The Ford Mustang’s 50th Birthday Bash

Can you believe this baby is 50! She is looking good!



Anyone who knows me, knows that the Mustang convertible has been my dream car since I was a teenager, so last month when a invite to the Mustang 5oth birthday bash presented itself there was no way I would be missing it. I love my classic muscle car.

Ford Canada chose a great venue for the event here in Toronto and when we arrived we were treated to both new and vintage mustangs inside and out. It was a fun night out with many friends also invited.

Mustang 2

There was plenty of great eats, even lobster poutine. Then just because it was a birthday party of course there had to be cake. It was a beautiful cake that even had a Mustang on it. The night was full of trivia and games, really it was great to test my knowledge of Mustang facts. I got most of the questions right.

Now my favorite car and I have one thing in common we are both 50 this year, maybe that is the real reason this has always been my favorite car.

May we both have another great 50 years ahead!


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