Fun Ways to Earn Extra Cash

 From being a bingo moderator to a personal hair stylist


Most moms dream of having her own business so she can earn some money and at the same time take care of her family. The CEO of Women’s Enterprise Centre, Laurel Douglas, said that “it seems that more mothers are pursuing entrepreneurship as a career option.” Most mothers start with a small business because it gives them more flexibility to do both work and home tasks. Based on a survey conducted by BMO Bank of Montreal, 71% of women in Canada would like to put up their own business. In 2012, around 46% of the small to medium-sized businesses in the country are owned by Canadian women.
Putting up a business like a bingo hall is quite risky because you need to shell out some money first before you can start earning. Wise moms instead opt to do part-time jobs because they are assured of getting an income without sacrificing much of their time. If you’re looking for fun ways to earn some extra cash, then check out my list of cool jobs to take:

Bingo moderator

Bingo is one of the most popular games in Canada and you can find bingo halls in almost every city. Being a caller at Delta Bingo will require you to spend time at the bingo hall thus leaving your home unsupervised for a few hours. That’s why most moms prefer being a moderator in bingo websites because they can work from home. There are chat games at FoxyBingo that requires moderators and hosts so that can be much as fun as playing bingo.



Personal hairstylist

If you love fixing your own hair or those of your family members, then why not make a career out of that? Learn some new hair styling tricks by reading online magazines like or taking a short course at Aveda Institute & Academy Salon. Once you’re confident of your skills, then you can offer your neighbors and friends your personal hair styling services.

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