Free Fish, Faith and Good Friday

fish and chips

Today is Good Friday a time of reflection and faith for many Christians today. It is also a day many eat fish. Eating fish has been a Good Friday tradition in our house for a long time. I can remember my grandparents making fish, my mom making fish, and Rachel and I for many years have had fish on this day out of tradition and respect for our heritage.

Well today was an ordinary Good Friday for us that are not practicing Christians, we talked about going out to eat, I worked a bit ( a freelancer rarely takes a day off) and Rachel chilled. Then we decided to have an early dinner so headed out to Wild Wings on St Clair, had a great plate of fish and chips and a drink, and had a great conversation with my teen over the meal. Then I went to pay and our waitress said our bill was already taken care of. Someone had treated my daughter and I to a meal this Good Friday. It was a very sweet random act of kindness. It moved me to a point of tears. So this is a public thank you to whoever, it was a nice reminder of how some can be genuinely kind.

My daughter however said mom it’s just karma, look at how many times you have done the same in quiet ways, it is bound to come back sooner or later. So we got into this conversation about kindness, compassion and love. Then we had this conversation about faith.

I shared with her my own journey and questioning, how I had traveled through many faiths. How I had started life in the United Church, spent my teen years as a Southern Baptist before converting to Mormonism. Then there was the long road out as I began to question faith, to question God, that lead me to Islam.Today I shared with my teen how I didn’t mind that she had questions about faith, doubted things and wanted evidence. I told her the most important elements of faith for me that I have seen everywhere are kindness, love, and compassion. Today we saw faith in action, a simple act of kindness can be just that faith in action.

I was attracted to Islam, and more importantly the Sufi school of thought that emphasizes faith, kindness, and compassion. I was thankful that when I converted to Islam much of what I learned when I was younger was a great foundation for my current worship of God. I am still thankful to Christ for his life, for his teachings, there was many things he taught us that were important the most important being to love one another.

becoming a dervish

I haven’t shared much here on my blog my walk with God because it has been a winding road, my spiritual walk, my faith is an ongoing journey. Right now I am very thankful for the Sufi dergah ( meeting place) that I am calling home. I love that is my worship of God, and where it is at right now. I love being Sufi. I feel I am at home, and I am at peace in my worship of God. Zhikr ( worship) is an important part of my day, as is prayer, and so is how I treat others.  These are elements that can be found in many faiths.  For those of you who don’t know I have made a small Turkish dergah my spiritual home, I am thankful for this spiritual family and the lessons I learn there each week. I am also grateful for traditions like fish friday for it reminds me of miracles, and of simple acts of love, kindness and compassion.

11 thoughts to “Free Fish, Faith and Good Friday”

  1. Thank you for sharing.. I think it is important for a person to have a belief in SOMETHING, no matter what religion they choose.. It really does bring a lot of peace to ones life.

    I really love hearing of the little acts of random kindness.. Those small things can certainly make someones day.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I have my own conflicted relationship with religion, but I do agree that there is a great message of compassion and kindness towards under that binds many religions together.

  3. Thank you for sharing your journey. I can only imagine what it felt like to be on the receiving end of a random act of kindness; makes you realize that there is still good left out there!

  4. I too had issues with religion.. from a grandmother that stole from family yet went to church every Sunday, to a neighbor that tried to convert us non-religious children to Christians with every sentence containing a "condition". Finally I had a coworker give me a warm introduction to buddism, then followed into spirituality and another view of Christianity then I saw before. Lots of good books out there, and I agree that this life is better for faith believing people. Amazes me I have neighbors now that think I must be up to something if I pick up the garbage around the mailboxes or help the park manager keep the grounds!

  5. Thanks for sharing your story. I think it's important to believe in something and to be a good person. I'm just not sure what religion I fit into. I'm just happy believing in God and being a good person.

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