The Traditions of the Canadian National Exhibition

Princes Gate is ready
Princes Gate is ready

Today is the day, the Canadian National Exhibition begins today, here in Toronto. Can you believe this exhibition is 135 years old? I love the traditions of the exhibition and well they are always doing something new every year. You really do get the best mix, as a blogger this year I got an invite to Media Day, which was on Wednesday morning, it gave us a sneak peek of what is new at the EX.

Cascade from France

We got to see to new acts Mr Spin and Pandoras Pink and Cascade are new to the Ex..find their shows for some great entertainment. Then one of our favorites is returning, The Flying Wallendas.

The Flying Wallendas
The Flying Wallendas

On the midway there is a new ride, but we love all the traditional rides as well, and there are a number that we have to do just as tradition.

Now when it comes to food at the Ex there are so so many options, and bacon is again back and on almost everything! For me I sampled some great vegan nachos, a great fried rice ball, and some sweet potato fries with nutella.

The Food at the CNE

Remember there are so many free things to do at the ex and that is part of the traditon. The shows at the band shell will be amazing. My first concert was at the ex and well so was my daughter’s last year. In the kids area there are great arts and crafts, the shows, a play area, and even an area for the wee ones. For the foodies there are some great chefs coming like Micheal Smith.

Now one of my favorite traditions is tomorrow when my large family will all be at the ex with our families. Warriors Day has always been a family tradition. My grandfathers were both in World War 2, and after they came home this parade was family routine, one we still carry on over 60 years later. The parade starts early at 10:30 and the best place to watch it is just west of the princes gate. I love going early, and getting a great spot.

Do you go to the Canadian National Ex? It so what are some of your traditions? What do you look forward to?







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  1. My traditions included scoping out the discount coupons on entry fare in the Toronto Sun, the bottle ring toss, and the cotton candy!

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