Fox Comedians Get It Wrong


Okay this common sense mom really doesnt ussually make political statements often but this is just WRONG!

First I must say this I personally know one of our Canadians who died in Afghanistan, maybe that is why yesterday as four more of our dead came home from this war on terror it really made me mad. As it did many other Canadians.

How many Canadians have now died in this fight on terror? 116 in Afghanistan.

Theses comedians basically mocked thier service, nice job there! Did you know Canadians basically take care of most things done in the south of Afghanistan an area hardly touched by US soldiers. Did you know the first 4 Canadians killed thier weren’t at the hands of terrorists but killed by US soldiers who didn’t know where to point thier guns.

I think before you can mock another country and thier military you need to look at the problems within your own. Perhaps these comedians should take thier acts to a local VA hospital, it might open thier eyes a bit. The US does a horrid job in how they treat past soldiers, and to me that is a shame( as the ex wife of one this is fact).

I think the show needs to go, and all of them thier that night, well let’s just say I hope none of them are crossing the border anytime soon.

Now this common sense mom will get back to what I love to do, just had to vent.

Menu Monday: Frugal Style

orgjunkiempm11Before I get on with the menu of the week I missed participating last week because I was so sick, I am participating in the Ultimate Blog party and some hostess I am with being back and forth to emergency well it has been some 2 weeks. But thankfully I am on the mend, so this week I am using what is in the house, not shopping at all except for milk. So here is what is on the Menu:

Monday: Sweet Potato fries($1), and left over roast beef and left over salad from yesterday

Tuesday: Breakfast for dinner: Potato Panckes, sliced cucumber, and toast

Wednesday: grilled cheese sandwich’s(blocks were on sale last week) and mushroom soup

Thursday: Taco Salad( ground beef was on sale last week as well)

Friday: Chicken Pot Pie and salad

Saturday: Pizza and garlic fingers homemade style

Sunday: Whole Chicken roasted, with potato and carrots ( can you believe I got a whole one for $3.61)

Breakfasts are oatmeal with honey, waffles that I got for $1.00 a box on sale, cereal that I got for free(good couponing), and orange juice ( buy one get one).

Lunches are sandwichs, or raman noodles(fav of daughter), or leftovers. Desserts are Rice Krispie squares or fig bars(both were freebies because of $2 off coupons).

Now if you haven’t visited my giveaway that I am hosting because this blog of mine ain’t that old stop by my Banagrams Post. Now I am off to see what is cooking for others over at our hostess Laura’s.

It is Party Time Common Cents Style

694798186_smallWelcome to my common sense corner of the world! I have some hot chocolate ready! Would you like a cup?

I also have herbal teas handy if that is more you style.

Enjoy your visit to my blog! I am your hostess, Hollie. You might remember me from my old blog Cheaper then Cheap from last year.

Who am I? I am a solo parent who uses common sense to save cents, be frugal, live simply, have faith, and raise a special needs tween daughter. How is that for a mouth full. I also work full time as an IT tech. I do have one other active blog called My Journey through the Bible which is more about the spiritual journey that I am on.

I live in beautiful Nova Scotia currently. I live in a small rural town called New Glasgow.


This is a picture I took of the ocean not far from where I live. Nova Scotia is a great place to visit.

Now more about my blog. On Mondays I usually participate in Menu Mondays hosted by my friend Laura. On Wednesdays I also participate often on What Works for Me Wednesdays. On Fridays I often have a Friday freebie: usually a great freebie you can find online. On Sundays as of this week I will be hosting my Weekend Round Up of the best of what I have read online that week. Occasionally I also participate in the Festival of Frugality. I also write other posts about common sense stuff. Sometimes it simply might be about my life as a solo parent with a tween. Feel free to check out my archives!

Now at the beginning of March I began hosting a giveaway for my new blog! This is my first time owning my own domain. So I wanted to celebrate and give a good if any of you like board games you want to check out my Bananagrams post!

Now I am off to meet some new bloggers, and Yes I love prizes my favorites on the list so far are Int 1,36,17 and USC 17,44,and 15 but would love anything that ships to Canada. So join me ath the 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party

Friday Freebie: E-Sword

One of the very first freebies I ever downloaded was bible software. For me I found it very useful as I look at the bible. E-sword is a great free interactive download that lets you study the bible from your desktop or even your palm. So go and get your free download. If you can support the site you can always leave a donation.

Works for Me Wednesday:15 Simple Ways to Save through Spring Break.

6a00d83451c5ac69e20112791ced0428a42Spring break is right around the corner here in Nova Scotia and I know parents everywhere are gearing up and thinking how am I going to get through a week of the kids at home. Well here is my list of ways that have worked for me over the years’ and all of them leave cents in your wallet!

1. Visit the local library. Many of them have special programs and activities through out this week. As well it is a great way to spend an afternoon in the land of books.

2. While at the library you might want to become a virtual tourist, looking up a destination, and then even goggling it, we carried it one step further as we visited Hawaii we had a beach day at home with Hawaiian themed meals and everything.

3. Take a walk around your neighbourhood, learn about the the topographical features right where you are, or you might want to break out your GPS if you have one and go on a scavenger hunt.

4. Take a trip to the farm. Learn about agriculture, we love Riverdale Farm in the heart of Toronto.

5. Learn a new skill, it could be a dance move, an instrument, how to make jewelery. I love the library again as a resource, but then again a goggle search of how to often brings up many great ideas.

6. Write a poem, maybe a hakiu. My daughter Roo wrote a very funny one about me.

7. Write a script, and produce it, invite friends over to watch.

8. Do recycle art. We all have our Recycling bins. Here Roo loves to salvage stuff that do become works of art.

9.Blow bubbles, simple and fun way to spend some time together

10. Research your family.Roo recently received a gift from her father. It was a family tree. It is a great starting point for her to learn about her family. There are several free online helps for this, just goggle family tree or research family and there are oodles. My favorite is family search.

11. Create a board game

12. Make a collage with pictures you take.In this digital age pictures can easily be taken by our kids and then let them bring them online and make a collage with them, there are lots of trails of software that makes this fun, personally I love my Paintshop Pro for this.

13. Learn a new recipe. There are many out there that are fun and easy.

14. Bake cookies and secretly gift them to someone else.

15.Have a move themed night, watch a series of movies ie the Star Wars Trilogy, Beethoven, this will all depend on age of your kids, make a big bowl of popcorn and curl up for a night at the movies at home.

Now I am off to visit We are That Family to see what is working elswhere. While you are here dont forget about my giveaway this month….the perfect game: Bananagrams!

Bullying In New Glasgow School

Last September Rachel and I moved from Toronto and its overworked, overstressed, TDSB (Toronto District School Board) to rural small town New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. In that move, I really thought Roo would do much better in a smaller school.

Let me tell you the advantage of the big city. The amount of programming for kids like Roo is there ( you may have to fight for it but it is there) whereas here in New Glasgow Roo has languished.

Our School Year in New Glasgow

It has been an extremely difficult year. Of course with the move, I expected some blimps along the way. To be honest, nothing could of prepared me for the year we have had thus far. Roo goes to a school with just over 100 students ( that is common here). There are little supports available for kids like Roo ( smart, yet super challenged socially). She was put into a regular grade 5 environment where there has been little support considering her challenges.

Then to top off the lack of proper educational supports you have a bullying policy that is there in writing but nothing is really done to implement it or to be proactive. Every recess you see kids getting hurt usually at the hands of other children, you hear stories of kids being isolated, of names being hurled and the list, goes on.

For Roo this year has been hell. First, in November it was her being gang attacked on the way home from school by two other female students ( these kids are grade 5-6) while 5 boys stood and watched and cheered it on. I called the police. They came and said there was little to do besides talking to the parents as the children were under the age of 12. The school could do nothing because the attack took place just off school property.

In March Roo had to visit the emergency room after being pushed down on the ice. She needed 5 stitches to close up her lip. I was told it was accidental by staff, yet Rachel said it was an intentional act. I tend to believe her.

After that incident, Roo has become more depressed and almost every day she endures some form of bullying from being spat at, pushed, called a name, etc.. Last month she told me she would rather die then go to school.

Then today at morning recess there was another incident. Roo was hanging upside down on a movable bar in the playground. Another child came along and twisted the bar causing her to fall and now she is left with a huge welt and a bad headache.

After the incident today Roo decided she has had enough. She left school ( I know very dangerous for an 11 yr old) and came home. She feels not listened too, she feels as if teachers and staff don’t care or dismiss things as accidents or roughhousing. When did roughhousing become ok?

I have been told as I talk with other parents that Roo is not the only child who is enduring a life like this. I am now a Mom at my wit’s end and the Momma bear in me is out. I think we especially here in Nova Scotia need to challenge the definition of bullying. We need to do more and better for every Roo that is enduring a life of pure terror or else who knows she just could end up dead and for this parent that is unthinkable.

I have tried calling the board and basically got nowhere. I have spoken to the principal and well the man refuses to see the problems in his school. So what would you do? what if this was your daughter? how can we do better for our children?

Please feel free to share your stories of bullying here, share solutions you see as workable. I am all ears.



What Works : Common Cents Shopping

Last week I missed participating in Works of Me Wednesday because I posted too late. So if you want see my post about using envelope budgetting  that is full of more ideas about common sense stuff go here.

This week I really wanted to stop and talk shop, shopping that is. For me shopping is slowly becoming an art form of looking for the best buys. For me it is about how can I save cents and still get quality when I do shop. I am also about not buying unless there is a need.  So how do I save cents while shopping?

First I shop around especially if it is a big picture item. I look at several stores and often comparison shop online. I then and look and see if I can find send item on ebay, Craiglist or Kijiji for less. Sometimes I get lucky and can even find what I really want on Freecycle. That is how I got my bread maker (fresh warm bread for FREE).

I also cut coupons and use them. Where do I find them? For me I have several sources that I keep organized in a folder in my bag. My sources : newspaper inserts,, and I belong to a forum where we can trade or pass along coupons. I really like Frugal Shopper for this.

I also shop flyers, it is great when I can spot a sale for an item that I already have a coupon for. Literally sometimes I get things for mere cents, and sometimes even for free.

For me these are my best ways to leave cents in my wallet. It is about creativity and planning but then that is what brings it to an art form. Now for those of you who like a giveaway I am hosting one.

Banangrams is a game that allows for lots of frugal family fun time and you can find the giveaway here.

Now I am off to our new hostess’s blog to see what works for others this week.

Giveaway- Bananagrams

Okay in our house we have a new favorite game and as I launch this new domain, I thought it might make a perfect giveaway.

Bananagrams is a new game that is a hit! Everyone of every age can play and have fun together. You don’t even need to be a whiz to win. For us we are finding it fun, and for you homeschooling parents it is educational too.

Found this really cute video on You Tube..


So okay know for the rules:

1. To enter this contest please be a Canadian or US resident, or have a mailing address that is in one of these two countries.

2. Leave a comment on this post, or any other post this month on Common Cents Mom. You get one entry for every comment. Please no enter me please comments unless on this thread. They must relate to the post.

3. Blog about this post or let others know about the giveaway ( ie a blog post, stumble upon, etc) and share with me how you did that and get 5 bonus entries

4. Decide to add me to your blog roll ( I will reciprocate and add you here- if you are frugal, family or faith related). This also gets you 5 bonus entries

I have been blogging for years but decided it was time to get my own domain, and with that comes ways to save cents, have common sense, have fun and maybe a few giveaways along the way!

Contest closes March 31 st, at 7 pm EST..

Menu Monday: Frugal Favorites

orgjunkiempm1This week with ice storms and rain headed our way I simply wanted comfort food. Favorites of my daughter and me. So I’m sharing my favorite recipe, and as you can see the rest of the week is easy.

1. Honey Mustard Curry Chicken(* recipe to follow), rice, corn

2. Spaghetti and meat sauce, and garlic fingers, with side salad ( leftovers are for lunch).

3.Hotdogs and French fries

4. Breakfast for dinner – scrambled eggs, toasted bagels, and tomato

5. Pizza- Sobeys has these on sale this week here in the Maritimes

6. Grilled Cheese and Chicken Noddle( soup was $.50 a can).

7. Leftover Mania

Now for my Curry Honey Mustard Chicken. This recipe is the one that all my friends love when they come for dinner.

  • 2 TBS curry powder
  • 1/4 cup honey
  • 1/2 cup mustard
  • whole chicken cut into pieces.

Place chicken in glass baking dish, preheat oven to 375. Mix your 3 ingredients in bowl, you can add curry powder to taste. Bake in oven for 1 hr or if you want you can do this in the slow cooker too, where I leave it on low all day while I am at work. It is our family favorite, and it ain’t that expensive especially when you can get chicken on sale.

Now I am off to read what is cooking in other kitchens over at Organizing Junkie. You all might just want to check out my giveaway here.