Mother’s Day Gift Ideas on a Dime

It’s that time of the year again, a day to celebrate our mothers. Celebrations are a wonderful thing and as much as we might love to spoil our mothers on Mother’s Day with great gifts we have to stick to a budget. So what are some Mother’s Day gift ideas that won’t break the bank, ones full of love and meaning?


Well this is going to be the topic we talk about this Tuesday night for the #cdnmoney chat from 7-8pm EST. Join @ChristaClips and myself as we talk about meaningful gifts on a budget. We are asking that you RSVP this week as we have a special giveaway.

Neno Mom Bracelet

One gift idea is to give a gift that not only your mom will enjoy wearing but helps Maasi Mamas with health care visits. I wrote a post about this special project on Friday. To make this chat more special Christa and I will be giving away one bracelet ( that we order–non sponsored) to one who is on the chat with us Tuesday night.

Now what are some other ideas for those on a budget how can we celebrate our moms and for those gifts to have some meaning?

1. I am a sentimentalist. I still love the homemade gift made with love. I know this year I am getting a Rachel creation, and I take joy in that as I know she has been working on it in art class this past month. Simple homemade gifts can show you care. Over on my Pinterest boards I have some ideas you may like.



2. How about the gift of time. So often we are in a hurry and our time with mom is short. So why not spend some time this mother’s day with your mom doing something she loves. Maybe it is a favorite card game, or board game, maybe you garden together, our moms deserve our time.

3. Live far away from your mother, why not send her an old fashioned letter? Moms love to get mail.

4. Give to her favorite charity in her name. Moms often have enough stuff, and this says you care about the things that are important to her.

5. Give mom time off, let her sleep in, clean her house for her, do the chores she hates or maybe she has some yard work that needs to be done.

6. You could create a digital photo album using a Facebook app like Pixily to curate all the family photos she loves. Include her favorite quotes or sayings for added effect.

There are many ways to help your mother celebrate Mother’s day on a budget. So how are you going to be celebrating Mother’s Day on a dime?

To RSVP for the chance to win the beautiful Neno Mom bracelet from the Maasi Moms please fill out the linky below.




5 thoughts to “Mother’s Day Gift Ideas on a Dime”

  1. Can't wait to chat! First time to this one and I love talking Mother's Day. Sentimental gifts are the best!!!

  2. My mother definitely appreciated and continues to appreciate many of these gift ideas more than anything we kids could buy her.

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