Presented at PodCamp Toronto: Are You a Playboy, First Time Dater, Romantic, or Social Media Lover?

Last week I had a brilliant idea that I wanted to present at Pod Camp Toronto on relationship building but I so did not want to do it alone so I invited two great relationship builders to join me in presenting. I invited Cammi Pham and Christine Pantazis to present, and was grateful they said yes. So we started planning things Wednesday night.

We wanted to make it fun, and interactive but we also wanted people to walk away with skills they could use every day. Well, personally I think we accomplished that. Even though we only had a small crowd in the room we were also able to share via Twitter our presentation. I am very happy to say we even trended in Toronto at 10 am on a Saturday morning. For me more important then trending though was the engaement after all we were talking about relationship building.

As part of the presentation we shared tools that help you do research on who you want to follow, engage in conversation and track your CRM.

Here are the slides from the presentation

Make sure you check out the tools that can help you build the very best relationships.

One of my major goals in all of this was to remind people what I think we all know: it is key to be continually building relationships and a few things matter when you are doing so. Being transparent, doing your research and being able to get to the handshake whether it be virtual or in person.

I also did a storify of some of the best tweets of the day:

I do need to thank Christine and Cammi for coming along on presenting! The girls did a great job and I have to thank Annie and Rosanna who took care of our twitter stream for the hour, they truly were our twitter fairies. For those that joined in this interactive hour thank you as well.

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