Moving and Blogging

Hi All! Boy has the two weeks been hectic, a sudden move across a province and well what gets put to the side but my blog!

But I am here, today many of us who aren`t going to BlogHer are visiting each other, here online. If this is your first time stopping by welcome! I hope here you find some common sense tips to help you save money. I am a mom, internet hack and frugal.

More about me can be found on the about me section.

My loves when I am not looking for ways to save  include volunteering, reading, and I love to talk religion. I have studied Christianity, Mormonism and Islam at length. I also have another blog Tweeter and Twisted which I write about all thing tween and twitter. My 11 year old daughter helps me write that one.

If there is a way to save I find it. In other words I like to find ways to save so I can have and be the best I can.

Hope you all come back as I get back to regular posting this week!

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