Help Children in Morocco Get to School

Tomorrow night in Montreal there is a fundraiser for a small rural school in Morocco.When you think of Morocco you would think a Modern North African country right?

Well in some parts children have to walk miles to get to school.

The Association AlWahda Taksbite (AS.WA.T.). are try to raise 40,000.00 Dh MAD which is about $4,600.00 Canadian to get a school bus so the 200 plus children of Had Belfaa ( a very rural school in central Morocco) don’t have to walk mile after mile.

This is about kids being able to get to school so they can learn.

We all know it is important to have an education, so lets help out these kids and give what you can.

Now if you are in Montreal tomorrow there is a fundraiser:

Friday, November 30th at au WichitaPalace, 8386 St-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2P 2M3.

If you can help out even a little it will be appreciated by many small students.

Here is the Chip In for the fundraiser.


2 thoughts to “Help Children in Morocco Get to School”

  1. Thank you Hollie for your lovely support !
    Ladies and gents !
    If, like us, you believe that small contributions open the path to big accomplishments, then those 200 children will be grateful to you for the rest of their life .. Step in and make a difference !

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