Dollar Deals

Friday’s 5 Fab Deals with Flipp – Dollar Deals

Dollar Deals

This week when I opened up my Flipp app to prepare for my weekly shopping trip, I was happy to find some awesome dollar deals. When the stores have their dollar sales it gives me a chance to stock up on a few items to make the next grocery week easier on the pocket.


Friday’s 5 Fab Finds – Dollar Deals

Frescho’s $1, $2, $3 Deals

Deals-freshco   FreshcoSale

Pancake Tuesday is February 28.

No Frill’s  – $2 Deals

Deals-noFrills  Dollar Deals

Giant Tiger Deals

Get fit in style with clothes that fit.

Dollar Deals  Dollar Delas

With so many great deals this week, stocking up the cupboards is has never been easier. Head on over to the Flipp app and start browsing and saving the items you need to your grocery list.

Friday’s 5 Fab Finds with Flipp – Valentine’s Day Deals

For this Friday’s 5 Fab finds, I will be focusing on Valentine’s Day Deals. We all celebrate the day of love in many different ways if we celebrate at all. February 14th is not all about wining and dining with the one we love, especially for a parent. Spending time with our loved ones doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Whether you are staying in or going out, Flipp will have a deal for all your needs this week.

Valentine's Day Deals

Valentine’s Day Deals


Wilton Baking Accessories  -Sear’s


Valentine's Day Deals1


Plush Toys – Walmart 


Valentine's Day Deals


Boneless Pork Half Loin – No Frills $1.44lb


Valentine's Day Deals


Hearty Meat Deals –  Food Basics

Valentine's day deals


Create a DIY gift – Michaels 40-50% off


Valentine's Day Deals-Michaels


This week there are additional savings with 33 coupon matchups, just select the coupon and print it off.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




Friday's 5 Fab Finds

Friday’s 5 Fab Finds with Flipp -Game Day Deals

This weekend many will be getting comfy on the couch with family and friends to watch the Superbowl. Let’s celebrate early with this list of Friday’s 5 Fab finds with Flipp. Whatever it is you are looking for, Flipp has a deal for you. So before heading out to buy your weekend game snacks, open the app and get ready to save.

Friday’s 5 Fab Finds

While not all these items will be needed for Superbowl Sunday, many will come in very handy in order to help the celebration.

Samsung Smart TV from Leons – $599

Friday's 5 Fab Finds


 Game Day Finger Foods – M&M Food Market


Friday's 5 Fab Finds


Cottonelle Toilet Tissue (24 Double Roll) – Walmart $9.98


Friday's 5 Fab Finds


Fruits, Veggies, Cheese and Things – Food Basics


Friday's 5 Fab Finds


Salsa, Kolbassa and Ice Cream – Freshco

Friday's 5 Fab Finds

Need something to wash all the yummy snacks down with? No Frills has 2L bottles of Coca Cola or Pepsi brands for $.97.

For more great deals this week, head on over to the Flipp app and search the items you are looking for. Save them to your shopping list so they are just a swipe away. Don’t worry about visiting all the stores, price match at the one near you. (Food Basics doesn’t price match but you can use coupons)

Come back for next Friday’s 5 Fab Finds and check them out.







My Thrift Store Shopping Kit

How to Shop at a Thrift Store like a Pro

If you’ve been inspired to start shopping at thrift stores to save money after reading about the 5 best things to buy at thrift stores, then you’ll want to make note of this post. I’m going to give you the secrets to making the most out of shopping at thrift stores. Over the years, I’ve developed some tips and tricks for making my thrift store shopping days more productive and less likely to see me come home with stuff I really don’t need.

  • Be Prepared. The Girl Guide motto is highly useful when it comes to thrift store shopping.
    1. Take Pictures – are you looking for the perfect painting for your living room? Do you need accent pieces for your bedroom? Take photos with your cell phone so that you know what colours or design schemes you’re trying to match. Nothing is worse than getting a dark green throw when you needed a light green one.
    2. Measure it! Get a small measuring tape and keep it in your purse or your car. It would suck to find the perfect piece of furniture only to find out you either can’t get it home, or can’t get it up / down the stairs!
    3. Make a List – what do you need? What are you looking for? Write it down in a small notebook or on your phone so that you don’t forget to look for the items you need.
  • I have a kit that I call my Thrift Store Necessities – it includes a notebook, pen, my smartphone (with pictures on it), a measuring tape, and a small flashlight to look INSIDE drawers etc to make sure there aren’t any cracks or splits in wooden furniture.

    My Thrift Store Shopping Kit
    My Thrift Store Shopping Kit
  1. Be Persistent – Unless you have a very short list, you won’t find everything on it on the first try. Keep going back to the stores and keep your list current so that you know what you’re looking for. Half the fun of shopping in thrift stores is the hunt!


  1. Be Strategic – If you think you might want something, grab it the minute you see it! Don’t leave it on the rack and think about it – it will probably be gone before you get back to it. Use a cart and put anything you think you might want in it. Then, when you’re done shopping, sift through and pare down to items you love.


  1. Be Efficient – If you need a purse, go straight to the purse section and look around. Don’t be tempted by the books or shoes. Once you’ve looked for the item(s) you are shopping for, then browse. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone else walk out with the item you wanted.

By following these tips, you can become a thrift store super shopper.

thrift store photo2

The 5 Best Things To Buy At Thrift Stores

cooltext122540420554348 (1)

By now you know that thrift stores are awesome places to shop if you’re trying to save money. But do you know what the best deals are in the thrift store? If you’re trying to get more bang for your buck, look for these items at your local thrift store!

thrift store photo2


  1. Purses – If you need a clutch for a special event, but are not likely to need one again anytime soon, or if you want a purse to match a certain outfit for an event, head to your local thrift store. It may take a few trips, so it’s definitely better to start early but you can usually score a purse to fit your needs for under $10. Best of all, if you’re willing to do a little cleaning, you can sometimes get designer bags for a fraction of what they would cost. I have a collection of designer purses and have never bought one at anything close to retail prices. I’ve had to do some minor repairs or spot cleaning to a couple of them, but it’s totally worth it to have a Coach purse without the dent in my wallet.


  1. Books – Yes, the library is free and should be used as a first choice, but buying second hand books can be a major money saver. Used books are significantly cheaper than their brand new counterparts. You aren’t likely to find very recent books on the shelves, but if you’re looking to stock your cottage bookshelf or want to introduce your child to your favourite series from when you were a kid, used books are the way to go. Some stores even have buy 3 get 1 free deals on books and many offer a reduced price on kids’ books.


  1. Games and Puzzles – Again, you are unlikely to find the latest popular game at your local thrift store (although you should always keep checking since you never know what might come in), but if you are looking for classic games such as Scrabble, Monopoly, Sorry, or Mousetrap, head to the thrift store! Always double check for missing pieces, but most people don’t donate broken games. If you’re looking for some rainy day activities, thrift stores usually have a great selection of puzzles – some of them never even opened. Games and puzzles usually cost between $2 -$6 in a thrift store compared to $20 and up in a retail store. Even better, once you’re done the puzzle or if the kids outgrow the game, you can re-donate it and keep the cycle going.


  1. Furniture – Thrift stores are often short on space, so they price furniture low to get it out the door. Some of the furniture needs a little TLC – but if you love a piece, you shouldn’t let a scratch or a missing drawer pull get in the way. Most of the fixes are really simple and there are tons of how to videos online if you decide you want to take on a bigger project. As a caution, don’t buy used mattresses (because of the risk of bedbugs) and clean upholstered items using a steam cleaner if possible.


  1. Baby Clothes – Kids grow fast – especially in the first couple of years. While you could drop a ton of money on new clothes that they’ll wear once and then outgrow, the smarter move is to check out the local thrift stores. Often you’ll find items that weren’t even worn! Think of them as hand-me-downs from kids you haven’t met. Always wash clothes from thrift stores at home before wearing, most clothes are washed prior to donation, but it’s always better to wash using your detergent and to give you peace of mind.


Those are the top 5 items to buy used, do you have any items that you prefer to buy used that aren’t on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

Christa Clips shares her top 2 flyer apps that she uses for price-matching

Apps that Save You Time and Money on Groceries: Flyer Apps + Price-Matching

Christa Clips shares her top 2 flyer apps that she uses for price-matching
Top 2 flyer apps to replace paper flyers when looking for sales and price-matching

Saving money at the grocery store has become so slick thanks to all of the new mobile apps out there. Whether you want to save on the sly or are an extreme couponer, there are two types of FREE mobile apps to help you cut your grocery bills:

  • Flyer apps – used for finding the best sale price and price-matching
  • Cash Back Rebate apps – used for claiming money back by snapping a photo of your receipt

At a recent #CDNmoney twitter chat, co-hosts Christa Clips and Common Cents Mom lead a lively discussion about Mobile Apps that Save You Time & Money at the Grocery Store. In this post we’ll recap some of the tips & tricks that the #CDNmoney community shared when it comes to using apps for grocery flyers and price-matching. Check back in for our next post about the Cash Back Rebate apps!

instantly turn a regular price into a sale price!

Finding the lowest possible price for each item on your grocery list is the foundation to being a savvy shopper. Many stores will price-match or ad-match their competitor’s advertised prices and the new mobile apps for viewing grocery flyers make the checkout process super slick: simply show the cashier the flyer on your mobile app and they’ll adjust the price. With only a couple of extra seconds of time, you can instantly turn a regular price into a sale price! 

Tip: Putting items on the belt in the same order will speed up the price-matching process if you’re ad-matching multiple items (which we HOPE you are!)

Price-matching isn’t for everyone. Not everyone has access to stores that will price-match, or perhaps the extra planning and care at the checkout stage just isn’t your style. No worries! Identifying how you currently use your grocery flyers to save money will help you decide which grocery flyer app is best for you:

a) “I look at the weekly flyers to see what’s on sale at my favourite grocery store and I plan my meal plan and grocery list around those items.”

b) “I look at the weekly flyers to see what’s on sale at all local grocery stores and I plan my meal and grocery list around those items. I price-match the sale prices at one store.”

c) “I make a grocery list of what I need then check the flyers to see if any of the items on are on sale at a store that I can visit.”

d) “I check the flyers to see if any of the items on my grocery list are on sale at stores that I can price-match.”

If you’re a price-matcher (b and d) you’ll most likely love the search and clipping features of Flipp. If you’re a flyer browser (a and c), we think Reebee is the most visually appealing flyer app.

Flipp – currently available for iOIS and Android devices, Hollie and I agree that this is the most comprehensive grocery app to date – in fact, she has signed on as one of 6 Brand Ambassadors for Flipp in 2014! Type a grocery item into the search bar to find the lowest price. Once you’ve decided which store you will visit or base your price-matching on, use the handy clipping feature to add that sale price to your Clippings page. Do this process for each item on your grocery list and the app will arrange them in a tidy shortlist of clippings no matter how many store flyers you’re using!

Flipp allows you to "clip" items from multiple flyers and sends them to your shopping list. Never pay full price again!  photo:
Flipp allows you to “clip” items from multiple flyers and sends them to your shopping list. 

When shopping, simply “flipp” through your clippings when the cashier is ringing in your items and I say “I’d like to price-match this flyer price, please!” Flipp has a great cache system so you don’t need wifi or data access to recall the list and flyers that you’ve previously opened on your device. Travelling? Use Flipp in any Canadian or U.S. city.

Techie Tip: Deleting items from your clippings list right after you’ve bought them will keep your app clutter-free and keep your price-matching fluster-free!

Reebee is a greener way to view your grocery flyers! Photo:
Reebee is a greener way to view your grocery flyers!

Reebee – this app is available on Android, iOIS, and BlackBerry which makes it the most accessible flyer app, although it does not have the search and clipping features of Flipp. Reebee is our preferred substitute for paper flyers in terms of browsing to see what’s on sale because it’s the same layout as the paper flyers and there is never anything expired to delete (Flipp’s clipping list needs to be manually emptied). If you’re a price-matcher but don’t have an iOIS device, you can also use Reebee to “flash at the cash” just make sure that the date and store name are showing on the screen by tapping lightly on the bottom right corner. Reebee also has a strong cache system and as long as you have opened page 1 of a flyer, you can access that entire flyer without wifi or data access.

Techie Tip: make your own “clippings” list like the one offered by Flipp by taking individual screen shots of the items that you’ll be price-matching, then simply scroll through them in your photo gallery when you’re at the checkout.

Go green by using these mobile apps to view your flyers.

And stay in the green by using the apps to save on your weekly groceries! 

Both apps are FREE! Download Flipp to your iOIS device or to your Android here. Download Reebee to any Android, iOIS, or BlackBerry device.

Ready to add more layers of savings to your grocery shopping? Stay tuned for our upcoming post about the mobile apps to claim cash back with your grocery receipts. Sound too good to be true? I’ve typed this post on my iPad which i PAID for with these cash back rebates! ~Christa Clips


Christa Clips shares her Save-at-Home-Mom story on her blog along with frugal living tips. Christa is partnering with Common Cents Mom to share posts with more ways to save on groceries, shopping, and household costs.


Goals for 2008

So what are you doing this first day of the year? For many of us it is a time of reflection and goal setting and YES that is what I have been doing. Last year one of the goals I had was to get by on less and this I did all year long. I had to get creative, and smart but I managed to live off $1240 a month in Canada’s largest city. I coupon collected, I contested, I looked for freebies and cheapies and I got good at it!

This years goal is to really track it! To track my freebies, to note when I really do save, and what I win. My goal is not to spend a penny for birthdays or Christmas this year and with Roo’s birthday being tomorrow here is how I am doing her special day.

Her dad sent $50( not my money his for making her day good) so dad’s present to her is a keyboard($18) and I am taking her to Montana’s (her favorite restaurant for dinner$30-she loves the mini ice-cream cones that come with  the kids meal). I got her a Sankso MP3 player( just had to pay for the taxes($3)-got it FREE with my Optimum points from Shoppers Drugs) and 15 song downloads…all from icoke( another freebie). I made her birthday card and am recycling wrapping paper. On the 19th she gets to have a sleepover, at which we are going to have homemade birthday cake, and FREE pizza from a gift certificate that I won. We are going to do beauty makeovers and play board games –all things we have in the house. For breakfast we will do pancakes and syrup and OJ( and yes I have coupons for all of those). How is that for planning on the cheap?

To track freebies and wins at the end of my posts you will find a add-on where I report and track how it is going this year.

What sites tools am I using to make this an even cheaper year?

If you want to save $$$$ this year and are a Canadian may I recommend these sites:

1. Frugal Shopper Ca – I love love love this site! Kimberly the owner has provided a great forum for learning how to save, coupon, and contest all in a great community. I love the friendships I made there in 2007.

2. Shoppers Drugs– I have their Optimum card, and shop the bonus days and flyer’s..I can accumulate enough points that even with only 2 of us in this household I can walk away with about $300 in free stuff every year!

3.Pigsback-This site is new on the market here in Canada and is a shopping portal site where you can earn points. But wait you don’t have to shop only to gain points, do the daily quizzes and watch you maybe having a cup of Tims on them! So far I have 2 gift cards coming from them.

4. Contest Girl– a great site for keeping track of all my daily contests. Between using it and Roboform this gal is ready to contest.

5. Netwinner( not only for us cannucks)- but play Banko enough and you do get some great gift cards.

6. Craigslist and Freecycle and 2 sites I really rely on when I do need to buy-my as well try and get it second hand.

My other 2 major goals for this year.First to become a working mom and the other to move out of this basement apartment. Anyone know a good landlord in Toronto with a decent clean apartment in the East York area under 850? With that said and done I think that I have set some goals that I can really work toward. Now if you set health goals for yourself may I reccomend . It really is a great weight loss tool that happens to be FREE. May you have a blessed 2008! So tell me what are your goals or dreams for the year ahead?

Freebie Alert- Ebook of Poems for Scrappers

If you are a digital scrapbooker like me this will excite you. It is for a free ebook of poens that they are giving away as part of their countdown to Christmas.You put the item in your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout. You will NOT be asked for credit card info. After transaction is complete you can download your book on the last page.

But you must be quick because the offer expires today at Midnight EST! I have mine!

Go Here to shop for your free ebook! Thanks Computer Scrapbook!

Toronto Life and Cheap Finds

Living in the big city there are so many ways to save and find things on the cheap. We have a local magazine called Toronto Life that celebrates all things To and in this month’s magazine there is an article on Good Stuff Cheap, but they aren’t cheap. They are merely good deals for those with decent pocket books.

Now for really going cheap ( well actually frugal) in this city read what I have to say instead of the magazine. As a mom living on less here in the city there is much you can do to do almost everything on a way that keeps your money where it belongs in your wallet.

So first for clothing finds: I love Value Village ( the ones at Danforth and Woodbine and the one on Queen Street both have great selections-thanks to good donors from the Beaches)! I have found so many great finds here. Designers even with tags attached for under $15. My beautiful leather purse that gets lots of compliments was $3.99.For Roo I also love Ages and Stages on the Danforth. It is a great small consignment shop that does a brisk business. This week I saw a wonderful in new condition Gap winter coat for $18. 50

 If you have to have new we have so many warehouse sales through the year by almost every company, the Toronto Star always lists these every week. As well I shop the end of the season this way I can get what I want and well save some. I also try and buy mostly classics but have one or two funky for fun days items in my closet.

For furniture: Yes I dumpster dive, well not actually dive but I have picked up pieces that others are throwing out, as well here again Value Village comes in handy, but so do garage sales and Craigslist and freecycle. I can get any piece of furniture that I need here in this city for under $100, and it be a good piece not the stuff sold at Walmart. Roo’s cast iron day bed cost me $100 in like new condition with mattress. Her dresser was a freebie, as was my leather love-seat from the 60’s. Can you say our place is vintage!

Once you get to know neighbourhoods here in Toronto you can do anything and everything on the real cheap. As for you who live in other cities well all these skills and transferable to where you live.

Works for Me Wednesday

It’s another Wednesday so what has been working for me lately around here? We all know I love a great deal, games and contests right. Well there are two Canadian websites that I want to recommend and no I am not getting referrals, these are sites I use and know by experience do what they say!

First is Pigsback, it is new on the Market, but what a great find it was. You collect points for not only shopping online from major retailers we all know and love but by entering contests too! Guess which I do more of? There redeemable awards are great too ie you can get a Gift certificate without having to have a zillion points. They mail them out too within the time frame given.

The second is for Chapman’s Icecream Kid’s Club. It too has a point system where you play games and can earn rewards. My nine year old daughter loves it and has gotten stickers, activity book, pens, beach ball, and calculator in the mail all in great condition!

These two sites help this mom be a frugal Cannuck while doing what I love..saving money, and having fun! So they both work big time for me.

PS. If you want (or actually let me) refer you to Pigsback, then yes I can get referral points, and they have a contest the person with the most referrals in a week gets $10,000 points and that is 4 $25 gift certificates! Leave a comment and I will email you within 12 hours.

Now head over to Shannon’s for the rest of what is working for everyone!