Getting Fit Frugally

Yes, this is me! This is my before picture. Today I made a choice and took on a challenge that many of us Canadians are doing. Today I signed up for the X_weighted National Challenge.

I got up early and headed over to the YMCA in Halifax. I was number 12 even getting there before 8 am! We had about an hour before things got going.

I went got measured and it was an OH MY God moment because I am at my heaviest weight ever in my life and that is scary! And then there were my measurements and that was another slap in the face.

My weight was 276

My Measurements are Chest 53   Waist 51 and Hips 55

Can you say UGH!

Then it was upstairs for the fitness test. I have never huffed and puffed so hard. I got through it though. Thank God! I did it in almost 6:00 minutes. The hardest part of the test was lying down flat and then getting up. You had to do that 20 times!

I am committed to getting healthy. But I am scared too. Nervous. Can I do it? But really now I have to do this. It has moved from a want to a must. I have to get this extra weight off.

The goal for this 6-month challenge is 72 pounds! That is a lot! I will have to work hard and smart. I will be using the tools offered at the X_Weighted site as well as tools offered at Sparkpeople.

How else will this Fat girl become Fit and Fabulous?

  • I joined a gym. I was able to get a corporate membership and for me, that is a frugal investment in myself.
  • I set a goal of running walking the 10 k race as part of the Bluenose Weekend in May.

What are some other frugal ways to get this weight off?

  • Squawkfox listed some great winter activities for us to try.
  • For me just putting on the walking shoes and taking a brisk walk is always good
  • Rent or borrow a work out DVD from the library
  • Invest in a skipping rope and skip.
  • When the weather gets a bit better go for a bike ride.
  • If you have a Wii. There are a bunch of games that do help you get fit.
  • Dance: I love to move. Lately, this one I have been doing with my tween daughter.

For Canadians up for the Challenge you can sign up today or tomorrow at the X_Weighted website and for everyone trying to lose weight I do recommend  Sparkpeople as well as a great free tool.

I will leave you with a horrific side view, but as Dr Oz would say we need a starting point

5 thoughts to “Getting Fit Frugally”

  1. Congrats on making the decision to reclain your life and health. I made the same decision in ApPril, 2007 and my goal was to lose 70 pounds.

    It took me 2 years but I did it. The best part is I did not resort to pills, creams, lotions or tonics. I learned how to feed myself nutritious foos and in proper portions. I also learned to move and how to overcome not wanting too! LOL!

    Every day is an opportunity to build positive momentum!

    I’ll be reading your blog and cheering you on!

  2. Good Luck! I found you via twitter. I still think that although we may need to lose 67 or 72 pounds (well, more, eventually), it’s a lot in 6 months. I guess that’s why they call it a challenge lol!

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