5 Tips to Starting a Frugal Garden

A couple of weeks ago I attended Canada Blooms ( a great show here in Toronto that not only features gardening but the best in outdoor living). I came away inspired to garden. Now I live in a very urban area, no yard, no balcony. So for me I have to get creative in how I will garden. I am very thankful here in Toronto we have community gardens and did you know through some of the local food banks and organizations you can often find those who are willing to give you garden space for perhaps a wee bit of yard work? There are many ways to take up a gardening habit even in the big city if that is your desire.

Now for the starting the frugal garden some things I learned a long time ago from my mother and grandmothers who were and are avid gardeners:

1. Start small


You do not need to have a huge garden, my mom’s current garden consists of planters on her porch these days which is a long cry from the acre garden I grew up with. At Canada Blooms I did see many examples of great ways you could create a garden with limited space. You could canister garden or even think vertically if you want to get creative.

2. Read and Learn

Never gardened? Don’t worry there are several ways to learn. There are gardening groups in every city that are rather friendly, as well I am thankful for Google teaching me a thing or two about gardening. I also have a Frugal Gardening board on Pinterest, that I pin articles that teach and inspire my gardening. Run a search on pinterest and I am sure you will find plenty of inspiration

3. Use Leftovers or Clippings to Start you Garden


Did you know you could use your food scraps to start your garden? How about clipping from one plant to start another? Both are great ways for the beginning gardener to get started on a budget. For fruits and veggies you can regrow: fennel, celery, garlic, leeeks, lettuce, pineapple and more.  There are many plants you can clip from as well. Often on sites like Freecycle you can find people who are will to share their clipping or gardening leftovers as well.

4. Be creative, Think Outside the Box

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to what materials you will use in your garden. That tire might make a perfect planter. The plastic jug that was going to get tossed into recycling could be used to save space in a large planter (keeping the costs of soil lower). Use things from around the house. One idea you know all those plastic knives you get when you order in, they make good stakes and garden indentifier, use a sharpie and label the knife with the plants name, saves money on garden stakes. What about using natural elements in your garden. Use the rocks, shells, twigs and other items you can think of.

5. Get your Materials for Free or Cheap

Grow simple fast growing plants. Start your own seedlings. Use sites like Freecycle or Facebook Groups to find free plants, seedlings and clippings that are being given away. In may in Toronto I often see people selling seedling for cheap at local garage sales even. For your decor think recycled and if you need to paint it. There are many ways to cut you costs and do it on the cheap.

What are some of the ways that you have created a frugal garden? Will you be gardening this summer, if so what are you planting?

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7 thoughts to “5 Tips to Starting a Frugal Garden”

  1. I hope you continue at this, and keep us posted on your growing garden! When I lived in an apartment, I used to grow herbs and sprouts on my windowsill and on the rails on my fire escape :). I also grew celery successfully! Good luck!

  2. Love the novel ideas! Plastic knives for garden markers – brilliant! And also a milk jug for a space-taker in large planters …good idea!

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