creams and drinks for your children. Children’s clubs are also often included which can give you a well-earned break.


Save Money when Booking Holiday Travel2 How to Save Money When Booking Family Holidays


Don’t forget


Sort out your travel insurance as soon as you have booked your holiday, but shop around. You can usually find much cheaper insurance than that offered by your holiday company. If you have more than two breaks in a year it will probably be worth taking out an annual travel insurance policy.


If you will need a car while you are away it makes sense to book it early as it is often much more expensive close to the time of your holiday or when you have arrived. Remember if you need to arrange car parking near the airport this will also be less expensive the earlier you book it, but it may be cost effective to take a taxi to and from the airport.


Images by Juan Antonio Capó Alonso and daspunkt used under creative commons license.

Affording a Family Christmas

Christmas tree

2013 11 17 11.38.09 764x1024 Affording a Family Christmas

Christmas has got to be one of the most stressful times of the year. Sure it’s filled with holly and jolly and can be the best time of the year but it’s also a time when many families stretch their budgets to the limit…and beyond.


Enjoying Christmas doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some tips to help you, and your family, make the most of the festive season without pinching your wallet too much.

1.   Use credit wisely. Sometimes it’s just convenient to use a credit card; just make sure you choose, and use, smartly. One option is to compare credit cards and find one that best fits your use pattern. Whether you value travel points, or cash rewards, look for one that offers the lowest rates and fees. Paying it off every month is the smartest option – this gives the benefit of convenience and costs you the least. Win-win!

2. Remember that Christmas is about family. Of course it’s nice to be able to find that perfect gift for someone but what Christmas all boils down to is the time you spend, not the money you spend. Keep this forefront in your mind and this will be the best Christmas ever.

3.  Save up for Christmas spending. Don’t just use your December budget for holiday shopping; put a little away every week or month so that you’ll have a little pool of money to dip into once you start your Christmas shopping.

4.  Sell what you don’t need. You probably have a basement or garage filled with old toys, clothes, equipment, stuff, and things that you don’t need or use any longer. Sell it!! Whether you use Craigslist, Kijiji, or a local Facebook group; list your junk and fill your own trunk! You could also buy your Christmas gifts this way! If you’re selling really nice stuff that you just don’t need/want any more then other people are too! You’ll find some great bargains out there!

How do you make it an affordable Christmas at your house?

Shopping Etiquette for #BlackFridayCA #MyKindofHoliday

Target Canada Red Card

Target Canada 1024x1024 Shopping Etiquette for #BlackFridayCA #MyKindofHolidayToday I headed to Target here in Canada, on a scouting trip as Black Friday is later in the week, and I have been eyeing a few things, and wanted to check out a few things and make my list. Black Friday in one of those must do events for me. But as I prepare there are many things I do. There are rules we follow every Black Friday.


Make a List and Budget

My Black Friday list starts right here at home. I look at flyers, and the apps like and make a shopping list and budget. For me it is important to stay in budget, that is why a list comes in handy.


We have a Family Meeting Place

If we get separated we have one place to meet, at our local mall it is right by the Toy Mountain bin, having teens that like to go off on their own, this is an important part of Black Friday shopping in my house.


Eat Breakfast and Stay Fueled

We have a rule that we must have food in us before we go shopping and we also take a water bottle with us each.


Wear Comfy shoes or Boots

I noticed today when I was out shopping I covered a lot of ground, Comfy shoes are a must especially if you are going to be up early and in lines. While I was at Target today I saw so many pairs that could definitely come in handy for Black Friday shopping.

2013 11 23 15.32.13 1024x764 Shopping Etiquette for #BlackFridayCA #MyKindofHoliday


Know the Mall/Store Hours

Each mall and store have different hours. I do know each Target is opening at 7 am as are several other major retailers. I also know that Eaton Centre here in Toronto opens at 6 am.

Bring Your Own Reusable Bags

By bringing your own bags are you not only saving the environment, you have a durable bag so those new purchases actually make it home.

2013 11 23 15.38.58 1024x764 Shopping Etiquette for #BlackFridayCA #MyKindofHoliday

Shopping at Target, Use Your Red Card.

By using your Red Card, you can save 5% more every day, now isn’t that a great deal.

2013 11 23 16.22.23 1024x764 Shopping Etiquette for #BlackFridayCA #MyKindofHoliday

Now after a day of scouting and shopping it was time for a refreshing break, so I hit Starbucks (which was conventially located in Target) for a holiday drink. My favorite drink is only available this time of the year, so it was great to stop and have a peppermint hot chocolate.

2013 11 23 16.24.55 2 1024x1024 Shopping Etiquette for #BlackFridayCA #MyKindofHoliday


Now there are so many tips that can help you with your Black Friday shopping and to celebrate and share them all Target Canada is having a great Twitter Party on Monday Nov 26th from 9-10 pm EST. There are even lots of great prizes (49 in all plus 10 instant prizes up for grabs).

Twitter Party Details

DATE: Monday November 25, 2013

TIME: 8:45pm − 9:00pm EST (Pre−Event with Special Guest Sonia Kashuk)

9:00pm − 10:00pm EST

LOCATION: Twitter following hashtags #BlackFridayCA #MyKindOfHoliday

PLATFORM: Join the party on TWUBS

HOSTS: @TargetCanada @ShesConnected

MODERATORS: @Bloggerwomen

#TWUBS MODERATOR: @Lifestyle_Chick

PRIZING: @shoppingwoman

Sonia Kashuk  will be the special guest right before the party starts at 8:45.  I know I can’t wait to tweet with her!

So don’t forget to RSVP! Here

*This is a sponsored post and I will receive compensation for it, however the rules are good, and my opinion. 

We are Talking coupons for the #Cdnmoney Chat


cdnmoney twitter chat november 19 2013 with christa clips and common cents mom We are Talking coupons for the #Cdnmoney ChatOver the years I have written many posts on Couponing in Canada, and once again it is time to talk about it, as so many are looking for ways to save a few dollars or even hundreds a month here in Canada, by shopping smart and using coupons.

Tomorrow night for the #cdnmoney chat at 7 pm EST @christaclips will be joining me to talk about coupons and together we will be there to answer any of the burning questions you might have.

You can RSVP for prizing over on her blog.

Now here on CommonCentsMom I have covered coupons with several posts. Here are some links to some resources that may assist you.

1. Extreme Couponing Canadian Style

2. The Essential Etiquette of Coupon Use

3. Coupons in Canada: Where and How to Save

So have a question about how to use coupons, where to find them, come and join the conversation.

Hope that you can join us for the #cdnmoney chat on Tuesday, and please don’t forget to RSVP. (Canadian residents only can win the prizing).