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How to Price Match in Canada

How to Price Match in Canada

How to Price Match in Canada




Last week I was talking with a girlfriend about how to save money. She was all excited as she had downloaded the Flipp app but wasn’t sure how it could really save her time and money. I thought everyone knew about price matching. Here she loved being able to grab the flyers on her phone but she wasn’t getting the best value for her dollar so I told her I would do a complete guide to Price Matching in Canada. Now if many of you are like my girlfriend who really does want to save more time and money this year, this is one simple way to do so.

So How Do You Price Match in Canada? 

 How do You Define Price Matching?

 A definition- When  a retail store agrees to match a lower advertised price from a rival store and sells you the same product for the lower price, that’s the simple definition of price matching.

Many retail stores have couponing and price matching polices and guarantees. It is all about adding value for you the customer. Get to know your favorite stores price matching policies.

Price matching policies often don’t just apply to items you are going to purchase, they can actually apply to items you’ve paid for recently. Cool, right?

Example 1: I just bought a dress from retail store A.. I walk into retail store B, see the exact dress (brand name dress and bar code are the same). I can then check and see if it is advertised, if it is, I can return for a refund of the difference.

Example 2: I just bought a new tv at my favorite retailer and they lower there own price with a set amount of time (normally 14 days), you can request a refund of the difference.

If you check your flyers using an APP like Flipp you can really keep track of your favorite retail stores prices.

There are Different Types Of Price Matching Policies

Every retail store has a different price matching policy. The stores I frequent are Walmart, Target and No Frills. I have also price matched at Future Shop and Canadian Tire, but there are many more retailers that have a price matching policy. Check out your favorite store’s policy. Many of them can be found on the store’s website.

The Simple Price Match

The simplest  price match means a retail store which match the price you can receive the same price advertised from another store. For example Target’s Price Match Guarantee states that they will match a lower price if a customer finds the exact same item for less in a current and locally printed flyer.

Example A: I see an item price at 25.00 at a Canadian retail store in their flyer, I can clip it on my Flipp app (yes, Target is one of the Canadian retail stores that allow apps to be used when price matching), and then show that clipping at cash register at the store. Because I am also a  Target Red Card holder, I save another 5% on top of that as well. Now if I happen to have a coupon for the said item I can also use that as well, further reducing my costs.

The Beat By a Percentage Price Match

1. Another way retail stores price match is by beating the price by a percentage of the difference, usually 10% and that can rack up on big ticket items. For example, Best Buy’s Lowest Price Guarantee guarantees that they will not only match the price but beat it by 10% of the difference.

Example: I find an item I want to buy advertised in a flyer for $450.00 that sells at Best Buy for $500.00. I would not only be price matched at the $450 but be given an additional discount of 10% of the difference. Making me save more, in this example since the difference is $50.00 we would get (50.00×0.10)=$5.00 so we pay $445.00

2.You will find a lot less policies like Home Depot’s Price Guarantee specifies that they’ll beat a competitor’s lower price by an additional 10%.

Example: If an item sells for $500.00 and you find it advertised for $450.00 at another retail store then you get a an additional 10% off the lower price. So instead of paying $450.00 we will pay (450.00 x0.10)=$45.00.  so we pay $405.00

Price Match With Rewards

Some retail stores like Canadian Tire want you to be a loyal customer so they  choose to match lower prices and  offer loyalty reward incentives. Canadian Tire’s Price Match Guarantee notes that they will match competitor pricing and give 10% of the lower price in Canadian Tire money. Canadian Tire money can be used to purchase other items in their store. It is their loyal reward program.

So all of this sounds easy peasy, right? Well sometimes it isn’t. So how can you make life easier for your self.

How to Have the Best Price Matching Experience


First things first, make sure the items you are trying to price match are identical. They must be the same. This is the first rule of thumb. Barcodes, model numbers, quantity, size of packaging all must match.

Some retailers make you bring in the advertised flyer, others will gladly accept a clipping from an app like Flipp. Know your favorite retailer’s policy.

Sometimes even the cashier does not know the store policy, so if I ever have an issue at a retailer I print out the store policy and have it with me.

At the store it is normally fairly simply.

Let the cashier know that you would like to match a competitor’s lower price. Have your price matches ready. I do this by opening my flipp app or having my flyer in hand.

Show the cashier or app or flyer. Remember they can always check any price match so be aware some cashiers will or they might be new and not know their own store policy. I have found kindness works in these situations.

Once you have shown your cashier they match. With Flipp it means tapping your clipping so it goes back to the retail flyer so they can verify an active ad then you have completed a price match. Time to Celebrate!

What if they say NO? Ask why?

I actually ran into this on Black Friday and found a clause in the store policy that exempted days like Black Friday and Boxing Day. If you think they should be matching it ask for a store manager. Show them their policy or ask to see theirs if you have not printed one off. If speaking to the manager doesn’t work I have even called a head office while in store.

Sometimes You Can’t Price Match

Remember this simple rules, if you don’t you simply can’t price match.

  • Products must be identical in brand, size, weight, colour quantity and model number.
  • Product must be in stock
  • A  copy of the competitor’s flyer or ad must be provided. Some stores do not accept photocopies or flyers printed from online others do not, check the policy.
  • Some retailers accept price matches from across the country, others do not.

There are often Exclusions.  Some normal ones:

  • Online prices can not often be matched
  • Goods from a store like Costco that requires a paid membership.
  • Clearance Sales
  • Limited Time Sales like in Boxing Day.
  • Display merchandise.
  • Bid pricing or volume discounts.
  • Item cannot be combined with any other offer.

I have learned over the years that price matching can save me time and money. No more long lines at stores that have that one great deal when I can walk to a local store that offers a great price matching policy and has the same item in stock. Over the years I have saved thousands of dollars and been able to stretch my budget especially my grocery budget by price matching on a regular basis.

What stores have price matching policies?

These are just a few I found online. These are in alphabetical order.

There are also many other ways to save money besides price matching. Want to save more at the grocery store try couponing, use apps like Check Out 51, Zweet and Changio to save more and always watch for for opportunities to use SCOP (Scanning Code of Practice here in Canada). Overall, once you have experienced your first price match and see how easy it is you will kick yourself for not starting sooner.

* this is not a sponsored post, however, I am the Community Manager for the Flipp App. This post gets me no monetary gain, just wanted to share some great info.



How to Be Happy on a Budget

Happy on a Budget

Happy on a Budget


Recently I have been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin which got me thinking about money and budgeting and happiness. I also just wanted the documentary Happy on Netflix. So happiness has been on my mind. Really there are so many ways to have peace,joy and yes even happiness on a budget. Money has never bought happiness and it never well So how can we be happy on a budget?

First we really do need to remember that Money does not buy happiness. You can not buy the things that bring happiness in the long run.

So what can you do today to be happier on a budget?

Count your Blessings

Gratitude is a very powerful thing. Once we get grateful we tend to see things more clearly. We tend to be thankful for what we have been blessed with even on the days when that is very little. I remember in the days and weeks after the fire, first and foremost I realized how insignificant  things were. My daughter and I were safe, I was happy with that.

Friendship is Important

Friends on the journey that is life makes everything ok. Make time for friends, enjoy each others company. We can all get caught up in the grind of the day, but when you stop for a moment and simply get caught up it makes you smile, it makes you laugh and sometimes it even makes you cry. But all the time my friends have brought the greatest joy into my life. If you have just moved, if you find yourself lacking friends, step outside yourself and go and get to know some new people and remember friendships take time to cultivate.

Serve Others

Some of my happiest moments are when I am giving to others. Helping others over the years has taught me many lessons. It has taught me that even when I have been struggling I have something I can contribute. When we serve others even in simple ways it brings joy not only to them but to ourselves. Serving others rarely costs you anything but time and a smile.

Take time to Laugh

My father taught me one of life’s big lessons, how important laughter is. There were very few days in his life that he did not share a joke or a smile. He loved to tease and laugh. My father was not a rich man in the material sense but he was very rich in the happiness that existed in his life.


I know not all my readers believe in God, but for me I have found prayer and even hearing the words of Allah (God) bring a peace and joy and real happiness to my life. Getting together often inside a faith community often brings contentment, peace, joy and even happiness.

Learn Something New

I have always loved to learn new things and over the years have had several hobbies from photography, to reading, to learning new skills including how to even set up a blog. Learning something new always brings a smile to my face. It’s like getting a light bulb moment on demand.

I have learned I do not need much money wise to be happy. I have learned that peace, joy contentment and happiness are a matter of a thankful heart that is reaching out where and when they can and taking time to enjoy and laugh with those I care about. What about you what brings you happiness?





Holiday Prep 201-Tech that can Help Your Holidays

Holiday Prep 201

Holiday Prep 201Tis the season and last week for the #cdnmoney chat on Twitter we were talking Holiday prep. Whther it is Christmas, Hannukah, or some other major holiday with it always comes lots of prep, from the budgeting, to the list making, to the shopping, to the travel there is always lots to do.

So how do we get it all done today? I know for me my tech gadgets and gizmos and apps keep me sane? I work off both Android and iOS operating devices. We have an ipad mini, a Samsung tablet, and a Samsung phone and an iphone in the house so I think that leaves us open to having the gadgets we need to help make this the most organized cost efficient holiday season.

So how do I use my gadgets and gizmos to help me this season?

I load them with apps that serve a purpose.

For list making and receipt keeping I use Evernote. Evernote I find to be a wonderful organizational app.

To keep me on budget I use Mint to track my budgeting, and spending.

To price check and find the deals that save me time and money at the grocery store of course I use my Flipp app. I have shared it here on my blog several times.

To find my car, there is Find my Car. Who hasn’t forgotten where there car is in an overcrowded parking lot.

Making a Road trip to visit family at this time of the year, Gas Buddy is definitely a friend telling you where you can get the best prices.

Have kids? Then you will also want to have a great Santa Tracker on your device as well, after all we have to keep track of Santa, don’t we.

Best thing about all these apps, they are free.

Do you have favorite apps that are making your holiday season easier? Join my friend Christa and me for the #cdnmoney chat on Tuesday, December 09th to talk the tech that makes the holidays easier this season. We will be on Twitter with the hashtag #cdnmoney. This is our last chat of 2014.

Becoming the Christmas Shopping Ninja

shopping all done

Twas weeks before Christmas and this girl is almost done shopping. Why? I became a Canadian Black Friday shopping ninja. Yes, I was that mom up super early to get in line to get a free $50 gift card at Yorkdale and shopped till I dropped.

black friday waiting

Really when it comes to holiday shopping I am learning it is all about the prep, the planning and shopping early. My teenage daughter gave me a list. There were 5 items she really wants. None were all that expensive, but then as I flyer shopped, I got an email from Danier and one of the thing my teen wanted, dreamed of was a fur trimmed leather coat. She was told by me she can buy her own leather coat when she becomes an adult- I saw it as a non necessity, but when I got this email with a price under $100 for a Black Friday special, I got excited and I knew this would be my first stop.

What did I do to be a holiday shopping ninja?

Fist step was check out the flyers as normal, I always use my Flipp App to do that.

Second, I made and list and checked it twice. I knew what I wanted to buy, this wasn’t a browsing trip. I was prepared.

I even mapped out where the stores were in the mall and knew of any special promos like the first 100 at the doors of Hudson Bay got a $20 gift card. I also knew where I wanted to be at 7 am when the doors opened..for me it was about being at Danier and getting my teen what she had only been talking about for 2 years! A leather fur trimmed jacket.

I got to the mall at 3 am, fueled with drink and snacks to last me till opening time, at 5 am we were to get wristbands–this actually happened closer to 5:30 am. Then Breakfast Television was on site so we would not be able to actually pick up our gift cards till the first segment was done at 6:45.

By 7 am I was a the doors to Danier where there was a small crowd waiting to get into the store, I headed straight for the rack where the jacket my teen wanted was on, found her size(the only one in the store), got it, and picked myself up a pair of leather gloves that were on sale for $29.

From there I headed to The Bay to find the Sorrel boots that were on sale, but there was a flyer and stock issue and they had none. I headed to my next stop The Source where I got a Samsung blue ray dvd player to go along with my new tv, then headed to Old Navy to checkout the 50% off everything in the store sale. I did pick up a few items and then headed to Chapters Indigo to pick up some reads that were on sale, along with a few other items.

Also knowing the services available at the mall helped me to have such a successful shop. The Avion Holiday Boutique was the perfect place to check my coat and parcels as I shopped and I even got gifts warpped after all was bought. Really they are the prettiest gifts under the tree. I especially loved the porter service when it was time to take all those parcels to the car. That itself was a lifesaver.

shopping all done

I managed to spend $350 including the gift card and came home with $860 in great gifts for the holiday season. I now have over 80% of my holiday shopping done and can really declare myself a shopping ninja.


Let’s Celebrate Flipp’s First Birthday #celebrateflipp


My absolute favorite money saving app is having a birthday. It’s hard to believe that Flipp has only been saving people money and time for a year, but what a great year it has been. So, let’s celebrate Flipp and it’s birthday with a blow out Twitter Party.

2014-08-05 11.04.44




Never heard of Flipp?

Flipp is an app that is saving people money and time on every shopping trip. I first wrote about the app last year as we helped them launch during the #cdnmoney chat.


Flipp brings all your flyers to your smartphone and with an easy to use search function you can find sales, and price match with a few simple swipes.

How will we celebrate?


Marc Saltzman is known for talking tech and he will join the conversation on Twitter as Flipp’s special guest about tech for the holidays.

Have you used Flipp in the last year then this is the party for you. You can even win an iPad mini or a $100 gift card from Flipp. Also joining me as we host @Marc_Saltzman will be @mommykatandkids who was a moderator for that first party and @simplystacie who also loves Flipp.

* I am the Flipp Community Manager, but how did that happen? I fell in love with Flipp it’s first week out and have been a Flipp ambassador ever since..I genuinely love helping others save money and time each time they reach for their app.


Here is How I Save More thanks to #TargetREDcard





After living in the USA for several years, I was so excited that Target was finally come to Canada and was honored to be even invited to the Grand Opening of their first Canadian store. My daughter, Rachel is even is the opening night video with celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker. That first night I noticed a sign for the Target RedREdcard. I loved that it not only had a credit option but a debit option as well that would allow me to save even more every time I shop at Target Canada. Here is how I save more month after month  thanks to the Target REDcard.

I applied for the Target Redcard online. It was easy to apply for. After spending 5 minutes online and choosing the debit card option, I simply waited for my card to arrive. It didn’t take long to arrive, and after it did I simply use it to pay for my purchases month after month since last spring.

Every time I shop at Target Canada do I not only pay using my Target REDcard saving myself 5%, but I price match, stack coupons and watch for sales. Think of it as stacking savings, it is easy to do with Target Canada.


So last year when I did that huge Christmas shop at Target Canada, I saved. When a new store opened just blocks from my house this spring it became a weekly stop as I could price match easily with Flipp ( and when I had coupons it was just bonus). Rachel’s back to school shop was done at Target and so was our Halloween shop, and we saved on it all. Every single time I saved that extra 5%.

Now some important facts to know as you decide if you want a Target REDCard:

* Target REDcard offers the option of a credit card OR a debit card! You do not need to apply for another credit card, something this frugal mom is very happy about.

* The Target REDcard connects to any existing Canadian bank account. It works just like your debit card would at the cash register.

* As soon as you go to pay by swiping your card on the machine, the 5% comes off your bill. Sweet, right?

Now, don’t have a Target REDcard? New Target REDcards get a one time coupon for an additional 5% off if you sign up for the card before November 10th, 2014. Nice! It’s the perfect time to start saving more each time you shop at Target.

Target-Canada-coupon-1024x460 (1)

Now if you want to smile even more this weekend Target is doing even more! Everyone can print off this 10% off coupon for October 25th-26th, 2014. Just print off your coupon and you can shop and save! Remember to stack those savings, and price match!

So where could you spend that money you save? Perhaps you might want to invest it in a sweet vacation account like I am. Hope you get a chance to save this weekend. Have to say this I am glad that Target Canada has arrived in my neighborhood.

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Target Canada and Shes Influential.  All opinions are strictly my own.






How to Keep your Important Files Safe Online without Breaking the Bank


Cost and quality are the two variables that change most when procuring business services. You can often secure a low-cost, low-quality solution or a high-cost, high-quality solution. Finding that low-cost, high-quality solution is near impossible. The same is true with online storage solutions. This article will outline some of the strategies to cut down on costs while still implementing a high-quality online storage solution.

You’re Already Saving

If you’re on the cloud, the chances are that you’re already saving money. A 2012 report found that cloud adoption could lower operating costs by a quarter and capital expenditure by half. The significant savings are in the reduction of onsite server systems and the corresponding maintenance.

Identifying Security

Finding a low-cost cloud provider is easy. What’s more difficult is finding a low-cost provider that takes security and privacy seriously. A simple indicator of a provider’s commitment to privacy and security is whether they meet the global standards. At a minimum, ask to see your provider’s certification for ISO 27001 and ISO 27002. These two standards certify that the provider is implementing best practice controls and data centre security. If this is of the utmost importance, there are providers like Your Digital File that put significant focus on security, incorporating encryption, digital signatures and other innovative features into the platform.

Fully Explore the Fee Structure

A lot of vendors compete by advertising really low costs per gigabyte of storage. Don’t base you decision on this figure alone. There can be other costs and charges, usually hidden as fees. These fees can cover anything – the license, uploading, downloading, account enquiries or even billing. Ensure you read through the contract to identify every cost. In most locations, the provider is legally required to provide an estimated overall cost if requested, which must take all the fees and charges into account.

Only Pay for Storage you Use

How much storage are you paying for with your plan? Have you ever looked to see how much of that allocation you actually use? A recent review of Microsoft’s cloud platform found that only 1% of users had exceeded or even come close to reaching their storage limits. If you’re in the 99% of users who are paying for storage capabilities they don’t use, consider whether you can scale down to save some money. Many providers are very flexible with their plans and can scale the storage capacity up or down depending on your needs.

Consider Partitioning Data

You will have some files and data that should be kept in the highest security setting possible. But do all your administration and process documents need to be stored in the same high-cost, high-security environment? To reduce costs, partition your data based on its risk profile and store it accordingly. Your low-risk process and administration documents could be stored in a low or no-cost platform. High-risk, confidential data should be stored in a more-expensive cloud platform that offers multiple security features, such as encryption and digital signatures.

A highly secure, reliable cloud storage platform doesn’t need to take up a large portion of your IT budget. Keep these tips in mind and shop around to implement a low-cost, highly effective solution.

What’s the biggest cost with your online storage solution? Have you employed any strategies to reduce the costs? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

Tricks and Treats to Have Healthy Teeth this Halloween

October_8618 (1)

October_8618 (1)

While at Blissdom Canada I was reminded how important it was to take care of our dental health. I love being a Church and Dwight Ambassador because Arm & Hammer™, Spinbrush™ and Orajel™ products have been a part of this family forever. With Halloween around the corner there are many tools that can make brushing and dental care fun.

Most kids I know love to go trick or treating. They creep through the night often diving into their candy bags raiding their loot often as they go. Now with all that candy they will be eating that night, and in the days that follow dental health is so important. Want to be scary goblin, that’s ok, but you also need to make sure yourkids  dental health doesn’t get the scare.

While Halloween brings a lot less tricks, and a lot more treats, there are some great tools to make brushing your teeth fun for kids! The new Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Super Mario Bros™ Toothbrush lets kids brush their teeth with their favourite Super Mario character. My teen daughter even loves this toothbrush. She has been using it since winning it when she spun the wheel at Blissdom Canada. With any kids brush, it’s important that the design works for their unique needs. To make sure the toothbrush is doing what it should, look for a toothbrush that is designed with a smaller brush head (best for smaller mouths) and a brush head that helps remove plaque and massage gums. Battery powered toothbrushes are also a great option for kids, as it makes tooth brushing time that much more fun.

 To help fight against cavities, strengthen teeth and add fun to your kids brushing routine, try new Orajel™ Bubble Guppies™ Kids Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste Gel and Manual Toothbrush. These are the perfect tools to help transition kids from fluoride-free to fruity fluoride toothpaste, while using characters from the hit television show Bubble Guppies. The manual toothbrush’s coloured bristle guide easily shows children where to place their toothpaste, while the soft bristles are gentle on young teeth and gums. Plus the handle provides a comfortable grip for little hands! Children under the age of three should always be supervised by an adult when brushing. We have a little one upstairs who loves this combo, when I gave him his new toothbrush and gel he wanted to go and brush his teeth right away. Got to love that!

For the parents that sneak one too many treats from the candy bag and who doesn’t, Orajel™ has what you need to make sure your sweet tooth doesn’t cause you pain. With Orajel™ Maximum Strength Toothache Pain Relief Gelyou can enjoy sweets and know that if a stubborn toothache happens as a result, you will be able to get instant relief.

Now seize the eerie night with beautiful, clean and white teeth; and Happy Halloween!

A Manulife #CentsAbility Check-in – Counting my Savings

#CEntsabilty lunch at Blissdom Canada

In late September I told you all I was taking part in the Manulife #CentsAbility challenge. It was time for this freelancer to take control of her finances and her multiple streams of income: sponsored posts, affiliate links, and community management services and not only budget, but look at the ways that I could save. Even a frugal mom like me is tempted to indulge sometimes! So how have I been doing so far? Where have I struggled, and where have I succeeded?

#CEntsabilty lunch at Blissdom Canada

While at the Blissdom Canada Conference it was great to meet the team from Manulife. I loved the Friday lunch, and was thankful that Flipp got to be shared as well with each person that was there.

Blissdom Budget


To begin the challenge with a hotel stay and a blogging conference, as good as Blissdom Canada is, was a struggle. You see we do not stay in hotels often, so there was the temptation to spend, and that was before we hit the Handmade Marketplace.  Whe did spend and indulge some temptations like an in room movie for my teen daughter who was with me. Late night room service the last night was a treat as well. I had budgeted to buy food and snacks and this is where I went over budget. I had a teen with me, and had to feed her. Yes, we hit the local No Frills for bananas, chips and soda and even brought muffins from home but meals still needed to be had. We ordered pizza and made it last 2 days ( thank goodness for a fridge for the room) and we had the breakfast buffet our last morning as we were on our way to an event and would not have time otherwise. So I blew my budget while at Blissdom Canada.

From Blissdom Canada's Handmade Marketplace

We did manage to stay on budget while in the Handmade Marketplace and I was glad to support some great local businesses that are doing good things. This necklace purchase from Just One goes support a woman living in Africa in poverty and gives a hand up. I say that is a good spend.

So when I got home 10 days ago it was time to tighten the belt and get back on track. I have not eaten out in 10 days, as well we have not ordered in, its been about the good old fashioned basics. Making meals, checking the flyers for sales, and shopping smart. I did last weeks grocery shop for just over $100 and that included all the fixings for Thanksgiving dinner. All my spending has been in check and I have been doing all those little things I committed to like making tea at home, using my Soda Stream more and looking for free or discounted entertainment to save money.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Then comes Thanksgiving and thanks to smart shopping using my Flipp app and price matching I saved $20 on that one meal. I was actually under budget for a holiday and we were even having company for the meal.

Now one of the surprises of the month has been prize wins! They definitely help as well. I was in the Cityline audience and won a new Samsung 55″ Smart TV and a Keurig at Blissdom and Rachel won boots from Trend Trunk at Blissdom Canada. so we have even added a few luxuries to the house in our frugal month.

So are you doing the #CentsAbility Challenge? If so how are you doing?







How to Have a Frightfully Frugal Halloween and Save Money on Everything Halloween

how to have a frightfully frugal Halloween and save on everything Halloween

how to have a frightfully frugal Halloween and save on everything Halloween

Now that Thanksgiving is done, it is time to think about one of our favorite holidays – Halloween. Every year it seems I do a frugal Halloween post. Years ago I wrote about 13 ways you could keep the money gremblins at bay. I also wrote about frugal Halloween costume ideas here and here.  So how can you have a fun and frightful Halloween on a budget?

Set a Budget

Like every other special event you need to set a budget.  Have you set you your budget already?

favorite halloween

How to Save on Halloween Costumes

Every year we shop our closets first, Rachel’s hippie costume came from my closet, as did a pirates costumes, and so did a mummy costume. Your closest should be the first place you shop. What could you create? Need some inspiration-look to Pinterest.

The second place we visit is Value Village, it is one of our favourite places to find a great costume by mixing and matching pieces. Shop your local one extra early as people love this option especially here in Toronto.

Other years we swapped costumes with friends, Rachel’s Blue Clues costume came from an exchange of costumes. Plan a swap in your neighborhood and you will not only save yourself money but your neighbours as well.

Really want to get something new follow these simple reminders.

  • Check your flyers with an app like Flipp to find the best deals on Halloween costumes.
  • Shop early- Halloween sales are already in flyers.
  • Shopping online- check for coupon codes and special online deals.
  • Buy the day after Halloween for next year at a deep discount.

How to Save on Halloween Decor

How to Save on a Halloween Decor

Decor wise we have always believed in using what we have on hand. White and black garbage bags come in handy. We often create ghosts with markers, rolled up newspaper and a few white garbage bags cut open. A Black garbage bag can create a spooky door covering - we even created scarecrows out of old clothes from my dads closet. Headstones can be created out of heavy cardboard.

Other items that we needed like candles for our pumpkin were bought at the dollar store as were cobwebs. If buying new decor items, here too remember to check for sales on Flipp.

halloween mummy dogs

How to Save on Halloween Candy and Food

Here remember your budget and shop smart. Millions of dollars are spent every year on Halloween candy, and you want to keep as much as you can in your pocketbook. I know I do especially with me in the midst of the #Centsability challenge from Manualife. One of my two best tips for saving on candy, is check the sales first, again use Flipp and check the bulk stores like Costco. Have you checked the dollar store? Some years my candy has even come from there.

Planning a Halloween menu? I have a Pinterest board for that. As well remember to look for your loss leaders  and delegate meal duties where you can -think potluck and there are plenty of inexpensive treats that you can give a Halloween twist.

Now tonight we will be talking about how to save on everything Halloween for our #CDNmoney chat on Twitter. Join us for some frightful fun talk about all things Halloween. Christa Clips and I will be there so be sure to join us.

#cdnmoney chat