Mobile Apps Can Help You Save Money On and Off the Road


You probably pay close attention to the cost of fuel and your monthly car payments, but there are a number of other driving-related expenses to be aware of. Your driving style can impact your car’s efficiency and your insurance rates, not to mention your chances of paying a speeding ticket! Whether you want to save money on your next road trip or your daily commute, it helps to download time and money-saving mobile apps that can help you cut your expenses.

Saving at the Dealership

One of the first areas to save money is at the car dealership. As you start looking at new and used cars, you’ll want to compare the listing prices of a variety of makes and models so that you know what a fair price looks like. Tools like the eBay Motors,, or Car Sales apps are all ideal for shopping around to find local dealers with the best prices. These apps also allow you to read car news, reviews, and side by side comparisons so that you can find a car that offers the best value for money, without feeling pressured by the auto dealer.

Saving on your Monthly Bills

Insurance and driving costs can quickly add up if you’re not careful. If you have a teenager behind the wheel or want to improve your own insurance rates, you might want to consider installing a telematics box and corresponding app like Intelligent Marmalade. These record your performance as a driver, helping you save hundreds on your premium as you can prove that you or your child is a safe driver. The My Cars app for Android is also useful, allowing you to record your fuel, efficiency, and maintenance costs to work out an accurate budget each month.

Saving Money on the Road



Finally, there are a number of apps designed to help you save money on the road, from avoiding speed traps to finding cheaper parking. Apps like Trapster, CamerAlert and iSpeedCam give you a warning when you’re near a speed camera, with users sending in updates for the most accurate information. The price of fuel can be a major concern for many drivers, and there’s nothing as annoying as loading up your tank just to see a cheaper option only a few miles down the road! Apps like WhatGas Petrol Prices in the UK or GasBuddy in the USA help you find the cheapest fuel in your area, including the different grades and price points available. Another easy way to blow money on fuel is by sitting in traffic for hours. The Waze app is an example of a way to use technology to avoid traffic jams, using real-time information to send you alerts and divert your route to the smoothest option.


Apps like the ones mentioned above can help you save money as a driver from the moment you start looking at a car to the daily costs of car ownership. It’s worth putting your smartphone to good use, as you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run!

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