Join the #BeFraudSmart Twitter Party


March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada.

March is Fraud Prevention Month in Canada. Tangerine Bank will be hosting a Twitter Party to help Canadians better understand how to deal with fraud with a focus on “phishing”. Join the “Be Fraud Smart” Twitter Party to find out how to protect yourself from fraud.

Twitter Party Details

#BeFraudSmart Twitter Party

Date: Thursday, March 23, 2017
Time: 7:00pm ET
Host: @TangerineBank
Guest: @KelleyKeehn If you have any fraud related questions, please direct them to @KelleyHeehn and include the hashtag #BeFraudSmart.
Moderators: @ShesConnected @SimplyLindaBlog @CommonCentsMom
Prizes: $500 in Mastercard Gift Cards (Prizing:  for Canadians only  except those in the province of Quebec)
Twitter Party Newbies: If you are new to Twitter parties, then use TWUBS, the Twitter party platform. Click here to join:

No RSVP Required


About Kelly Keehn

Kelley Keehn is a financial literacy advocate who has been on a mission to “Make Canadians Feel Good About Money”.The author of 8 published books Kelley served on the National Steering Committee on Financial Literacy and is a consumer advocate for the Financial Planning Standards Council. You can learn more about Kelley at her website:


This a sponsored post by Tangerine Bank. As always opinions are my own.

Join Us for the #CanadasGarage Winter Prep Twitter Party

It snowed today here in Toronto, which reminded me if I was still living in rural Nova Scotia like I used too I would be getting my car ready for winter.  When I lived outside of Truro, I was twenty minutes from town and worked at the local mall so my car had to be in great shape all the time. I learned with that car how important winter prep was! I even took an auto care course so I could take care of some of the basics myself.  I also learned to count on my local Canadian Tire store for whatever we needed when it came to getting my car winter ready.


When it comes to car care and getting a vehicle ready for winter I encourage a visit to Canadian Tire, they have everything you will need. As I type this a good friend is getting his car ready for winter. It is at the garage getting the winter tires put on. Oils and fluids will be checked and winter wiper blades will be put on the car.  Safety and visibility are two things you want all winter long!


Have you ever wanted to get in the car without brushing off all that snow? One of the things I know after driving those mountain roads is it is so important to have a car emergency kit, to have a great snow brush  and always have your fluids topped up.  You can get all of those looked after at Canadian Tire.

Another thing I relied on were my winter tires. They saved me more than once on black ice. There were many late nights on the mountain that I was very thankful for my snow tires. Do you have all seasonal tires or do you switch your tires? Even living here in the city, snow tires come in handy. Did you know that Canadian Tire even has a price match guarantee on tires, with that you will also get an additional 10% of the lower price in Canadian Tire Money?

The other thing about winter that I used to hate, how long it would take to get the car warm. These days you can even remotely start your car so it is nice and toasty before you even have to take a seat.

Check out Canadian Tire Automotive  to see all the ways you can prep your car for winter or perhaps you want to winterize your own ride, they can help you do that as well.

Also, play for a chance to win $50,000 with Reflex Ice.  There are over 1000 instant prizes and a $10,000 travel voucher to be won.

Twitter Party Alert


This Wednesday, November 2nd  join us for the  #CanadasGarage Winter Prep Twitter Party at 7pm EST

Hosted by @CanadianTire.

There is NO RSVP and there is over $1,000 in prizing to be won!

Hope I see you there!



Check in With Your Financial Advisor: #CheckinWithInvisor Twitter Party Alert



Despite what you may think, having a financial advisor isn’t only for the uber-wealthy. Many people are also using advisors to help them make better financial decisions for today and the future. This includes things like short-term savings goals or even opening and managing an RESP for your kids. And as they are now heading back to school, it’s a good time to check in with your financial advisor.  

If you’ve got a financial advisor managing your assets, how often do you meet with them? How often should you be checking in? The answer depends on what assets are being handled, and whether anything changes in your life, like a birth, death, divorce or job change. If you’ve just got an RRSP, checking often may not be a huge deal. If you have multiple accounts that need adjusting regularly, a quarterly meeting may be more appropriate, but you should be checking in at least twice a year.





Checking in regularly with your advisor helps them understand you and your needs, while it gives you the opportunity to ask questions, talk about any options that you don’t fully understand and advocate for yourself.  

Even if you’re just thinking about making a change, or need reassurance about your current situation, a quick conversation with your advisor may be in order. You will want to make sure they know your goals. Some questions you can ask during your meeting with your financial advisor include:

* What is my current financial situation?

* Do I need to reconsider any of the goals we’ve previously set?

* Am I on track with retirement savings?

* Are there any services or additional investments you might recommend I make right now?

* Are any changes necessary? Why or why not?

Finding the time can sometimes seem daunting – we all have full schedules, right? But do you know that these days you can now check in online? Invisor lets you do just that.

Join us for the #CheckinWithInvisor Twitter Party

Join us

Now on Wednesday, Sept 7th at 8 pm EST there is a Twitter Party coming with Invisor, a leading online investment advisor. Yes, there are real people giving us advice. There is also prizing that will get you on the right track. So follow @InvisorInvest on Twitter and join us for the Twitter party next Thursday.

Celebrate #WinkDay on June 16th and Join US for a Twitter Party


Many of you know I am a cancer survivor as are many women in my family and unfortunately we have also lost a few beloved family members. This is the reason I love the work that Look Good Feel Better does.  While receiving cancer treatment, a woman can easily be discouraged with all the changes going on in her body. Look Good Feel Better helps her see herself looking good feeling better. #WinkDay raises funds for the Look Good Feel Better workshops that provide valuable cosmetic tips and tools that help these women going through treatment.


Look Good Feel Better is a great organization that offers a free support program for women with cancer. If a woman with cancer is helped to look good, it often lifts her spirits which means feeling better and empowers her to deal with her cancer with confidence.

Want to know how YOU can help?

This year Shoppers Drug Mart is once again putting women’s health first, and taking it to the next level! Here’s how you can get involved on June 16, 2016.

Visit your local Shoppers Drug Mart store and snap a #WINKDay look to @shopprsdrugmart on Twitter OR @ShoppersDrugMartOfficial on Instagram

SHOPPERS LOVE YOU. will donate $5 to a Good Feel Better to a max of $30,000.


To Celebrate Wink Day there is also a Twitter Party, so be sure to join us as we raise awareness.




RSVP for the #TurboTaxParty, Do Your Taxes with the Experts

Can you believe the tax deadline is less than 3 weeks away folks? Yes, I have been talking about taxes all month long with the experts from TurboTax during the #CDNmoney chats on Twitter, but I realize some of you, like the me of old, will leave your taxes till the last week.

Many of us find tax time, well taxing. We leave it to the last minute and run around getting things in order. TurboTax Canada and I want to take some of that stress away. We want to make things easy when it comes to tax time.

TurboTax_April2016_donut (1)

On April 26th, from 7 to 9pm EST come and ask your last minute questions! It will be a twitter party like none other! You can use the TurboTax site to find which software works best for you. Did you know there is even a free version if you know your income and which deductions you are claiming? Settle in and get your taxes done along side the experts.

First, because we want to make that night easy on you who will be sitting at your computer for a couple of hours we want to offer up some pizza, doughnuts and more. So here is the incentive. RSVP before April 25th at noon, est and several lucky people will be doing their taxes while being fueled by the team at TurboTax Canada. You will win pizza, doughnuts and more.

You will also want to get to the party early, as all prizing will be given out in the first 30 minutes of the 2 hour party. We really want you to do your taxes while the experts are on hand to last minute questions you have and will be giving away access to TurboTax so you can work on your taxes that night. So join us, get your taxes done with the team from TurboTax Canada.


Lucky winners will be chosen randomly from the RSVP list found here on my blog. Prizes are non-transferable, must be a Canadian tax filer over 18 (excludes Quebec).
Fill out the RSVP to be entered for prizing before and during the party:


Join the #FlippLaunch Twitter Party- Sept 24th at 8pm ET as we celebrate Flipp

I am so excited, Thursday, September 24th is a big day in the life of the Flipp App, as Flipp is changing. There are new things coming but that is for you to experience on the 24th.

Now after all the excitement of the morning launch has happened, you will want to join the conversation and fun at the #FlippLanch Twitter Party that night.




Learn about the new features and win great prizes! 

Date: Thursday Sept 24th at 8pm EST

Time: 8 pm Eastern / 7 pm Central / 5 pm Pacific

Hashtag:  #FlippLaunch

Sponsor to follow:

Special Guest to follow:

Moderators to follow:




Two winners each will win a $100 Visa™ gift card.

Open to US (excluding Florida) and Canada (excluding Quebec). See the detailed Flipp™ Twitter Party Rules here.

No RSVP Required

There’s no RSVP required for this event. Simply join the conversation with #FlippLaunch hashtag for a chance to win.

But we’d love to know if you’re coming to the party… and we’ll be sure to follow you. Send us a tweet or leave a comment on this post.

More About Flipp

Flipp is a circular aggregator app that brings all your flyers to your mobile device. Using the shopping list, search and the discount finder means you find the best deals. It really does save you time and money.

If you have not downloaded the app you can do so here:

I am so excited for Thursday and you will want to come and visit my blog on Thursday as I share how Flipp will be helping you save even more.  Remember to let me know with a tweet or in the comments if you will be joining the party!

* I am the brand ambassador for Flipp and can’t wait for this Twitter party. 


RSVP for the #FellowesProtects Twitter Party


For those of you who read CommonCentsMom regularly, you already know it is Fraud Prevention Month. After all, we chatted about it for the #cdnmoney chat two weeks ago. If you are interested you can always scroll through the hashtag and read more. Fraud prevention and financial literacy are two money topics that are near and dear to my heart; I believe both are so important. That is why when the team at Fellowes asked me over a month ago to team up with them to talk fraud prevention I was super pleased to do so.


Part of what I will be doing with Fellows is testing out the new Fellowes Powershred 63cb; yes I will share what I think here on my blog, but before that we will be talking fraud prevention on Monday evening. Now if you know me, you know I love a good shredder and think it should be mandatory equipment for every home office. Fraud prevention needs to be taken seriously my friends. Now Fellowes has provided me with a great infographic that really handles the topic well.



I hope you can join us for a great Twitter Party on Monday March from 8-9pm EDT, remember to RSVP as there will be some great prizes as well.

If you need to know what a Twitter Party or chat is and how to participate you can read my post here. 

Let’s Get Organized with the #JustFlippIt Twitter Party

Okay, you all know how much I love my Flipp App, really it is my best friend when I shop, and one of the things it does is keep me organized. I really do love it and well this week my friend Kerry aka @Squawkfox is helping Flipp talk all about organizing during our first Twitter Party of 2015!

We can all use some more inspiration when it comes to be organized, right?  So here are the details.

Details for the #JustFlippIt Twitter Party



Twitter Party Details

Getting Organized with @GetFlipp

Date: Wednesday, Jan 14th

Time: 9 pm Eastern / 8 pm Central / 6 pm Pacific

Hashtag: #JustFlippIt

Sponsor to follow: 

Special Guest to follow: 

Moderators to follow: 

You can also follow me @commoncentsmom if you wish but I will be on the @GetFlipp handle during the party.


Two winners each will win a $100 Visa™ gift card.

Open to US (excluding Florida) and Canada (excluding Quebec). See the detailed Flipp™ Twitter Party Rules here.

No RSVP Required

There’s no RSVP required for this event. Simply join the conversation with#JustFlippIt for a chance to win.

But we’d love to know if you’re coming to the party… and we’ll be sure to follow you. Please click below to send out a tweet.

What is Flipp?


Flipp is a circular aggregator app that brings all your flyers to your mobile device. Using the discount finder and search features you can ensure you’re always getting the best deals.

My favourite  app can help you get organized and save you time & money each week.


I love how easy Flipp is to find coupons, keep them all organized and at my fingertips. I especially love that I always have them with me when I’m at the store.

If you haven’t started using Flipp yet, try it now. You can download Flipp at:

* I am the community manager for Flipp and I do love my day job, but I love the app even more. It has helped me save so much over the year I have been using it.


RSVP for a Special #CDNmoney Twitter Party with @GetFlipp

Well it’s that time of the year, the kids are heading back to school, and well us parents have some shopping to do. So why don’t you join us for a very special Canadian money chat (twitter party), August 26th from 9-10 pm EST. Yes, that is 2 hrs after our normal chat time but we wanted to make sure all our friends could join.

2014-08-05 11.43.58

This very special chat is sponsored by our friends at Flipp. Both Christa, my co-host and I have flipped for Flipp! We use this app daily to get the best deals on everything we need. When it comes to back to school, it is definitely all about saving time and money, as there is so much to do.

So come and join us as we talk all about back to school, from getting the gear right, to back to school lunch planning. We want your input. Come and share in an hour of fun, swapping tips, and of course there will be prizes provided by Flipp.

Now do make sure you are following @getflipp @commoncentsmom and @christaclips for the chat. @ChristaClips will be asking the questions, so pay close attention to her.

You will also want to download Flipp if you don’t have it already on all your devices. It is available for both iOS and Play devices.

Last week I wrote about how I am saving this back to school season on everything I need, and there is even a $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway on the post. Check it out.


Don’t forget to win prizes at this special #cdnmoney chat you need to RSVP on the Mr Linky below. We have some wonderful prizes to give away. (the prizes are only available to Canadian residents)

Hope you join us next week at our very special time 9 pm EST!

Can’t wait to tweet with you!

Join the #EggsAndCDNBeef Go Camping #TwitterParty for Great Camping Recipes

#EggsandCDNBeef Twiter Party

Both my daughter and I love to go camping, and when we do there is always the camp menu to think about. What is going to be for breakfast, lunch and dinner..Well a hearty start to the day is eggs and beef! Yum right.

Growing up with my grandparents in the summer on Lake Simcoe, or camping in Curran Park (near Brandon) or all the campsites in between we always thought of the campire and the camp food experience. Now days when we are getting ready to go camping there are so many great ideas for a campfire menu. What are some of your favorites?  Come and share them as

Burnbrae Farms and Canadian Beef have partnered together with some great ideas to help you fill your families bellies this camping season at the Eggs and Canadian Beef go Camping Twitter Party. Make sure to RSVP and join us on Wednesday for fun, yummy camping recipes and tips and amazing prizes.

#EggsandCDNBeef Twitter Party


WHEN: Wednesday June 26th, 9 pm ET
RSVP to be eligible for prizes HERE
Make sure to follow your hosts and prizing handles:
Twitter Host: @BurnbraeFarms, @CanadianBeef
Moderators: @ThisLilPiglet,@Brookie_Berry,@CommonCentsMom
Prizing: @bloggerwomen

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