What Works for Me Wednesday: The Good Food Box

Here it is another windy winter day and this mom is trying to keep our house as healthy as can be. One of the ways I am able to do this here in Toronto is by getting a Good Food Box. It works for me. What is a good food box? It is a communal way of getting healthily locally grown mostly veggies and fruit at a great price. Food comes direct from farmers and the Ontario Food Terminal.

In more and more communities you can find ways to be both cheap and healthy. Look for our own local community foodshare programs they are wonderful at least the one here is.

Here is  a sample of what I get in a $17 box: 5 pounds of potatoes, a green cabbage, a bag of bean sprouts, a head of lettuce, a bag of spinach, a bunch of green onions, a green pepper, a pound of tomatoes, 2 sweet potatoes, 2 pomegranates, a bunch of bananas, a bag of oranges, and a bag of apples…

First I drop off payment and pickup my box at a local spot, I do this twice a month. It really helps me to eat healthy and it is cheap too! Here is a link to our local program and if you are here in Canada and looking for a local network you can find that on the site as well..

Now I am off too see what is working this Wednesday for others today here.

Birthday Partying on the Frugal Side

 Sorry I haven’t been blogging much lately..Got sick as I posted on Christmas Day and well really didn’t get better till this week. Then guess what I had to have done emergency dental work. I had my wisdom tooth pulled, and have to get two more done. Can you say ouch! Dental work here in Canada is tres expensive! I am expecting all Donations to the save Hollie’s mouth fund! With all the assessments in it will cost about $2,500 at the cheap university clinic to do the work. I have to have 3 pulled, 5 filled, and my teeth cleaned in quadrants, as well as then have dentures made for the missing spots. It will take about 12 more visits and then I should be on my way back to a healthy mouth. I hate my mouth! On a cheap note, take care of our teeth or you could end up in huge dental debt and sicker then sick besides that.

On an kinder side of things my dear daughter turned 10 on Jan 2nd, and so last Friday night we celebrated her becoming a decade old! For me it was important to do as cheap as possible.  So it was decided that she could host a sleepover! I recommend sleepovers for a cheap party. Her guests her 2 best buds came over at 6:30. I had ordered pizza (241)($21) for the girls and bought a 2 litre of soda for $.88. Decorations and games all came from stuff we had in the house. I gave each girl a new toothbrush and toothpaste($6) for a treat for them. First game was 


1. Crazy Dress Up..the girls took turns dressing each up each other as crazy as possible within 45 seconds and I snapped a pic of their creative fashion sense.

2. We then did beauty makeovers of manicures and pedicures! Gave each girl a nail polish to take home.

3. After that the girls played the board game High School musical, they laughed all the way through this game( glad I got if for her for Christmas).

4. Then it was movie time-The Girls watched High School Musical 2( a freebie) and Sleepover.


They were actually asleep by 12:30 am!

In the morning served them waffles and juice and the girls were on there way home by 10 am! A good time was had by all with minimal expense. Roo for her birthday did get a keyboard from me and a mp3 player from her dad. A great time was had by all even mom.

Works for Me Wednesday- Getting Free Stuff

Ok I am cheap! well frugal, I am always on the look out for freebies. So how does this cannuck do it? and how do I work the freebies to benefit my pocket book?

First I keep my eyes open to the wide variety of FREE events that happen in a city the size of Toronto. At FREE events you often find lots of samples and other freebies, which gives you a chance to try a product that you might not of.  Roo and I get to at least one FREE event a month and they are always lots of fun! Free entertainment plus free samples equals a good time out for mom and daughter.

To save money at the grocery store I coupon collect for the things we love and I know my prices, so say Royale goes on sale for $3.99 and I have a $1 off coupon I know I am getting a good deal, not quite a freebie with this example but sometimes my coupons get me things for FREE.

I also watch the forum on Frugal Shopper for sites that are offering samples. Samples can be a very good thing! Marcelle(makeup) offered up a great freebie recently fullsize lipstick and eyeshadow. It really was like an early Christmas present.

The other way to get freebies is to sign up for the companies email lists that you love: I often get emailed and snail mailed coupons to try products just released to market and this works for me.

All these ways help me stay in freebie heaven at least once a month. I love my mailbox! So this works for me. Now if you want to know what works for others go and visit at Shannon’s for all the latest of what works!

Goals for 2008

So what are you doing this first day of the year? For many of us it is a time of reflection and goal setting and YES that is what I have been doing. Last year one of the goals I had was to get by on less and this I did all year long. I had to get creative, and smart but I managed to live off $1240 a month in Canada’s largest city. I coupon collected, I contested, I looked for freebies and cheapies and I got good at it!

This years goal is to really track it! To track my freebies, to note when I really do save, and what I win. My goal is not to spend a penny for birthdays or Christmas this year and with Roo’s birthday being tomorrow here is how I am doing her special day.

Her dad sent $50( not my money his for making her day good) so dad’s present to her is a keyboard($18) and I am taking her to Montana’s (her favorite restaurant for dinner$30-she loves the mini ice-cream cones that come with  the kids meal). I got her a Sankso MP3 player( just had to pay for the taxes($3)-got it FREE with my Optimum points from Shoppers Drugs) and 15 song downloads…all from icoke( another freebie). I made her birthday card and am recycling wrapping paper. On the 19th she gets to have a sleepover, at which we are going to have homemade birthday cake, and FREE pizza from a gift certificate that I won. We are going to do beauty makeovers and play board games –all things we have in the house. For breakfast we will do pancakes and syrup and OJ( and yes I have coupons for all of those). How is that for planning on the cheap?

To track freebies and wins at the end of my posts you will find a add-on where I report and track how it is going this year.

What sites tools am I using to make this an even cheaper year?

If you want to save $$$$ this year and are a Canadian may I recommend these sites:

1. Frugal Shopper Ca – I love love love this site! Kimberly the owner has provided a great forum for learning how to save, coupon, and contest all in a great community. I love the friendships I made there in 2007.

2. Shoppers Drugs– I have their Optimum card, and shop the bonus days and flyer’s..I can accumulate enough points that even with only 2 of us in this household I can walk away with about $300 in free stuff every year!

3.Pigsback-This site is new on the market here in Canada and is a shopping portal site where you can earn points. But wait you don’t have to shop only to gain points, do the daily quizzes and watch you maybe having a cup of Tims on them! So far I have 2 gift cards coming from them.

4. Contest Girl– a great site for keeping track of all my daily contests. Between using it and Roboform this gal is ready to contest.

5. Netwinner( not only for us cannucks)- but play Banko enough and you do get some great gift cards.

6. Craigslist and Freecycle and 2 sites I really rely on when I do need to buy-my as well try and get it second hand.

My other 2 major goals for this year.First to become a working mom and the other to move out of this basement apartment. Anyone know a good landlord in Toronto with a decent clean apartment in the East York area under 850? With that said and done I think that I have set some goals that I can really work toward. Now if you set health goals for yourself may I reccomend www.sparkpeople.com . It really is a great weight loss tool that happens to be FREE. May you have a blessed 2008! So tell me what are your goals or dreams for the year ahead?

Highlights and Lowlights of 2007

Well the year is quickly coming to a close. It has been a year full of many good things. But with the good comes the bad right? So what where the highlights for this cheap mom and her daughter?

First this was the year we finally got an IPRC done for my daughter, and she has had educational assts in the classroom. I really do thank God for Diana especially and her work with Roo early in the year. Roo has come a long way! She is coping well with being a spectrum child. I am a proud mom! It was the year that Webkinz became her toy and site of choice, although with Christmas bring an e-pet and a be-bratz we will have to see which will rule–but she does have as of now 8 of the Webkinz. She also went to summer camp and had a great time. She took trips to Black Creek Pioneer Village, Casa Loma, the Science Center, and High park all without mom. So they are her highlights truely!

This was the year I got both cheap and smart. I started contesting and couponing for real this year. By March I was on a lucky streak! Got to love the concert tickets, movie passes, Argo tickets,music downloads, restaurant GC’s, t-shirts, flip flops, magazine subscriptions, and attraction passes.

It was also also a highlight when I got to visit with family this summer when my sister and family came to stay and play here in Toronto for 10days. I loved having them in the city!

We also got to attend and get to many great events here in the city. One of our favorites was Luminato back in June. What a festival of the arts it was! Roo and I so enjoyed it. In July we were amongst the crush of people down at Bay and Bloor for the launch of the last Potter book. We also loved going to White Christmas in November.

For the lowlights: there were two winter storms-one on Feb14th that stopped me from seeing Keith Urban live because there was too much snow out there at that time in the morning, then in December our city saw the most snow on a day that we have seen in 44 years! I also broke my ankle in Feb and this really laid me up for about a month. This year I also did not work as I had wanted too so this made me become more creative with my money.

So what will the new year bring? I am not sure but I am sure there is an adventure ahead! So come along for the ride.

Battling the Cold

 Roo has been sick for a week now, and I really came down with it on my birthday..so for us it has been a week of battling the common cold. Battle is the right word too, and so far the Cold is winning!

Here are our attack methods for getting rid of this pest, well it feels alot more then a mere pest. Roo and I have ate more chicken noodle soup this week then we had in the last 2 months, we are drinking lots of fluids: OJ, water, peppermint tea with honey, and gingerale or gatorade for Roo. We have also been getting lots of rest. How many times can you watch a dvd? Let me tell you-too many. But so far the cold is winning…anyone have a spare lung?

Well let me get back to the comfy couch, my pillow and blanket…Oh, and have I mentioned I am tired of being sick.

A Very Ill Holiday

Both Roo and I are both sick. We got sick on Christmas Eve, and have been in bed ever since. We got up to open presents ysterday and then went back to bed. So I mostly slept through my birthday and Christmas… I hope you all had a better one then we did. I am up for about an hour to make some soup and then we are going back to bed….

Christmas day and Boxing Days have been basically days of bed and tv watching in this house. We did open presents though. Roo was SPOILED! She got a be bratz( another website for her to interact on), an epet, another Bratz doll, Cranium, an Art Kit, Uno, Cinq-o, a purse filled with lipsmackers and Mary Kate and Asley perfume, clothes, socks, and of course candy. Me I got pjs of couse, bath and body products, aloe socks( these are very soft), earrings, a top, mp3player, and a journal.

The Golden Compass Debate -Part 2

Well it seems that we really do have narrow minded school boards in a land of diversity! The Halton School board not only decided to pull “The Golden Compass” off the shelves but also all of the trilogy that the book is part of!

They did not decide to follow their own board’s book review committee either. They went out on their own stating it didn’t match with the values the board is trying to teach. Okay they maybe their libraries shouldn’t be paid for out of tax dollars if only one point of view is taught. If we are not going to encourage thinking children across the boards here in Ontario maybe we need to rethink what children in PUBLIC school should have access too, and who makes those choices. Should narrow thinking trustees rule?

There own committee said the books were suited for an audience of grade 7 to 10 and I agree, as that is what it is written for.

I will write more later tonight so expect this to get edited..

Works for Me Wednesday- Holiday Viewing

Tis the season of rush and do, so for me and Roo we like to take time outs of snuggle and view nights. We love these nights and own a pile of movies that come out only for the month of December. Then we also watch the tv listings for some of our favorite TV movies. So what are we watching this holiday season and what do we recommend:

Roo’s List of Christmas Movies She Loves

Santa Clause 1,2, and 3( we own 1 and 2 and rented 3) for a marathon night of ppjs and popcorn and cuddle time

Home Alone

Polar Express ( on tv this year)

Miracle on 34th St(own)

Charlie Brown Christmas(tv)

Shrek the Halls(tv)-Roo laughed so hard at parts of this I thought she might have an accident!

Frosty the Snowman(tv)

Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer(tv)

Santa Claus is Coming to Town(tv)

These are all Roo approved and great kid watching!

Now for my favorites:

Mr. Kruger’s Christmas- a wonderful story

The Holiday-I can so relate to wanting to get away sometimes

White Christmas-after seeing the musical on stage I am looking forward to the movie again too

The Nativity Story-this is becoming a classic in our house for Christmas Eve

Its A Wonderful Life-gets watched on Christmas Afternoon here

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Elf- we watched this on Sunday, and laughed all through it!

So in this season of rushing why not stop and sit and watch a good movie to put you in the holiday spirit! What are you watching this holiday season? This list will work well for me and Roo this year! Now if you are looking for other works for me post go and visit Shannon.

Freebie Alert- Ebook of Poems for Scrappers

If you are a digital scrapbooker like me this will excite you. It is for a free ebook of poens that they are giving away as part of their countdown to Christmas.You put the item in your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout. You will NOT be asked for credit card info. After transaction is complete you can download your book on the last page.

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