How to Be Frugally Formal

It is that time of year. We all have wedding invites, proms, special parties to attend and nothing to wear. So how can we be frugally formally dressed for all these important events and yet not break the bank. I know as a blogger I attend several conferences a year and several of them have parties that you dress up for. I also have nice outfits for those important holidays and then last year Rachel even needed a prom dress.

So how do we stay on budget and yet look good?

1. First we have a budget. Have you set a budget if you are going shopping for that one event and feel you need to shop?

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2. Have classic pieces in your wardrobe. I have 2 nice dresses in my wardrobe. A simple black dress, and a sweet grey frock. When I get invited out or have celebration to attend these often come out of my closet. When you are shopping, think about when and where else could I possibly wear or use this item. Can you wear that dress to multiple events?

3. Think about your accessories.  New shoes, new jewelry, new handbag and you have a completely new look. Sometimes it is not a new dress or new suit that you need but new accessories. Again think about how these can be reused.

4. Swap. No longer use an item in your closet and you are looking for something new, attend a local clothing swap. Here in Toronto there are several that are open to  the public.

5. Check out your local thrift stores. Over the years I have found some very cool items, including my sweet black dress, some favorite accessories including shoes and a great clutch.

  1. rent frock repeat

6. Rent your frock. If you are looking for a very special dress for a very special occasion you can always rent a dress. I did this last fall when I wanted something very special for the Blissdom Canada party. I rented my dress from Rent Frock Repeat ( a great Canadian company), that has a wide selection of dresses for every formal occasion.


Now on Tuesday April 22nd, for the #cdnmoney chat on Twitter @ChristaClips and I will be talking about being frugally formal with our special guests @RentFrockRepeat.

Rent Frock Repeat has even donated a prize for the chat~ $100 towards a dress rental.

Fill out this RSVP for the chat and at the end of the chat those who have participated in the chat using the hashtag between 7-8pm EST and have filled out the linky below will be eligible for the prize. (Open to Canadian residents only.)





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