Three Words

Three Words for 2014

The new year is starting with a cold winter morning here in Nova Scotia, which makes it a great time to sit and plan, dream and reflect. For the past few years I have used 3 words to guide me as I went along, last year my words were Brave, Trust and Habit.

Last year  I needed to be brave as I faced a job loss, and several trying days. I also needed to be brave as I faced some health issues. I trusted that my community was well enough built, that I would have some support, and I trusted my relationship with agencies and brands was also strong, I learned how strong it was this year. I built habits into my days, including starting to eat healthy, and the habit of giving back in my community.

This year I have thought long and hard about my words, as they will guide me through the last year of my forties.

So this year my words are:

Three Words

Choice. Sometimes we make simple choices as we go about our days, those choices do have an impact, I want to be very mindful of the choices I make. This year is about choosing to live a life that I truly desire.

Community- I will continue to cultivate the relationships I have built and look for ways to assist in my community, both online and here in Toronto. I want to help and encourage others more this year.

Courage-After 2013, I know how hard it can be to face long term job loss, relationship disappointments, and health scares, as well as a few major storms.. I do not know what 2014 will bring, but I will face it all with courage and faith. There will be hard days, as I work hard at making certain changes, as I make choices, so courage will guide.

Do you have guiding words or have you made resolutions? I would love to know about them.





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