Menu Planning:Healthy, Frugal, Halal Week 4

If you are a first time visitor, and are just beginning to menu plan you might want to read this post I first wrote 2 years ago called Menu Planning 101 . Are you wondering what halal means? Halal is the the Arabic word for “permitted.” Halal is commonly seen as “Halal food” which means food that is permitted under Islamic guidelines as found in the Qu’ran. Halal also extends to the humane slaughter of animals. In our house we get our meat from a halal butcher, and shop for products that do not contain pork or pork byproducts.

This has been a busy few weeks for this mom and this week will be just as busy with Common Cents Mom celebrating 3 years of this blog on Saturday night with a Twitter Party. You can RSVP here and yes there are some great party favors. I do invite you to come party with me.On Thursday I will be at the CBC where I will be in the audience for Steven and Chris, Tweeting as part of the CBC Kids Twitter Party which will be happening starting at 2 pm EST(the hashtag will be #kidscbc), and then in the audience at George Stroumboulopoulos.

This week as I try to implement more and more Thersa’s Albert’s Ace Your Health: 52 Ways to Stack Your Deck, I am looking at labels more, and trying to use fresh, and on sale as much as possible: thank goodness I live in Toronto where there are some great local fruit and vegetable stands.So what is on the menu?

So what is on the menu this week :

Monday-Skillet Tacos, salad

Tuesday-Chicken and Lentil Soup

Wednesday-I will be out playing hostess to one of the other bloggers coming in from out of town.

Thursday-It will be leftovers as I will be getting back late from the CBC.

Friday-Southwest Roll-

Saturday-Cream and Cheesy Mac and Cheese, salad

Sunday-Keep it simple, cleaning out the fridge.

Now I am off to Laura’s and back to the Ultimate Blog Party as well to see what is cooking at your house this week.

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