Flipp’s 5 Fab Finds – Last Minute Easter Deals

Easter Weekend is here, so if you haven’t finished your shopping, now is the time.  Check out Flipp to find out which stores are having a 2-day sale (Thursday and Saturday) for Easter Weekend.  These last minute Easter deals will fill your table with plenty of food. If you have kids and are looking for basket items, there are many to be found.

Last Minute Easter Deals

No Frills

Choose ham and potatoes instead of turkey or roast for dinner.

Last Minute Easte Deals



Food Basics

Veggies for your side dishes

Last Minute Easter Deals

Giant Tiger

Solid Easter Bunny

Last Minute Easter Deals


Make it yourself Easter crafts and fun. On Saturday, April 15th, visit for the Kids Club Easter event.


If you stop by Walmart for any Easter treats, be sure to pick up a beautiful potted Lily

If you don’t already have the Flipp app, download it today from Google Play or the App Store.

Have a Happy Easter.

Friday's 5 Fab Finds

Friday’s 5 Fab Finds with Flipp -Game Day Deals

This weekend many will be getting comfy on the couch with family and friends to watch the Superbowl. Let’s celebrate early with this list of Friday’s 5 Fab finds with Flipp. Whatever it is you are looking for, Flipp has a deal for you. So before heading out to buy your weekend game snacks, open the app and get ready to save.

Friday’s 5 Fab Finds

While not all these items will be needed for Superbowl Sunday, many will come in very handy in order to help the celebration.

Samsung Smart TV from Leons – $599

Friday's 5 Fab Finds


 Game Day Finger Foods – M&M Food Market


Friday's 5 Fab Finds


Cottonelle Toilet Tissue (24 Double Roll) – Walmart $9.98


Friday's 5 Fab Finds


Fruits, Veggies, Cheese and Things – Food Basics


Friday's 5 Fab Finds


Salsa, Kolbassa and Ice Cream – Freshco

Friday's 5 Fab Finds

Need something to wash all the yummy snacks down with? No Frills has 2L bottles of Coca Cola or Pepsi brands for $.97.

For more great deals this week, head on over to the Flipp app and search the items you are looking for. Save them to your shopping list so they are just a swipe away. Don’t worry about visiting all the stores, price match at the one near you. (Food Basics doesn’t price match but you can use coupons)

Come back for next Friday’s 5 Fab Finds and check them out.







4 Tips for Shopping at the William Ashley Warehouse Sale


It is that time of the year again, and the William Ashley Warehouse Sale has returned to its location in Vaughan. Last Friday, I got a sneak peek at the sale and did some shopping buying some gifts and some much-needed items for my teen and me. I have to say this the warehouse is full of great items from brands you know and love. The sale started on Oct 25th and runs through November 27th. Here are some tips to manage your time at the sale.

Make a List

Have a shopping plan as always. Know what you are looking for and who you are shopping for. There are sections in the warehouse that can match everyone on your list. William Ashley is known for the beautiful housewares from its stores, but during the sale, they also have amazing sections of baby items, puzzles, games and yes even some toys and craft items.

They even have things you may need around the house including knobs and hooks. I kind of fell in love with the knobs.

Grab a Cart



You will want to grab a cart or wait for one if you must. I found shopping with a cart allowed me to have my hands free for browsing. There is so much to see and explore, and you do not want to miss any of it. The cart also has 3 tiers, think shopping spree!

Check Out the Daily Deals

They have a featured daily deal in the front section of the sale. Make sure you check these outs. I think of them more as featured sale items because the prices at the sale are already good.  I grabbed the daily deal when I was there on Friday.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road


If you want to make sure you see everything stick to the yellow path. It is a path that takes you through every section in the warehouse. You will start it dinnerware. I fell in love with a teapot there. Then it is off to Home Decor, Giftware, Christmas decor, spa, candles, baby and kids items and more.



I bought a few things for Christmas shopping mostly in the Christmas decor, candles and games sections. Now when you go, if you spend more than $300 before taxes you will receive a $50 gift card that can be used at their Bloor Street Store or online at williamashley.com before December 24th, 2016 if you are spending more than $199 pre-tax.

I enjoy my trip up to Vaughan every year, and after a morning of shopping, I am glad to be home where I can sip a cup of tea and start wrapping some presents.



Simple Ways to Save Money When Eating Out

Ways to Save While Eating Out

Eating out is a big part of a lot of our budgets. With more hours spent at work, school, and daily activities, sometimes we don’t have time to cook a meal at home. Whether it’s a treat, or for necessity, there are simple ways to save money while eating out. From fast food joints to sit down five-star restaurants, there are corners that can be cut to save you a ton of money of your lifetime. Let’s check them out!

Look for Coupons

The first and most obvious ways are to look for coupons before you head out for your meal. You can find a lot of coupons all over the internet for just about every single restaurant. A lot of restaurants also send out coupons through the mail. Next time you are at your favorite eatery ask if they have a mailing list or email subscription that you opt in to. They’ll send promotional prices to your email or post box that you can use the next time you go there!

Water not Soda

Skip the carbonated drink and go for all natural water. Most restaurants charge way too much money for drinks. The most common price I have seen is somewhere around $3 PER DRINK. That adds up quick if you have a family of five out to dinner. Not to mention the health benefits that water has over soda, but this post isn’t about health habits!

Get Appetizers as Meals

A lot of restaurants have fairly large appetizers. Easily enough food for one or even two people. They are almost always cheaper than meals as well. If you can find an appetizer that you like, opt for that instead. You could even add on a cheap side of something else just to have a more balanced meal.

Watch for Deals

Restaurants run deals almost every week. Whether it’s half priced appetizers on Fridays, or “kids eat free Wednesday”. Be on the look out for deals like these for maximum money saving. There are some places that even do two for one deals.

Eating out doesn’t have to eat your bank account. There are many simple ways to save money when eating out. If you plan the meal the right way you can save hundreds of dollars every single year! What are some of your favorite ways to save money when eating out? Have you ever used any of these methods?

A Deal Is Not Always a Deal

clearance prices

Deal, Sale, Reduced, Lowest, Clearance. I love all of those words and more that draw my attention to getting a good deal on anything that has to do with my household spending, but none more then when it reflects a price difference on my grocery bill. As a family of five it goes without saying we go through a lot of food during the week and living on a grocery budget is one of the key elements of successfully staying on task with our monthly financial plan.


So when is a deal NOT a deal. Yes it’s advertised in the flyer, it has all the bright colours around it, the lowered price is jumping off the page at you, your attention has been grabbed, your heart is racing from the rush that getting a great deal brings and you feel like you MUST go straight out and stock up on it before it is gone from the shelves.


I am a Mom who coupons and deal hunts. I watch out the window on Thursday’s waiting eagerly for my flyers to arrive and I ready my grocery apps on my phone to spend an entire day going from store to store price matching and looking for in store deals. However, I am here to tell you that a deal is not always a deal if you don’t need it and especially if its not on your list. Around here we go week to week with our grocery spending, and although I might see that soup is on sale for $1 a can and I feel like I need to buy 10-20 cans of it at such a great price, that takes away from $10-$20 of my weekly budget that I could spend on 4-7 other items I need.


It took me a long time to learn this. I would jump on the deal and spend where I did not need to. I would stock up and have a ton of soup, pasta sauce, frozen corn, whatever the deal was, but then I was short the money to buy what I did need for the week.  Don’t get me wrong, a good deal is still a good deal, it’s just not a deal you might need to splurge on ‘This Week’. Spend on the items you need to round out your weekly grocery list. I have learned that there is always going to be a good deal but that does not mean I need to spend on it.


You can find more out about Allison Rouble at https://about.me/allison_rouble

or my blogs PandeMommium.com and GENdMOM.com and https://allisonrouble.wordpress.com/

CouponCodes.ca- Helping Canadians find Deals and Discounts

CouponCodesI love the finding of a great deal, or a discount so when I got asked by CouponCodes.ca to review their site, I thought what a perfect way to get the word out about a site that truly does help Canadians find discounts and deals.

I have always been one who loves coupons and saving money. I have written about this on my blog month after month. Who doesn’t like to save a few dollars?

These days we have often gone from clipping newspaper inserts, and shopping in store, to comparing and looking for the best discounts and deals online. I loved that there were over 20,000 current deals on the site, in a very easy to navigate style, from what is hot, to what is expiring, and you can even search by category.

Recently I was looking for a free shipping code as I was buying online and the first thing I did was look for a free shipping code. When you are shopping online do you stop to take a look online for a free shipping code? Really often you can find one.

Two things I often buy online are Christmas gifts and books. For me these 2 things are no brainers to buy online. Last year I found great codes when going shopping.

In fact I would take the time to shop for anything online, often you can find a great deal.

Know someone having a baby, why not take a look at Amazon, they even have a great discount right now on baby items.

You can even find the big items like outdoor play equipment at Sears.

Now tell we when you have shopped online have you looked for codes? discounts? coupons?

What do you buy online? Let me know.


*this was a paid sponsored post, but remember my thoughts and opinions are always my own.