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Back to School Clothes Shopping on a Budget



Buying school supplies may feel easy on the wallet once you start clothes shopping. It can get expensive – fast, especially when older children are involved. Young children often have very little concern about what they are wearing or where it came from allowing you to save money by shopping discount stores or inheriting hand me downs. Older children are usually not as open to the idea. Don’t let back to school shopping destroy your budget! Set boundaries especially if you have teens!

The first thing you must do is go through all of your child’s clothing. Set aside any items that are unwearable. If they no longer fit, donate them or try to resell them. If they are ripped or stained discard them or find another purpose for them. Once you have sorted out what clothing they have make an inventory. You’ll see what items they truly need instead of just what you think they need.

With older children set aside a budget that is just for them to do with as they choose. You can agree to purchase certain basic things for them but “their” money is for them to use for items they really want. If they decide to buy one expensive pair of jeans it’s their decision to make but be sure they understand there’s no additional funds once it’s gone. Not only will they learn about budgeting but also decision making and the concept of wants vs. needs.

Off Season Shopping

At the end of every season the previous styles go on sale to make room for the new supply. Take advantage of these sales to prepare for the next season. Many things never go out of style such as tank tops, tshirts, athletic wear and basic jeans or shorts. Buy winter clothes for next year at the end of winter. You’ll need to estimate how much your child will grow but if you keep the tags on, many retailers will give you at least a store credit if you return the item later. This is helpful especially if when the new year rolls around the item is too small for your child.

Outlet and Discount Stores

Outlet stores like Winners or TJ Maxx in the states or the outlet version of mainstream stores are a great way to get name brand clothing at a fraction of the price. Be sure to check out the clearance racks first and then move to the main supply. You’ll want to try everything on as often times clothing ends up in these shops because it’s sized incorrectly or may have a slight defect. However, the majority of clothing is simply overstock that hasn’t been sold or perhaps was purchased from another retailer that went out of business.

Here in Toronto, we have the outlet stores as well at the CNE, which can make for some interesting back to school shopping.

Discount or second-hand shops usually carry a good variety of clothing. In many instances you may discover clothing on the racks that still have on their original tags. It is possible to find amazing deals by shopping in these stores first.


If you’re really stretched thin there are still some ways to make sure your child is ready for the new year. Don’t shy away from accepting hand-me-downs from other family members who have children around the same age as yours. Often family would rather gift them that throw them away or donate them. If you have nieces or nephews that have outgrown clothing, consider asking their parents if you could have the clothing or sharing a bit about your situation if you’re too shy to ask outright.

Know how to operate a sewing machine? Make your children’s clothing. Fabric can be found inexpensively if you look around and you can let your children choose their own designs. This is also a helpful skill to make clothing you have go further. Hem up a pair of hand me down pants that are too long, patch holes, or cut pants or long skirts to make shorts or a shorter skirt. You might also consider hiring out your services this time of year to earn a little extra money from other parents looking to make use of clothing that needs a little tailoring.

A final option is to buy a little at a time. Don’t think you have to buy everything at once. Get the items they’re truly in need of immediately and then slowly add to their wardrobe as time goes on and you are able to find good deals.


3 Simple Ways To Save at the Canadian National Exhibition

Princes Gate is ready



Princes Gate is ready

This week marks the start of the Canadian National Exhibition, for us it is a tell tale sign summer is almost at a close here in Toronto.  Opening Day is Friday August 21st this year. That is just a few sleeps away as my daughter reminded me.

For us the most important day at the CNE is Warriors Day, which is always the first Saturday, but we have gone on many days taking in the rides, the food, the free entertainment and simply exploring all the ex has to offer.

So how can get the most out of the CNE and not break the bank?

1.Take Advantage of Advance Purchase Options


You can still buy tickets early from retail partners, or at any Go Station, did you know you can save at least 36% this way? You can can also order online to save in advance of August 21st.

If you order online there are some bonuses, like

  • Buy your tickets online and receive coupon offers for 9 different Food Building vendors: Pizza Nova, Coffee Time, Harvey’s, Philthy Philly’s, Pita Pit, Pizza Pizza, Swiss Chalet, Subway, Bouchard’s Poutinery

2.Reedem Your Airmiles to Get Tickets


 You can redeem Airmiles as well for General Admittance or Ride all Day passes. You can get a Admission pass for 2 for 300 airmiles. Remember this does not include your rides.

a view of the CNE


 3.Attend on Kids or Youth Day

There are some ways to save even if you forget to get your tickets before the 21st.  Go opening day for $8, or go after 5 pm Monday to Thursday for $6,  Kids Toonies Mondays is also back, and on Sept 1st young people under 19 can get in for free till 3 pm. Your can find out more here.

There are also lots of free entertainment options at the Ex. Explore some of the acts. After a two year hiatus, the aerial acrobatics and ice skating show returns to the CNE this year in a spectacular new show. Canadian Ice Dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir return to the CNE and will perform every day of the fair and there are so many other acts to check out as well.

Kids World is wonderful and we love the Kidzone Interactive Area, an area that is free.

The Farm is another feature that has always been a family favorite. Visiting the animals and watching the sheep shearing was one of the things my daughter loved when she was younger.

The Horse and Air Shows have also been family favorites over the years.

When it comes to food set a budget, bring a water bottle and refill it. There are lots of food deals to be found. Take a walk around the food building before you buy, you are sure to find something to fit that budget. We love the 99 cent pasta that can still be found, but we always try something new as well.

The Ex has always been the family favorite way to end the summer!

Are you planning on on going this year? What do you look forward to at the Ex the most?

Expect the Unexpected

my first home


my first home

my first home

Do you expect the unexpected? It happens. It is not just something that happens on tv. For me as a young woman I had a plan. I even had 5 year and 10 year plans, but then life threw me some curve balls and things well they started designing a plan of their own. Life events came and went not exactly as planned. Yes I finished school, got a job, got married, bought a house, well actually four, got pregnant and then things got interesting and before I knew it I was back at home rebuilding.

For many Canadians, the traditional sequence of life events – finish school, get married, buy a house and have kids – does not always happen as it typically did for previous generations. Even for my generation things for some did get topsy turvey.  A recent TD survey found nearly six in 10 (58 per cent) Canadians have completed or are on track to complete their life’s milestones in a different order than they originally expected. I know I sure have. More specifically, Gen X Canadians are more likely to complete or be on track to complete them in a different order (64 per cent) than Millennials (52 per cent).

We all will take different paths in life and we need to be prepared so that when they do happen we are ready.

One of the things I am teaching my daughter is that financial flexibility is important. Have a plan but have a back up plan as life will throw you curve balls. It’s best to be  ready for life’s big moments by planning and saving, and regardless of your age, it’s never too early to build a financial plan and set goals for your future. We are starting this here with my daughter as she heads to college this year.

As well it is so important to ask the right questions as life events happen or are about to happen, it is always wise to think ahead. If you have a financial plan in place here are just a few questions to ask yourself as these events are occurring:

  • How do I handle multiple milestones occurring at the same time?
  • Is it smarter to plan a wedding or buy a home first?
  • What costs should I factor in when contemplating buying a home?
  • How much do I need to save to comfortably enjoy a parental leave?
  • How do I know if I’m on track to save enough for retirement?

Many Canadians who have already completed these milestones like me also reported having experienced unexpected costs, according to the TD survey.

When it comes to being financially prepared for life’s milestones, the TD survey found:

  • Only four in 10 Canadians say they have properly budgeted or are properly budgeting for having their first child (39 per cent) and for retirement (41 per cent);
  • Millennials (28 per cent) are less likely than Gen X Canadians (42 per cent) to say they have properly budgeted or are properly budgeting for having their first child;
  • Only one-quarter (24 per cent) of Millennials and one-third (33 per cent) of Gen X Canadians say they have properly budgeted or are properly budgeting for retirement.

Now is the time to start thinking about these things, it is a lesson I am teaching my daughter, it’s important to factor in the unexpected. While the order of life’s milestones may vary, thinking ahead about your own goals and putting a financial plan in place can help manage the financial impact of these significant life moments, whenever they occur.

Now the TD Bank has put together this infographic that shows everything clearly.


Time for Back to Campus #StudentLife with a Contest and a Twitter Party!


I remember well getting ready for university my first year, I lived at home while I explored a new city, Halifax and attended Dalhousie University. By the time I hit second year however it was time for me to spread my wings and I was on my way to the University of Manitoba. While there I lived in a small apartment off campus and in the dorm. As I prepared for each year and each location there was always shopping that had to be done, as well as forging through friends and family to get what I needed.

I can remember well trying to make a strict budget, some of the favorite things I bought we my comfy duvet comforter that I got a deal on, my kettle for making tea and hot chocolate and milk crates they stored plenty of my items while I was in university.

As my daughter Rachel starts both college and her last year of high school this year she will be living at home but we are giving her bedroom a bit of a makeover and she will be doing so much studying well she will need the space.

Now many of my friends kids are getting ready for their first apartments and dorm rooms. I can remember it was a chore to get everything I needed for a small working kitchen. Think about it, what essentials would you put in the perfect student kitchen?


My friends at Canadian Tire have put together a pretty good list of the essentials for a great student kitchen:





Now my friends at Canadian Tire have some great tips on their site as well as the:


 #StudentLife Hack Contest


On the site they offer some great suggestions like making use of every day items in frugal and creative ways. One great suggestion is to use removable Command hooks and twine along with some clothes pins to hang photos which I think is a great tip. Make sure you check out all their tips!



Make sure you check out Canadian Tire’s Back to Campus page for more #StudentLIfe Hacks!

If you have a #StudentLife hack, you can win a daily prize of a $100 Canadian Tire gift card, and a grand prize of a $1000 gift card.

All you have to do is share a photo or video of your #StudentLife hack on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, tag @CanadianTire and use #StudentLife.

The contest is on from now until September 4th

For more information please read the Contest Rules.

As well join us for the #StudentLife Twitter Party on Wednesday August 19th




I look forward to seeing you all at the Twitter Party and I hope you enter to win!

Frugalista Guide to Back to School




Can you believe it? Back to school is almost here and parents around the world are scrambling to prepare. Every year things are the same; you know you’ll need certain items like clothes, shoes, and school supplies. Your school might also be sending home lists of teacher wish lists for supplies the school is no longer able to purchase with their general budget or items that extras are needed for the class to share. This year I am prepping my teen for both high school and college as she is in a dual credit program. It’s a lot of work.

Now, if you head into the stores without a plan you’re likely to spend too much. Even with the tightest of budgets you can get your kids ready for the new year. The first step is to put your plan to paper. This means you’ll need to review what you have on hand and what you’ll need. It also means you need to take a look at your budget to see what is available. Finally, have a talk with your children about what you will or will not be purchasing. This final step may be less of an issue with younger children as it is with teens. My daughter and I have already had this conversation. She knows the budget, what she needs and has a list.

See What You Have

Right now is the perfect time to look through everything your children have. This means clothes (fall and winter), supplies from the previous year, shoes, really anything they may need. If you already have it on hand then don’t buy more! It also will let you make a list of the items they truly need instead of just what you think they will need.

Budget, Budget, Budget

If you’ve done back to school before you know how easy it is to spend hundreds of dollars on each child. After looking at the money you have available divide it between your children (or based on who needs what). Give yourself an approximate amount for school supplies and one for clothing and other purchases. If you have time, create a list that shows the normal price for each item, this will give you something to compare against when a “sale” comes up.

Research Ahead of Time

Long before you get in your car spend some time seeing what is available. Newspapers and websites are constantly advertising sales and specials for back to school during this time of year. Remember your money saving apps as well, they are full of great deals right now and with Flipp remember you can make your list right on the app. If you are not using an app for your list write it down. If you can, order online especially if shipping is free. Many stores offer special online-only sales that can save you a good deal. Whichever way you decide remember you need to shop smart.

Go Alone

You know what happens when you go to the grocery store with the kids? You likely make it out of the store with a lot more than you intended. The same is true for school shopping. Plan a solo shopping trip with your shopping list. This way you’ll avoid the asking and requests for more items or more expensive items that you don’t have the funds for.

Bigger is Better

Buying in bulk can be a double edged sword. Sometimes it cuts you while other times you’re better off. When you’re buying school supplies it can often work in your favor. For example a store is advertising notebooks for $.05? That’s a great deal and you should buy as many as you think your child will go through during the school year. If a store offers an incentive or discount for an item you know your child will need more of later on; like pencils or markers – go for it!

Cash is King

Worried you’ll overspend? Stick with cash to keep yourself in check. While not always true, cash has a way of slowing you down and making you analyze purchases more carefully. When the money is gone, it’s gone. Important lesson I learned from the very smart, Gail Vaz Oxlade.

Stick to It

You’ve spent time and energy developing your plan, now you have to stick to it. Keep your lists close at hand and only purchase what you have put on the paper. Don’t be lured by other sales or deals you think you see in the store. If you must, make a note of them and review everything when you’re home.

These tips will help you get your back to school shopping off to a start. Watch for the other parts of this series helping you save money on school supplies, clothing, and lunches. All month long I will be bringing you some tips to help you start the school year right.

3 Simple LifeHacks to beat the Summer Heat Using Carefree Pantyliners (Giveaway, Contest & Twitter Party)

2015-07-19 16.29.00

It’s getting hot outside and well, some simple life hacks are going to help me beat the heat. Carefree, this summer, is hosting a sweet giveaway here on my blog, a twitter chat and a summer long life hack contest. Watch out for all the summer action I am sure we all will be sharing some simple life hacks that can definitely help us out.

Life hacks are tricks, shortcuts, or skills that help enhance your days. My teen even shared a one with me she used. Her under-wire bra broke and well she used a Carefree pantyliner for a quick fix. Thankfully she carries a few even to school in her backpack.

There are many ways simple ways to use pantyliners!

Here are my Favorite  Summertime Carefree pantyliner hacks:

carefree pantyliner hack


1. Beat sweat stains on your favorite dress or shirt. Use a carefree pantyliner to soak up that underarm sweat. Simply stick a liner to the inside, you can even trim your liner according to sleeve length. On a hot and humid day this is an essential trick.

2. When it comes to makeup there are so many well I simply cant list them all. o a quick Google search and you will be surprised by how many you find!

2015-07-19 16.29.00

3. Stick panytliner in your shoes instead of an insole. Great way to catch all that summer perspiration.

Are you looking for ways to win with Carefree this summer:

Carefree Everyday Kit (1)


1.Win 1 of 6 Every Day Kits Here on the Blog.

*It’s a perfect purse-sized pouch that contains Carefree liners and other must-have items to avoid style or beauty mishaps on the go.

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2.Join the Month Long Carefree Twitter Contest

From July 27th until August 21st  watch @carefree_ca  for all the details. The contest will have on the spot and weekly prizes as well as a grand prize. Keep an eye on their twitter profile for more details.


3.Join the Twitter Hack Chat


One Thursday July 23rd at 12:30 pm join @carefree_ca and a few of my friends on twitter to chat all about life hacks and how they make our lives easier. There will be $750 worth of prizes to be won! I know I will be there!

When:  July 23rd at 12:30pm

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RSVP: Required at Whispered Inspirations

To win my Giveaway:

Leave a comment on this blog post with your favorite summer time life hacks. Bonus if they involve pantyliners.

*remember the giveaway is open to Canadian residents over the age of 18 only.


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Create a Summer Budget and Have Fun

1000 thousand islands camping

a view of the CNE

Today marks the start of summer for many Canadians families as school it is out. Parents are busy planning vacations, summer camps for kids are being finalized and then there are the fun things you want to do close to home. It all adds up and many find it difficult to stay on budget during the summer. Choices have to be made.  Did you know most parents spend on average $1000 per child on summer fun. Camps and fun are expensive you know!


So how does one stay on budget? How does one have a summer of fun without the stress?

Planning goes a long way. If you haven’t started yet don’t worry it is not too late.

First, breathe then it is time to start planning the summer of memories that won’t break the bank.

1. Create a budget, know how much you want to spend between now and Sept when the kids go back to school.

2.Summer camps take a huge chunk out of any parent’s budget. Keep this in mind as you plan and know the earlier you book camp the better. Now if you have left this to the last minute check your local cities community day camps. Here in Toronto there are spots still available at many day camps all over the city. They are not that expensive either.

3. Grab an Attractions booklet from your local tourism board, these are usually full of discounts for lots of summer fun. I took a day trip last weekend and stopped at an Enroute location and was able to get one for Toronto and one for the Niagara region (two of the places we will be hanging out this summer). There were lots of great deals.

4. Shop the deal sites. Sites like Groupon, Buytopia and WagJag have some great deals even for families looking to have some summer fun on a budget close to home.

5. Remember You Rewards Cards. At this time of year, we like to cash in some reward points to get access for summer fun. In the past we have used AIRMILES for the CNE and Wonderland. Have a credit card that you have been collecting points on? See what you can do with it, without putting your hand in your wallet.

6. Check out your local event listings! Here in Toronto, summer is packed with festivals and events every single weekend and many are free to attend. We pack some snacks and take in the event and even have a budget for this kind of fun, you know the kids will want to hit the ice cream truck after all.

7. Plan for you splurges. As much as I write about doing low cost events that still give you a summer full of fun we also splurge a bit, but we plan those splurges. Our annual trip to the CNE has already been budgeted for, so has our trip to Niagara Falls, and well we have a Wonderland budget in place as well as we are season pass holders.

8. Check out your local library. Most have great free programs all summer long. Here in Toronto, remember you can even pick up passes to some of our local attractions for free.

There are so many ways to stay on budget and have lots of summer fun, let me know some of your favorite ways to do just that!





How to Shop at a Thrift Store like a Pro

My Thrift Store Shopping Kit

If you’ve been inspired to start shopping at thrift stores to save money after reading about the 5 best things to buy at thrift stores, then you’ll want to make note of this post. I’m going to give you the secrets to making the most out of shopping at thrift stores. Over the years, I’ve developed some tips and tricks for making my thrift store shopping days more productive and less likely to see me come home with stuff I really don’t need.

  • Be Prepared. The Girl Guide motto is highly useful when it comes to thrift store shopping.
    1. Take Pictures – are you looking for the perfect painting for your living room? Do you need accent pieces for your bedroom? Take photos with your cell phone so that you know what colours or design schemes you’re trying to match. Nothing is worse than getting a dark green throw when you needed a light green one.
    2. Measure it! Get a small measuring tape and keep it in your purse or your car. It would suck to find the perfect piece of furniture only to find out you either can’t get it home, or can’t get it up / down the stairs!
    3. Make a List – what do you need? What are you looking for? Write it down in a small notebook or on your phone so that you don’t forget to look for the items you need.
  • I have a kit that I call my Thrift Store Necessities – it includes a notebook, pen, my smartphone (with pictures on it), a measuring tape, and a small flashlight to look INSIDE drawers etc to make sure there aren’t any cracks or splits in wooden furniture.

    My Thrift Store Shopping Kit

    My Thrift Store Shopping Kit

  1. Be Persistent – Unless you have a very short list, you won’t find everything on it on the first try. Keep going back to the stores and keep your list current so that you know what you’re looking for. Half the fun of shopping in thrift stores is the hunt!


  1. Be Strategic – If you think you might want something, grab it the minute you see it! Don’t leave it on the rack and think about it – it will probably be gone before you get back to it. Use a cart and put anything you think you might want in it. Then, when you’re done shopping, sift through and pare down to items you love.


  1. Be Efficient – If you need a purse, go straight to the purse section and look around. Don’t be tempted by the books or shoes. Once you’ve looked for the item(s) you are shopping for, then browse. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone else walk out with the item you wanted.

By following these tips, you can become a thrift store super shopper.

Ways to Cool Off and Save Money for Earth Month

ecobee smart thermostats

Here in Toronto today it got warm, really as I walked home to me seemed like a late spring day as the temperature soared. It got me thinking about what lies ahead and the different ways we can save money right now and be prepared for the summer heat.

One of the perks where I live right now, is that my heating bill as well as my electricity is rolled into my rent. I am very thankful for this fast especially with all the increase over the last couple of years. Even with the perk of having this paid for me, I am very mindful of my energy consumption.  We do all the things most families do, like turning off the lights in rooms that are not in use, keeping our thermostat at a reasonable temperature and doing laundry on the weekends. We even have energy efficient appliances and changed out all the light bulbs.

When it comes to summer heat there are things you can do right now to help battle it, and they will save you money and the planet in the long run.

You can change the filter on your furnace, and vacuum well areas around appliances. You don’t want appliances using more energy than they need too.

You can also make sure windows have adequate shade. Mini blinds are a great way to reduce solar heat.

Once you turn on the air conditioning make sure you change the filter every month. Dust builds up quickly and it does effect the flow of air.

All the little things we do though make a difference and that is what is so important. We all can make little choices that when combined together can have a huge impact.

ecobee smart thermostats

One of the ways we can have a huge impact that I just learned about is by having a smart thermostat. I had never heard of these till recently and was excited when Ecobee asked me to tell you about can save up to $150 on a smart thermostat this month.  With a smart thermostat you can adjust your settings from anywhere. Say you go on vacation, you can lower the thermostat and then raise it just before you get in the door. How is that for efficient? With the ecobee Smart Si you can do just that.

If you have hot and cold spots in your home like we do; my daughters room is like the coldest room in the house, you can use the ecobee3(1 remote sensor) or the ecobee Smarter Bundle (3 remote sensors) to help control the temperature accurately.

Canadian customers who purchase the ecobee3ecobee Smart Si or the ecobee3 Smarter Bundle will receive $25 off by entering the code h1save25a at checkout between April 1 and 30.

As Well,i f you’re a Hydro One customer, you can earn an additional $100 by applying to enroll your thermostat in Hydro One’s Bring Your Own Thermostat (BYOT) pilot program by April 30. BYOT allows Hydro One make brief, limited temperature adjustments to a central air conditioning system via the WiFi thermostat during times of peak electric demand (other heat pump systems not eligible at this time). You can also earn an additional $25 if you fill out three brief surveys regarding your participation for a total savings of $125. Get the FAQs about this program here.


Disclaimer: Disclaimer: I was compensated by EnergyHub …program sponsor…. to give you information about Hydro One’s Bring Your Own Thermostat program, but opinions as always are my own and think of how you can help the planet and save. That’s a win/win to me.



Top tips for New Pet Owners

pet tips

pet tips

Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, one thing is certain—you love your furry friend. While owning a pet is exciting, it’s also a big responsibility, and the first few months after you bring your pet home can be overwhelming. It’s important to remember that a pet is part of your family when you’re taking care of them—in fact, a recent study by Western Financial Group showed that half of Canadians with pet insurance purchased a policy in case of emergencies or serious illness, while 26 per cent did it simply because they see their pet as a family member.

Find the right veterinarian

While going to the vet may turn your feline into Grumpy Cat, regular visits are extremely important. Ask friends and do some online research to identify a vet who is a good fit for you and your new furry friend. Regularly visiting a vet helps ensure you are preventing illness, rather than reacting to it, which can help avoid more expensive medical treatments in the future. Schedule regular check-ups to ensure your pet is healthy.

Find the right pet insurance policy

Despite preventative care for your pet, they still can need costly treatments, and pet insurance can protect you from the high costs of an emergency vet visit or procedure. In addition, certain providers, like Petsecure, offer policies that can help lower the cost of regular veterinary visits.


Find the right food

Make sure to talk about food during your vet visit. Ongoing nutritional consultation will help keep weight gain and loss in check, and make sure your pet is getting the nutrition they need.


Keep their teeth healthy

The majority of cats and dogs will experience dental problems in their lifetimes and, given how much they rely on their mouths, it’s particularly important to properly maintain their teeth. A dental examination is part of every veterinary exam and, as always, prevention is better than treatment.

Make sure they’re ready to travel

Once you have a pet, your ability to go on a spontaneous trip is limited. Pet inclusive vacations are a great option! If you’re crossing a border, make sure you have up to date rabies vaccination certification for your dog. Schedule an appointment with your vet to make sure your pet has all of the required boosters—and that you have the required paperwork. Depending on your destination, additional vaccinations may be required. If your pet can’t make the trip, make sure you have suitable alternative arrangements, either with friends or family or with a reputable boarder during your trip.

Make your pet easily identifiable

Identify your pet in multiple ways – through collar and tag, tattoo, and microchip – in the unfortunate event that they get lost. Microchip databases are international and make tracking down your lost animal easier across provinces and borders.

Welcoming a new pet to the family is incredibly exciting. By following the above tips, you can help keep your pet safe and healthy, so you can enjoy years of family fun.

Know a pet lover? Share our story with them.

For more information about home insurance visit: