The Standard for Success: How to Look for a Great Tutor in Canada

In today’s hyper-connected world, digital distractions abound and your child may find themselves distracted. Perhaps they have trouble concentrating within a large classroom setting, or they simply don’t find the curriculum interesting. Whatever the case, if your child is disinterested or falling behind at school, they’re not likely to get much out of the process.  

 Private tutoring can prove a useful resource to help your child reach his or her full potential. However, just as you would research schools or any program for your child, it’s equally important to ensure you take the time to research and choose the right tutor for your child. While there are many qualified individuals working as tutors who certainly know a lot, not all purport the ability to teach 

 This article will aim to provide you with a list of four key characteristics you should look for in a tutor if you’re considering this as an option for your child. 

 Subject Matter Mastery 

This one is probably a given, as you would reasonably expect the tutor you hire to be an expert on the subject for which you’re hiring them. If you decide to hire a tutor independently, without the aid of a tutoring company, you may consider administering brief math and reading comprehension test as part of the interview process, which can be found online.  

 Feel free to also ask your potential tutor a few questions on the subject matter. Delving deeper, your tutor shouldn’t only know Newton’s Three Laws or the definition of a hanging participle; they should be able to provide real-world applications to anything they teach, engaging their students. They should be able to provide training that is rigorous enough to keep their students interested and challenged, but not so difficult that it becomes discouraging.  

 Often, mainstream school curriculums fall to the clutches of tradition and old, dusty textbooks. A good tutor will revitalize this curriculum, and a benefit of small group tutoring is that tutors can tailor their lesson plans to your child and engage them based upon their level of knowledge and their interests.  

 Sweating the Small Stuff 

Not every child learns the same way and comes from the same background with the same experiences. A good tutor will assess their student, their needs, and their learning styles in order to formulate a suitable lesson plan and learning approach. They will also adapt as they move through the learning process with your child to meet changing needs. Sweating the small stuff, or keen attention to detail can prove valuable in your child’s tutoring experience. Not only as they first get to know your child and develop a lesson plan, but throughout the tutoring process and in their reporting to you on your child’s progress. Large class sizes in schools don’t leave much room for nuanced, personalized conversations with students to track their progress and deal with concerns should they arise, so a tutor can fill this gap. 

Experience & Empathy 

 Like any skill or talent, the more you teach the better you get. With all of this experience, it’s likely a good tutor will also have picked up some humility and empathy for their students.  

 Striving to ensure your child reaches his or her potential will require an experienced tutor who has taught the subject matter extensively and who has catered to a variety of learning styles and needs. The importance of being able to understand their students and how to best tailor their teaching methods cannot be exaggerated and often comes with experience. When assessing a potential tutor’s proficiency, it’s important to consider the number of hours they’ve spent teaching rather than the number of years. 


Good communication should permeate every aspect of the tutoring experience. From the student to their parents and teachers, a good tutor will ensure open lines of communication with all stakeholders. Initial goals and benchmarks should be established and communicated upfront, while frequent status updates on your child’s progress should be shared with both you and your child’s teacher. These updates should include positive accomplishments as well as any concerns or areas for improvement. Working in tandem with you and your child’s teachers will often result in a more effective teaching model that feeds off the key adult figures in your child’s life and sets a course for lifelong learning and accountability. Of course, effective communication between tutor and student is invaluable as it fosters a fruitful professional dynamic, trust and rapport.  

 There is no shortage of individuals offering their tutoring services, which can make it difficult to decide on one. If you find yourself struggling, choosing to go with a tutoring company, such as Scholars Canada can help make your decision easier. Such companies will vet all of their tutors to ensure they have the best. This includes rigorous testing on subject matter knowledge, as well as imparting the best teaching practices and tutoring techniques.  

 Ultimately, your decision needs to benefit your child, so whether you choose to independently hire a tutor or go through a tutoring company, ensure to keep the aforementioned points in mind. Just as you expect your child to complete their homework thoroughly and to the best of their abilities, so too should you when searching for a suitable tutor for them.  





Join us this Fraud Prevention Month for the #BeFraudSmart Twitter Party

Disclosure: This is a partnered post with Tangerine Bank. However, all opinions and views on this post are 100% my own.

March is Fraud Prevention Month.

The fraud problems in Canada are an issue. Even my mother has fallen victim to scammers. It seems the find new ways to gain access to our funds on an ongoing basis.  Throughout the month of March, the Competition Bureau and its partners will give Canadians the tools they need to recognize, reject and report fraud. We can it Fraud Prevention Month.

Scammers do target anyone, from youngsters to retirees. I have read stories from college students to those like my mother who thought she was dealing with the CRA. Their scams can be complex or simple, both do damage. So it is important to know the signs and what to do if you spot it.

Did you know they can also target businesses? In 2018 alone, Canadians lost approximately $ 97 million to fraud, which only accounts for the estimated 5% of cases that were reported to the authorities. With videos, interactive online tools and in-person events, the Bureau will show Canadians that while no one is immune to fraud, anyone can join the fight against scammers! Are you ready to join the fight?

How to best Equip Yourself this Month

“By reporting scams, you can assist the Bureau and its partners in the fight against fraud. Be the first line of defence for yourself, your loved ones and all Canadians. Recognize, reject and report fraud!” Josephine Palumbo, Deputy Commissioner of Competition, Deceptive Marketing Practices

Join in the conversation and learn more.

Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Time: 8:00pm – 9:00pm ET
Host: @TangerineBank
Guest: @KelleyKeehn
Moderators: @ShesConnected
Hashtag: #BeFraudSmart
Prizing: $500 in prizing
No RSVP Required
Anyone can participate in the Twitter Chat, however, only those who live in Canada, excluding the province of Quebec can win prizes.

Tidy Your Finances to Avoid Identity Theft Infographic

Tidy Your Finances to Avoid Identity Theft Infographic

Get Your Essential Oils During doTTERA’s BOGO Week!

If you are wondering why the blog has been really quiet, I must admit I have been thinking about how to rebrand. I am still very much about how to live your best life on a budget but I am also preparing for that next chapter in life as well as continuing my efforts to health and fitness.

One of the things I am doing is network marketing. I am a doTERRA health advocate because over the last 4 years oils have helped changed my life. Oils have also changed my daughter’s life.

You’re invited to a week of abundant living! All week long I am going to be sharing the best essential oil tips I know and sharing the daily deals that doTTERA is offering all week long. If you follow me, you know oils have changed our lives over the last 4 years and they continue to do so on a daily basis!

You will learn lots, I promise! You can also score some great deals on oils!

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I will also share facts and tidbits on the CommonCentsMom Facebook page.

Next week starts doTERRA’s BOGO week. (BOGO means buy one, get one.)…that is right every day there is a different deal!

Each day a new BOGO will be announced for 1 day only. Once the day is done, the deal is gone. Here is a voice of warning, they can and often sell out.  Check out each deal early in the day.


There are 2 ways to participate in each day’s deals:

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2- Wholesale: You can use your own doTERRA account or sign up for a new doTERRA wholesale account to get 25% off everything. (These wholesale accounts are no strings attached. No minimum order. Use as much or as little as you want.). It costs $35 US and lasts a year and comes with oil included in the membership. If you order a kit that fee is waived! I love getting my oils at wholesale! Interested? You can learn more here.

Message me to get set up before BOGO’s start or anytime during the week.

Sipping Tea

How to Use Natural Solutions to Beat the Cold/Flu


Sipping Tea

This has been a very rough year for the flu and colds for many of us. Luckily, for us, natural solutions have kept them at bay for my daughter and me. My mom, sister, nieces and nephews were not so lucky. My mom even ended up in the hospital for 11 days. The reality is as you age even something like the flu can have serious consequences.  For us having my mom in the hospital was scary. Thankfully, she is home now and on the road to recovery.

This got me thinking about how my daughter and I have been pretty lucky the last few years especially when it comes to things like the flu and the common cold.  How have we been using natural solutions to support good health?  I have been eating much better than in previous years, talking a great supplement and using my essential oils to give me a boost.

Here are 5 ways to use natural solutions to beat the flu/cold season

  1. Drink water. Hydration is so important for a healthy body. In the winter we often turn to caffeine and other non-hydrating drinks. Water consumption often decreases in the winter. We love to flavour our water with lemon oil, slim/sassy oil or lime oil from doTERRA. For me, that drop of oil has helped me hydrate more.
  2. Sleep is critical. Rest is good for the body especially if you feel a cold or the flu coming on.
  3. Diffuse oils. My favourites to diffuse in the winter are Onguard ( a blend of great oils), Balance, Lemon, and Eucalyptus.  Eucalyptus is used in many over the counter medicines you may already buy. Frankincense is another wintertime favourite of ours as it has often been used to support those with colds and even asthma.
  4. Clean with oils. Our favourite cleaning oil is Onguard.  We love the doTERRA On Guard Cleaner Concentrate as it is designed to be the ideal natural cleaner. It is a blend of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils. We appreciate that it helps fortify our home against some of those environmental concerns, especially in the winter. Science has proven that these oils especially clove and cinnamon definitely help.
  5. Take Onguard protective safeguard gels or sip my “Onguard Tea”. Yes, you can safely ingest some essential oils. I have been doing so for 3 years now. If I know I am going to be around others who have colds or the flu I take one to ensure my own immune system is supported and I often sip tea in the morning.

Want to know how to make “Onguard Tea”?

Enter to Win the Beat the Flu Naturally Giveaway

I would love to share my favourite natural solutions with one of my readers. Here is what you will win.

  • One bottle of Onguard Essential Oil
  • One bottle of Onguard Cleaning concentrate
  • One bottle of Onguard Protective Blend soft gels
  • One bottle of Lemon Oil
  • A mug to have your tea in.

Along with samples of three of my favourite oils Frankincense, Peppermint, and Wild Orange.


To enter the giveaway, please fill out this Entry Form.

  • Please Note Giveaway is open to residents of Canada, the United States and the UK over the age of 18.
  • Filling out the form is mandatory for entry.
  • For additional entries please share this giveaway on your social channels. ( Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) and use the Giveaway hashtag #NaturalSolutionsGiveaway and leave a comment on this post letting me know where you shared. You can share on your channels up to 5x.

****GIVEAWAY ENDS FEB 15th at 5pm EST.  Winner will be announced on Facebook and Instagram lives on Monday, Feb 18th.



Goal Setting for 2019

Do you start your year with resolutions or goals? I normally do. I have learned over the years it is great to be as specific as you can when it comes if I want to get anywhere. When I am goal setting I look at my history, I also give myself breathing room and realize things can and do shift sometimes in an instant but it always better to go in with a plan and an idea. So how am I goal setting in 2019?

I have started with some good books, some inspiration from favourite podcasts and self-improvement leaders and I even have a coach/mentor. A good way to start the year, right?

As I started to write out my goals I also took a look back at a Strength Finders test I did in 2018. It definitely in bring clarity about what I am good at.

So as I approach 55 this year I have some real concrete goals and objectives that I need to see happen. I thought I would share them with you as a way of keeping myself accountable!

My goals for 2019

Financial Life

  1.  There are some major purchases and obligations this year. We are yet to give my dad a proper resting spot, my sister and I want this to be the priority for 2019.
  2. I will be getting a new bed. I am already on the hunt for this and hope to have one by the end of the month after breaking my old bed in late 2018.
  3. Rachel will get a new cell phone.
  4. A new laptop for Rachel is also a need but she will pay for this out of her college funds.
  5. I will restore my emergency fund that was depleted in 2018 as I looked for work, I went through these funds faster than I had wanted.


  1. I have a full-time gig with benefits, that is a blessing! With that said though, I am very underpaid for my skill set.  I will work on finding a new job.
  2.  Rebuild the CommonCentsMom community.   Make it about helping you more.
  3.  Share more about essential oils, something I have been learning about for 3 years now. Help at least 50 people use oils in a way that benefits them.


  1.  Have fun with friends at least once a month.
  2. Go on at least 10 dates. I am not currently dating anyone special. I haven’t been in a very long time. I will get out of my comfort zone and date.
  3.  Have a mom/daughter night with Rachel at least once a week.


  1.  Go to Niagara Falls with Rachel
  2.  Take in at least 4 musical concerts or festivals!
  3. Go to the beach more often
  4. Take at least 4-day trips to explore more of Ontario with Rachel.
  5. Canada’s Wonderland seasons pass. Looking forward to the Halloween Haunt and Winterfest.


  1.   Walk 6x a week.
  2.  Drink more water– at least 4 glasses a day.
  3.  Make appointments for my colonoscopy and mammogram.
  4.  Go to the dentist
  5.  Eat a vegan meal at least once a week
  6.  Eat a meatless meal at least once a week.
  7. Participate in a half marathon in the fall.

Personal Goals

  1. Read 12 good books that can help me grow.  I started with Becoming and now reading The Success Principles.
  2. Read 12 novels just for enjoyment.
  3. Get back into scrapbooking.
  4. Do more family history research, a renewed passion in 2018.
  5. Go for more photo walks. I loved birding and exploring my city in 2018.
  6.  Cook 10 new recipes.
  7.  Go to Nova Scotia on vacation to see family.

Blog Goals

  1.  Grow the CommonCentsMom brand in a way that is genuine and real. In a way that helps families with their day to day lives.
  2.  Partner with brands that I love only.
  3.  Share more useful info on how to save to money, how to earn money and I also want to talk about preparing the future.

If you are a goal setter like me, would love to know what goals you are setting for 2019!


Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019

It’s early on January and I am thankful for a new year and new opportunities. I love the crispness of a new dawn, the hope it brings. Last night it felt good to say goodbye to 2018 and hello to 2019! I have to admit 2018 challenged me. It was a hard year.  Personally, I struggled in many ways as I came to terms with job loss. No one tells you that job hunting is different in your fifties. It is hard! I also struggled with depression and I battled to find my way. I am looking forward to 2019 and going forward in faith.

Goodbye 2018

In some ways, I struggled as I looked for a full-time gig. I sent out resume after resume with meager results. Since I am no longer the parent of a teen blog campaigns were also harder to come by. I was very thankful for one part-time social media client.  It humbled me.  I said goodbye to partnerships with Flipp, Church and Dwight and Netflix. All of these had been multiple year partnerships so it was hard to see them go.

I was thankful for partnerships with Turbo Tax, Quber, Tangerine, State Farm, Oral-B, and Desjardins and my work with them. I was glad that these partnerships provided ways for me to share with my readers and followers some great tips, a new app, talk about money and talk about insurance. I look forward to working with brands that allow me to share with you my readers about things that matter.

One of the best things that happened was getting to see so much music live! From seeing Pink up close to enjoying Shania Twain, Keith Urban and saying goodbye to Massey Hall here in Toronto, I had some amazing nights out. Music inspired me and moved me forward all year long.

I learned much from listening to small business leaders and speakers as I attended several events. I asked Gary Vee a question about reinventing myself, I learned how to pitch a business idea at the Fireside Conference, and learned more about essential oils and network marketing in a room filled with women who wanted to learn and grow. I then attended Blissdom Canada, a social media conference, and was able to reconnect with friends and learn from some of the new leaders in the social space.

It definitely was a year with ups and downs! As I talked to friends, many like me had hard years. That is ok, life is not always easy. By mid-December, I was ready for the year to be done.

Hello 2019

As I look forward, I am excited as I am moving forward in faith. Faith is the word that will guide my 2019. What do I have planned?

Going forward I really want to help you my community. I want to be a resource for you. As I rebuild Common Cents Mom, I will be sharing money tips each Monday. I will share what I am learning, what I am reading and hopefully bringing you some great money conversations.

I finally found a working gig in the summer of 2018 but I want to find something better in 2019.

I am also working on my health once again. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I so need to work on my emotional and physical health. With this in mind, I am with also be sharing what I am doing to take care of me.

If you know me or follow me on social media, you know I love essential oils. I first started using them a few years ago. As I learn more, I will be sharing more about essential oils and how I am earning money selling them.

As for my work with brands, as I open this year I will be selective and I am learning it is okay to say no and even cut brands out of your life when it a relationship you have outgrown or one that isn’t the best for your or your audience.  I will share in real ways. I may share more affiliate links instead of going after brand relationships. These links will be to items and brands that can help you, my readers.  I want to share my life in ways that are real and authentic.

So tell me as you move into 2019, what are you saying goodbye too and what are your goals for 2019? What leaps are you wanting to take?






How to keep your new years resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions – How to Keep Them

Yet another year is coming to an end, signifying a fresh start to a hopefully wonderful new year. The coming new year inspires many to start setting new year’s resolutions. The truth is though, while many set resolutions each year, not many stick to them. In fact, many new years resolutions end up broken within hours, days or weeks. The average resolution lasts less than the 21 days it takes to form a habit.

If you are one of those people that can’t seem to stick to their resolutions each year, it’s not as hard as you may think. There are many ways you can set yourself on the path of new years resolution success.

How to keep your new years resolutions
new years resolutions

Take Small Steps

You will be more likely to achieve your new years’ resolutions if you start small. Making big changes all at once will only lead to failure. The truth of the matter is, setting small resolutions with outlined steps are far more likely to be achieved.

One Thing at a Time

Just as it takes time to develop unhealthy habits, it will take time to break them. Don’t overwhelm yourself thinking that you must change all your bad habits at once. Instead, work toward changing one thing at a time.

Talk it Out

Consider joining a support group that will help you to achieve your goals. From workout classes to group therapy, having likeminded individuals to share your successes and setbacks with, will make achieving your new years’ resolutions less intimidating and more achievable.

Don’t be Hard on Yourself

Minor mishaps and mistakes when reaching your goals are incredibly normal. Don’t give up on your new year’s resolutions because of one bad choice or set back. Everyone has their ups and downs and achieving perfection is unattainable. Instead of reacting and giving up because of your mistakes, get back on track and recover.

Help Yourself Stay Focused

Helping yourself to stay focused on your new years’ resolutions is important to achieving them. Have something that reminds you of your goals daily right in front of you. Whether that means hanging a photo on your bathroom mirror or putting a sticker on your debit or credit card, if you remind yourself to stay on track daily, you are more likely to achieve your resolutions this year.

When setting your new years resolutions this year, make sure to start small. Focus on taking small steps and achieving one goal at a time. Having support is also a fantastic way to empower yourself to work towards your resolutions so talking about them to someone can provide you guidance and help to achieve them. Just remember, don’t be so hard on yourself when you make a mistake, no one is perfect. Just stay focused and in no time, you will have achieved all your new years’ resolutions.

Boxing Day Sales Tips

5 Ways to Get the Best Boxing Day Sales

It is early Christmas morning here and the presents are under the tree and the stockings are hung with care and Christmas morning is eagerly anticipated. With that said we are also looking forward to the day after Christmas, Boxing Day brings many a deal. It is one of the best days to buy so many things. So how can you get the best Boxing Day sales? I have a number of tips that will help you score the best deals.

Shop with a List

This is always my first tip when it comes with looking for deals. Know what you want and need. Sometimes we can get caught up in the wandering of the mall and well come home with a pile of stuff that we don’t really need just because it was a great deal. If you don’t need it, it’s not a great deal no matter the price. Be smart about your purchases.

Know your prices

Do you know what the normal price is? How much are you really saving? Could you buy the item second hand and save even more? If it is something that will drop in value in six months you may want to consider the second-hand economy instead of retail.

Make technology your friend

If you are hitting the mall apps are your best friend.  Everyone who knows me I love to find the best deals. I do so most of the time by opening my Flipp App. I can make my list on the app and as I do it will show me where I can find the best deals that day. It even has a Boxing Day section so you can check out all the flyers or circulars.

Look Beyond Canada

Just a heads up, the United States does not celebrate Boxing Day but it is a great day to find deals south of the border. Check out some of your favourite American retailers but don’t forget to take into consideration the exchange rate, shipping and duties as you look at that price.

Shop Online and Get Cash Back

If I am shopping online I often will use the portal site, Ebates Canada. Ebates gives you a percentage in cash back every quarter. The rate will vary from 2% and up. This Boxing Week I am seeing cash back rebates of 5-8% at many of my favourite online retailers like, Old Navy, Joe Fresh, Hudsons Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart. ( Please note if you sign up using my link, I do get a small referral bonus).

By using these tips you can be mindful as you shop on Boxing Day and every day.


How to Avoid Last Second Christmas Shopping

How to Avoid Last Second Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping can be complicated enough without having to squeeze it all in last second. You know, do you really want to be in the stores in December 23rd and 24th? Between busy stores, empty shelves and long lineups, last second Christmas shopping is not something people look forward to, yet many find themselves in a similar situation over the holidays.

The truth is, leaving your Christmas shopping to the last second only causes you undue stress. Rather than waiting it out, there are some steps you can take to avoid last second Christmas shopping.

Christmas Tree and Christmas gift boxes in the interior with a fireplace

Make Lists

Planning things through creating lists greatly reduces the amount of unnecessary stress you may feel when it comes to Christmas shopping. Having lists ready will make sure that you don’t forget to add anyone you plan on purchasing a gift for, leaving you to run out on Christmas eve when you realize your mistake. Carefully construct a list of those you will be buying for this year and brainstorm ideas for their gifts. This will keep you on task as you check things on the list off, completing tasks as they come.

Shop in Advance

It is almost never too early to start shopping for the holidays. The earlier you start the better. In fact, stating your Christmas shopping early is a great way to save money this holiday season as well. Take advantage of all the boxing day discounts and sales, giving you’re the chance to purchase gifts at a discount and have them ready for the holidays, reducing the need to run out last second.

Shop Online

Shopping online can help you to avoid the long lines at the stores, allowing you to shop from the comfort of your home. Online shopping is a great way to get your Christmas shopping done early, knowing exactly when your gits will arrive at your home. In fact, some online stores offer gift wrapping for a small fee, allowing you to ship your purchased gift directly to the recipient. Being ahead of the game in this manner will allow you to check things off your list rather quickly, without having to go last second Christmas shopping.

Pre-Order Christmas Treats

Don’t leave your Christmas baking and cooking to the last second. After all, you know what you are going to require well in advance. Why not place your orders for Christmas treats, your turkey and more as soon as possible? This will make sure that you have everything you need without having to run out the door to grab last second Christmas cookies.

It is important to avoid last second Christmas shopping as not only can it be stressful and time-consuming, but it can also end up costing you more money. Plan things carefully, making lists for everything you must do, shop in advance, take advantage of online retailers and pre-order your Christmas goodies as soon as you can. Preparing for the holidays is a great way to avoid those long Christmas eve lines in the stores.

Get the Oral-B Genius 9600 this Holiday Season

Can you believe it is almost Black Friday?! Is it time to start thinking about your shopping list? Who do you have to buy for this year? What kind of gifts are you buying them? I love practical gifts and a new toothbrush is a practical gift. Which one am I talking about?

The Oral-B Genius 9600 would be the perfect gift under any tree.

The new Oral-B Genius 9600. It is a great practical gift, but with all of its advanced technology, you are not only gifting practicality, but also luxury!

This toothbrush is so advanced, it has the ability to assist in one of the daily tasks some of us are weak at – brushing your teeth! Luckily, the Oral-B Genius 9600 brings technology to the teeth brushing experience to guide us through our journey.

I have to admit, when Oral-B asked me to participate in this campaign, I was a bit hesitant. I have written about my sensitive teeth here before. I have a compacted mouth, and well, brushing my teeth is a chore. But I was wrong to be hesitant.

What is special about this toothbrush?

First, the Oral-B App which works on Android and iOS is the star of the show. It helps you brush your teeth better by guiding you through a personalized brushing journey and helps you care for your gums and enamel with a gentle clean.

The Smart Ring sensor even changes from blue to red when you brush too hard. For someone like me who has sensitivity, it is a wonderful reminder to treat my gums and teeth well.

Use the Oral-B app to pair with your toothbrush and you’ll be brushing your teeth more efficiently in no time. The Gum Guard technology helps you find ways you can improve your brushing by identifying risk areas based on your brushing behaviours. Think of it as a tooth brushing coach.

For those of you like me with sensitive teeth, you can use a variety of modes and pressure control for a totally custom brushing experience. You will love the 6 modes, there is something for everyone even the super sensitive like me.

What do you get?

* The handle with a 2-week battery life

* A smart travel case

* 3 brush heads

* Smartphone holder

* Charging Station Charger

Where to buy it this Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

You can find the Oral-B Genius 9600 in Black on If you are like me and are Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping from the comfort of your sofa, be sure to check out for a great offer on the toothbrush, and purchase the practical yet luxurious gift you need to check off for a friend or family member on your list.

Save as much as 50% off on Oral-B’s best electric toothbrushes on

Black Friday tip: If you’re headed to the stores to shop for any items on your list, remember to use the Flipp app to find the best deal – many retailers don’t price match on Black Friday.

Are you an Amazon Prime member like me? Shipping is free. Not an Amazon Prime member? You can try it out for free for 30 days. As well they now have a monthly subscription that you can cancel at any time.

Let me know what you are shopping for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I already have one item off my list!