What to Do With Leftovers? Sandwich It with Dempsters (Giveaway)

dempster breadAre you like me and always trying to figure out what to do with leftovers? With Dempsters you can just Sandwich it.

My daughter and I both love bread our favorites are Dempsters Wholewheat or Dempsters Farmhouse. We have sandwichs in this house on a regular basis and well my teen daughter loves to get creative in the kitchen so we have had some pretty creative ones.

With leftover from our chicken burgers the other night my DD came up with what she called her Chicken Sandwich. It started with a couple of left over chicken burgers. So between two slices of Dempsters 100% Wholewheat Bread there was the left over burger reheated some mozzarella cheese and some salsa. Two of our other favorites with leftovers at this time of the year both involve turkey; a old fashioned hot turkey sandwich with lots of gravy and a turkey sandwich made with cranberry. We love our turkey with cranberries and that even includes our sandwichs.

Over on the Dempsters website there are many more ideas for sandwichs: for us the Warm Turkey Club looks good, as do these open faced Italian Chicken Melts.

Now 2 of my Canadian readers can win 5 coupons for free dempster products. We here love a good coupon, and free are the best kind.

Tell me what are your favorite ways to sandwich your left overs?

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12 thoughts to “What to Do With Leftovers? Sandwich It with Dempsters (Giveaway)”

  1. A tradition thats been passed on from my mom, to me, and hopefully my daughter is to keep the leftover beef from lasagne and make really tasty sloppy joes!

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