Victoria Day Weekend – Flipping the Garden

Victoria Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer. There are so many great deals all around town to help you with all your gardening needs. Pull out those garden gloves and get a little dirty planting a garden. I am lucky enough to have all these stores within walking distance from my home. There is nothing more rewarding than a walk around the neighbourhood enjoying the beauty of nature I see in the gardens.

While I love to spend time outside in the garden, I don;t have a large space but do make the most out of the space I do have.

Victoria Day Weekend – Flipping the Garden

Walmart – May 18-24, 2017

Victoria Day

Canadian Tire – May 19-25, 2017

Whether you are looking for flowers, vegetables or herbs, Canadian Tire has you covered with a variety of all things green.

Rona – May 18-24, 2017

If you are thinking of redesigning your yard, Rona has the perfect prices on patio slabs and paver edges.

Victoria Day

Home Depot – May 18-24, 2017

Victoria Day

Gardening Tips for beginners

  • replant using produce (onions, lettuce and more)
  • use containers (bring inside for winter and continue growing)
  • keep plants watered
  • find companion plants that work well together
  • remove dead leaves and flowers
  • plant herbs that you can use all summer long as they grow

Make the most out of the space you have and sit back, relax and watch your garden grow. If you have kids, involve them in the task with their own special tools and enjoy the time together bonding.

Does your plan for this Victoria Day weekend include flipping the garden?

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Have a happy and safe weekend and let the summer begin.



Flipping for Mother’s Day Brunch Ideas the Kids Can Make

There are certain rituals that moms appreciate. For moms like me, we love when our kids read us their favourite stories, we love the homemade craft projects and gifts and we love breakfast or brunch served in bed. So what are the kids going to make? There are many things older kids can make with little assistance, younger children may need some help and kids as young as six or seven can serve cereal, toast and juice.

So what is my idea of a perfect brunch the kids can make:

Do you love pancakes as much as I do?

Here is a Healthy waffle recipe that I would use as pancake batter and serve with strawberries and whipped cream.

Here is one of my favourite recipes from my childhood Eggs in a Hole. I taught my daughter how to make these just so she could surprise me with them. 


Another great recipe I found is for these Mini Frittatas.

Know if you are going to let the kids in the kitchen to create, the kitchen has to be well stocked and I found some sweet deals this week on my Flipp app. From fruit to bacon I was able to make my shopping list while I sat at the kitchen table sipping a cup of tea. This week I am saving money on everything on the list. Here is what is on my shopping list this week:

Each of those circles on the list, an item I clipped so I could save as I price match week after week. Yes, you can price match straight from the app at many stores including Walmart and No Frills. Remember if you use your Flipp app, it is the easiest way to make your list, find coupons and get a great deal. I love using the app to price match week after week. Every week I am reminded how what a money savvy mom I am and that is a pretty great mother’s day gift in itself.

Will your kids be in the kitchen this Mother’s Day? Let me know. In the meantime, also do let me know of the great deals you are finding as you use your Flipp app each week.


Mothers Day Gifts

Mother’s Day Gifts from Hallmark #LoveHallmarkCA

Becoming a mom is one of the best experiences a woman feel. I remember the first time I held my daughter, motherhood was something I always wanted. Even though motherhood did not come under perfect circumstances for me I have been blessed and changed by motherhood.  This Sunday is Mother’s Day, a day to celebrate all the moms we know.  We cherish all the times and special moments we have shared over the years. We talk, we share and we have bonded more over time and memories.  I won’t be able to spend the day with my mom since she lives far away, but I will give her a call and chat on Mother’s Day.

I recently received a box full of Mothers Day gifts.  It was a rainy day and I couldn’t wait to get outside and use my new umbrella. The Catalina Estrada Flourishing Blooms Scarf is one of my favourites. It is something that just adds style to just about any outfit I put on. It has been a great fashion accessory and has been spotted wearing it often.

Mothers Day Gifts

Mothers Day Gifts from Hallmark

Mothers Day Gifts

There are a variety of gifts that will be a sweet addition for anyone’s taste. Your mom will love any of these Hallmark items.

  • Catalina Estrada Springtime Petals
  • Catalina Estrada Flourishing Blooms Scarf
  • Signature Gift Bags
  • Catalina Estrada Flourishing Blooms Cuff Bracelet
  • Blue Ceramic Tea Mug with built-in Infuser win a
  • Catalina Estrada Hummingbird Haven
  • Catalina Estrada Blue Rose Cosmetic Bag
  • Signature Greeting cards

Shower mom with love and make it a special day full of fun and memories to last a lifetime.

mothers day gifts

It’s time to enter and win a special gift or two for Mother’s Day. One lucky reader from Canada will win a Catalina Estrada Flourishing Blooms Scarf

and a Catalina Estrada Flourishing Blooms Cuff Bracelet.



Flipp’s 5 Fab Finds – Mother’s Day Gift Deals

Mother’s day is the time to celebrate moms for all they do. Whether you are celebrating a mom, celebrating with 2 moms or if you are a dad doing both jobs, take this time to celebrate with your loved ones. When are kids are small we relish the time they are young and we love the handmade gifts they bring us home from school. As we age, it is more difficult to find that perfect surprise, something you know your mom will love. This week I have found what I believe to be perfect Mother’s Day Gift Deals for the week of May 4 – May 10 unless otherwise stated.

Mother’s Day Gift Deals

Sears – May 4 – May 10

Take some time to relax this Mother’s day and enjoy the comforts of home snuggled up on the couch with a good movie or book.

Mother's Day Gift Deals

Make mom shine with a touch of jewellery that is 60% off or more.

Mother's Day Gift Deals

Walmart – Make it Special Catalogue April 27 – May 14

Pioneer Women Bowls and Mugs are so cute and pretty.

Mother's Day Gift Deals

Giant Tiger – May 3 – May 9

Mother's Day Gift Deals

At Giant Tiger, there is always a variety of styles, colours and sizes for the perfect fit.

If you didn’t see a comfy outfit for relaxing on the couch,  I am sure you will find one here.

Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. Create your own gifts with useful items from the dollar store. Gift baskets with moms favourite chocolates, bath bombs or gadgets. Simple and easy gifts will make the day more special. Here are some ideas for gifts on a dime from a post I did a few years ago.

Add your points cards to your phone via the Flipp app and never leave home without them again.

Next week there will be more deals that you will want to check out and I may even throw in a recipe to share with you.

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The Rise of the Micropreneur and Social Selling



Ever thought you can have an impact? help others? wanted to work for yourself and create a business out of it?

If you haven’t started doing something and you feel that way, you are a dreamer. If you have started doing something you just may be a micropreneur, like me. Some use phrases like mompreneur, entrepreneur, and small business owner. Some say they do a side hustle.

Often the microprenuer wants to reach a niche audience. They want to gather a tribe of like-minded fold.  I know when I started Common Cents Mom that was my desire. I wanted to reach moms especially those who were struggling. Sometimes it is hard to figure out budgeting, money, banking and all those skills we were never taught in school. These were and are my peeps. They are those who want to live well on a budget. Another interesting fact 60% of those who work for themselves are men.

One of the things as I noticed is that many of the people I know and love and call friends earn some sort of income besides their primary income. I fall into that category with my blog, with my social media consulting, and now in selling doTERRA. It has become a way of life for many of my friends. Some have created large networks of like-minded folk. There is money to be made by doing so.

Did you know 80% of the women in North America who are millionaires got their start as a micropreneur. Nice statistic right? With a work ethic and a plan, you can do it too.

More and more people are wanting to leave the corporate world to take risks, follow their dreams and live lives they design. I know this is me. I love the company I work for in my 9-5 and I love that I am surrounded by great people every day but my passion lies in the side hustle. Do you feel the same way? I want to live a balanced life and am working hard to get to where I want to be.

We find it easy to share our passions with those around us. We find with work, we find our tribe.  We become social sellers. Conversations come naturally. Blog posts get written out of passion. That passion becomes an income source and a tribe is born. We find develop skills and abilities, we become thought leaders and teachers.

I had an interesting conversation with the head of the Direct Sellers Association of Canda this past weekend as I attended a Wellness Summit for doTERRA that was held here in Toronto. After that conversation, I realized that as a micropruener, a small business owner and one who loves to share what I learn there is room to grow as more and more people want to buy locally, want to support their friends, and earn a living doing so. There has been a dramatic rise in the number of people who selling socially in Canada and around the globe. In  Canada,  the organizations joining the DSA is on the rise, the number of micropreneuers is on the rise.

Where will all this socially selling lead? I am unsure. What I do know from looking at my circle of friends who have become bloggers, influencers, network marketers, graphic artists, consultant, and micropreneurs in their niches, they are living lives they have chosen and worked hard to get there.

Would you ever decide to be your own boss? Look for your tribe? Let me know in the comments.

How to Handle Hard Conversations with Your Teen

I am blessed. I have a teen daughter who is doing well. For us, life has not always been easy, we have had to tackle some hard things. Life has thrown a few curve balls. In all my years I never thought it would be my child who would suffer at the hands of other children, who would say out loud she wanted to die, who would need mental health assistance.  We have had to have hard conversations along the way. So how do you have hard conversations with your teens?

My teen and I have developed great communication skills over the years with a few bumps along the way. So how do you have those hard conversations with your teen? For us, those conversations often begin while we are watching some of our favourite tv shows. These are the ones we watch together. For us, that time on the couch together seems to bring on the perfect time to talk. Over popcorn, candy and soda come conversations that are hard to have. Because my teen and I are both so busy those times when we do slow down and have a Netflix chill night allow us to have real conversations.

For us, I normally let my teen take the lead. Often there will be a part of the show that she wants to talk about.  Currently, we have been watching two favourite teen dramas: Breaking Bad and the new Netflix teen drama 13 Reasons Why. Having a teen who has had mental health issues, as a mom, it was important for me to watch these with her so I could see if there were any triggers for her. For us watching shows like these have given us reference points for real conversations.

Recently Netflix brought parents and teens together to ask them what they would watch. The conversations can and will happen when we purposely put ourselves in our teen’s shoes. Shows like these allow us to connect deeply and powerfully.

If you are of my generation, you may remember the ABC after school specials or the episodes of Degrassi that tackled hard topics. Everything was dealt with from drinking, drugs, sex, rape, death and even suicide. For me, it was when watching a movie I first learned the word rape, the words childhood sexual abuse. It was while watching a made for tv movie I learned I was not alone. I learned it had happened to others and it was okay to talk about it. I was my daughter’s age when that happened and in my first year of university before I had my first hard conversation. It was not with my mom; it was a professor. I wanted my teen to know she was not alone. That she could always talk to me and we could have these hard conversations. Yes, having a community you can talk to is a need, but I wanted my teen to know they were loved and supported by me.Netflix recently released an infographic that talks about this.

Now Netflix has been criticized for 13 Reasons Why because it could trigger a young person. That is to be expected when you are bringing up topics like mental illness, bullying, rape and suicide. So as a parent I was glad that Netflix went a step further and not only produced conversation- starting content but met with mental health experts and created the 13 Reasons Why Talking points and the after show 13 Reasons Why: Beyond the Reasons and if you are concerned about your teen they also have the 13 Reasons Why Global Resource.

How do you have hard conversations with your teen? Yes, this mom wants to know.

*I am a member of the Canadian #StreamTeam which means I do receive free Netflix, some swag and often a sneak peek at what is ahead. As always though my opinions are my own. I have loved Netflix long before I was a team member and will watch long after I am no longer on the team. 



Flipp’s 5 Fab Finds – Dollar Day Deals

I can’t believe that May 1st, is only a few days away. May is a month full of celebrations like Cinco De Mayo, Mother’s Day, BBQ’s and the time to start planting the gardens for the season. This week there are a few stores that have great dollar day deals. Time to stock up and fill those cupboards and freezers with time-saving bulk meals.

Dollar Day Deals -April 27 – May 3

No Frills – ends May 3

Dollar Day Deals

BBQ season is here and these are perfect staples to have for those gatherings.

Dollar Day Deals

Check the coupon section and you will find additional savings for French’s and Diana Sauce to print off.

Food Basics -ends May 3

Dollar Day Deals

dollar day deals

Frescho -ends May 3

Are you ready for Cinco De Mayo? Here are some quick buys for a meal to help celebrate the day.

Dollar Day Deals

There are a tremendous amount of deals at Freshco and this is the 3rd week of $1, $2 and $3 dollar day deals.

Cinco De Mayo Meals

  • tacos
  • rice dishes
  • nachos
  • enchiladas
  • burritos

Need more recipe ideas? Check out these ones from Taste of Home.


  • don’t overbuy products
  • dollar sales happen often
  • use coupons
  • price match

Be prepared with a list and have all your coupons ready. Learn how to eat Fresher and Cheaper.

I have my list with me, wherever I am. If you carry a phone, your list will be with you too. Flipp makes shopping simple. Choose what you are looking for and it will bring up all the deals and will even tell you what aisle in the store to go to. This is a great feature, no more wandering around looking for the products you need.

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Drop by next week for Mother’s Day specials including meals and those special gifts.

Roma Boots are #GivingPovertytheBoot

Here in Toronto, April rains have been happening with a frequency that made me want to don my rain jacket and new Roma rain boots and head outdoors to do some puddle jumping.  It’s so much fun to be a kid again and jump in those puddles. It makes it seem that all is right with the word because we know those April showers will bring May flowers.  The other great thing is knowing your purchase of a pair of Roma rain boots ensures a child in need has a pair of rain boots as well. Both my teen and I just received Roma boots.

Both my teen and I just received Roma boots. My teen loves the tall lace up boots while I am loving the shorter black boots.

Supporting Roma boots simply makes sense right now. Roma or Amor spelled backward, was started back in 2010 by Romanian Samuel Bistrain. The first to receive the boots were Roma Gypsies who are a poor marginalized group. These days over 50,000 pairs of boots have reach over 25 countries across the world.

Roma boots also donate 10% of its sales back to the ROMA Foundation who uses the funds to build learning centers. They want to help and educate. Besides the learning centers, they want to give one million pairs of rain boots away by the year 2020.

Just recently, Roma Boots launched in Canada and have partnered with World Vision to let us know how we can help #givePovertytheboot

Join the #givePovertytheboot Twitter Party


Date: Thursday, April 27, 2017
Time: 8:00pm ET
Hosts: @ShesConnected (asking questions) @RomaBootsCanada
Guests: @SamuelBistrian, @WorldVisionCan
Hashtag: #GivingPovertyTheBoot
Moderators: @SimplyLindaBlog, @InfluentialMama, @ShesInfluential@BloggerWomen, @SherrieMae23, @HomewithAneta, @OlderMommyStill
Prizes: 5 pairs of Roma Boots
Canada Only excluding the Province of Quebec

Anyone can participate in the Twitter Party but only Canadians excluding those in the province of Quebec can win prizes.

Twitter Party Newbies

New to twitter parties? Don’t worry – we’ve got your back. Just log in to with your twitter account and it will make it easier for you!

You can always check out Roma boots on social:


DISCLAIMER: I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.


Flipp’s 5 Fab Finds – Spring Cleaning and Organizing

Living in a small space, there isn’t always enough storage for all those extra items we have, like kids toys,  kitchen gadgets and craft supplies.  It is time to get spring cleaning and organizing those items just sitting around.  There is always a long list of things to do when it comes spring cleaning so was so happy to see these top 10 hacks from Flipp.


Our favourite tip was to have a playlist. Really, who can clean without a playlist. Do you have one for cleaning? I know I do.

When it comes to spring cleaning we also donate, donate, and donate. There are several great organizations that will even come to your home and pick up your donations. Spring is definitely a great time to get rid of the clutter.

I also keep our old toothbrushes for cleaning. They are great for getting those tight spots and I keep them in my cleaning caddy.

These hacks work for me. Tell me do you have special spring cleaning hacks? What makes life easier for you?

Ready to attack your spring cleaning? This week there are some perfect items I have found on Flipp to help out.  When you have kids running around playing and making a mess, having these supplies makes cleaning and organizing much easier.

Spring Cleaning and Organizing


Spring Cleaning and Organizing

Food Basics

spring cleaning and organizing

Canadian Tire

spring cleaning and organizing


Check out the coupon section for extra savings on cleaning products and more.

Download Flipp today from Google Play or the App Store and start saving.