The Spring Purge-Tips for Closet Cleaning

The Spring Purge

If you are at all like me your closets are packed full and it is time to do a purge. For me it is definitely time to get closet cleaning. It’s time to pack away the heavy winter items and bring on spring, really we have had a long harsh winter it is time to get our closets in order to we have that favorite spring outfit at our finger tips.

So what to do first?

The Prep Work

Closet cleaning can be a major headache, it can be stressful. So get ready before you start that killer purge. Are you going to need new organizational items? a new storage container? hangers? shoe boxes? Be prepared is not just a motto, it is a great way to be ready for a good purge. Know what you need.

As well I know for me to keep me motivated while I work, music is solace for my soul. So I have on You Tube my favorite songs. I listen to these while I work.

With my music chosen, and my organizational tools at hand I am ready to attack my closet.

the purged closet

Dump It

When cleaning a closet and doing a real purge, get it all out. When you take everything out of the closet you can really see what you are working with. You can look at the space you have with new eyes. Really when you see how much stuff you have you might be surprised.


The Three Bag Rule


Got it all out of the closet? Now it is time to get sorting. You will want to have 3 bags for this portion of organizing. One for trash(stuff you want to throw on), one for donating and one for the things you want to make some money off of.

Once you start sorting you will find you have plenty for each of those 3 bags. If you have not touched an item for over a year does it really need to have a place in your closet?



Now that you have sorted things out, time to organize. I have a number of storage bins that I do use. I also have a hanging 3 basket organizer that hangs near the middle of my closet to keep all my scarves organized. If you need practical organizational items I always get mine at Walmart or Target ..Now it the time to put that closet back together.

2014-04-14 17.54.52


What to do with you 3 Bags?

You should have 3 trips to make: one to the trash can, one to your local charity that takes donations, and one you have that you can make some money off of. What’s the best way to earn some cash with your gently used items? You could take them to a local clothing swap ( this one involves no cash transactions but you come home with items that are new to you), or a consignment store in your neighbourhood, or even try an online service like Trend Trunk.

With all the work done now it is time to celebrate, with that extra bit of cash why not by a special treat or put it towards savings.

We will be talking all about the spring purge on Tuesday night for the #cdnmoney chat. Join us from 7-8pm EST, and you could win a gift card to Trend Trunk. No RSVP needed.






10 thoughts to “The Spring Purge-Tips for Closet Cleaning”

  1. I really like the idea of taking everything out so you REALLY see what is there… Very much something I need to tackle too 🙂

  2. This is a must for me this year.. after eight years doing one job I switched to one where I wont be living in jeans year round. So many of my old clothes are just yuck. These steps work well on kitchen cabinets too.. (junk drawer, storage containers, the forgotten cupboard.) and I agree, music makes the job so much better! 🙂

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