9 Tips for Organizing Your Fridge


With me trying to get healthy this year I have been learning how important being organized is.

One of the most often used areas in the kitchen is the refrigerator.  So, it makes sense to organize this space just like you would your pantry and cupboards. In this post, I’ll share 9 tips to better organize your refrigerator to best utilize the space you have.

Basic Arrangement

Start by grouping similar things together, such as lunch items, snack items, fruits, vegetables, dinner items, leftovers, and condiments. Put all of your cheese together, vegetables and fruits in crisper drawers and so on.

Use Adjustable Shelving

If your refrigerator has adjustable shelving, use this to your advantage and organize your refrigerator to your individual needs.  If you end up with one tall section and only a couple items in it, use stacking bins to take up the rest of the room so the full height and width of the shelf is utilized.

Lower Shelves

Often people use the bottom drawers for fruit and vegetables. These are typically the coldest part of the refrigerator, making them perfect for storing raw meat.  The drawer will catch any possible drips making cleanup easy. By lining the bottom of the drawer with paper towels, you can easily mop up any leakage and dispose of it.

Use the Door

Take full advantage of the shelves on the door.  Condiments usually fit great on the door, and if wide enough juice containers or juice boxes can fit neatly. You’ll want to take care not to make the items on the door shelves too heavy, or risk the shelf giving way and sending all your bottles to the floor.

Roll Out Caddy

It seems inevitable that you end up with lots of little things pushed deep to the back of the fridge. Instead consider a roll out caddy. This makes it easy to see what you have and makes everything easier to reach.  You can find inexpensive caddies that are made for cabinets but will work just as well in your refrigerator.

See Through Plastic Bins

Rather than unloading everything out onto the kitchen floor to find that packet of taco sauce or piece of cheese, keep small items grouped together in clear ‘see-thru’ bins. This will help you save time as you’ll be able to see what’s there at a glance.

Built In Egg Holder

Most refrigerators come with some sort of built in egg holder, whether it is a permanent part of the door or a tray that fits in the door shelf.  Put your eggs in the holder! This saves space (the egg carton you purchased your eggs in won’t be taking up space) and helps prevent broken eggs.

The Not-So-Lazy Susan

If you still have small items that won’t fit in your see through bins and are too small for the shelf, a turntable or lazy Susan might do the trick. Put a ‘Lazy Susan’ in an open space in the refrigerator and set the small bottles or jars on it. Now with one spin you can see everything without digging around.  You’ve also freed up that door space for taller, bulkier items.

Leftovers Storage Area

The dreaded box of leftovers wedged in the back corner with a layer of unidentifiable fuzz on top – we’ve all been there. Instead, designate one shelf or part of a shelf just for leftovers. Alternately consider freezing leftovers for a meal later on when you don’t want to cook. Use containers and you’ll easily see everything you have to eat.  The key to using leftovers is keeping them handy and visible.

Organizing your refrigerator will take some work to begin with. However, once it’s set up you’ll only need to spend a little time keeping things in order. Make sure you check your leftover bin every few days and review what you have on hand.

9 thoughts to “9 Tips for Organizing Your Fridge”

  1. Great suggestions! I really need to look into better organization as my fridge is a disaster; Ive had a couple: "What IS this?!" moments when unearthing a surprise :))

  2. I love your idea of a designated area for left overs! I hate finding moldy food in the fridge! I also like the lazy susan idea! Thanks for sharing your tips!

  3. That sounds like a great idea! I should do that because I have a lot in the freezer. What ends up happening is I forget to set things out to thaw and just go to the store and get it fresh because I don’t want to wait. The defrost on the microwave usually ends up cooking the food a little.

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