Menu Monday: Highlighting the Recipes of MM Participants

orgjunkiempm1Decided this week I would use recipes that come from participants in Menu Monday! So this is all you the moms who share your recipes and links each and every week. Menu planning itself is hard, but when you also combine it with flyer shopping, and the desire to highlight others well that puts it at a whole new level. So who’s recipes are we going to try this week:

Monday- Ranaee over at Arabian Nights offered up this great recipe for Mejeddarah which I will serve with a cucmber and yogurt salad.

Tuesday -we are going vegetarian with  the Portebelleo Penne Casserolle  found over at Cooking for my family.

Wednesday- We are trying the Crockpot Salsa Chicken  from over at Whats for Dinner.

Thursday-we are trying a Ratatouille in a Crockpot  from Finding Joy in the Kitchen.

Friday is for leftovers..

Saturday-Not just Leftovers has a good recipe for Chicken Tetrazzini.

Sunday-we will be at my mother’s.

Now I am headed off too Organizing Junkie  to see what is on the menus of those participating this week!

One thought to “Menu Monday: Highlighting the Recipes of MM Participants”

  1. Thank you for the link!

    I have enjoyed trying other people’s recipes as well. It is fun to cook someone else’s standbys sometimes. We have made a crockpot ratatouille a few times that we have enjoyed, not the same recipe, but similar. One thing we’ve done is to put a clean towel under the lid to catch the liquid that condenses so the food isn’t as soupy.

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