Favorite April Fool Pranks 2013

Yes it is April Fools Day and well I am known as a prankster so I love a good joke, infact today I ran running into my daughter’s room at 7 am telling her she was late for school, she jumped out of bed and well then I broke the news and reminded her she had the day off. Mean mom, yeah.

So here are some of my favorite pranks and posts by some of my favorite people and brands. This post will be updated as I find more I enjoy today.

1. Google Nose was a snooze for me but loved Gmail Blue. Actually I wish Gmail was Blue.

2. From the Turbo Tax Canada blog is this great post for all us lovers of everything retro.

3. And how about Twitter announcing 2 tiered service, This one would cost me. So glad it ain’t real.

4. West Jet announced a very new program for furry friends.

5. How about YouTube closing down to select the best video. As If.

6. And since I take the TTC everyday I so wish they would have personal subway cars. from CBC News

7. Think Geek came out with some new products including this 3D Playdough Printer.

8. Love the Treasure Hunting with Google Maps.

9. We are David’s Tea addicts so were glad to see their product innovation.


And from some of my favorite bloggers:

The bloggers over at Yummy Mummy Club created a new daycare service

My friend Maple Leaf mommy announced a move.

Design Sponge is going to the cats. 

Seth Godin had me going with his Kindle announcement.

What have been some of your favorite pranks, tweets, or shares of the day?

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