Barbecue on a Budget

How to Barbecue on a Budget

Barbecue on a Budget

It’s that time of year, after a long winter many of us Canadians grilled this past weekend. Well it got me thinking about how much money we spend on our grilling. It is possible to barbecue on a budget.  You do not have to spend much to have a great healthy meal when you choose to use your barbecue. Barbecuing can deliver those sweet tangy tastes we all love while saving you some money if you follow these rules.

Spend a little on your grill

A good grill can last you up to 7 years, if you take care of it. So this is one place to invest a little of your hard earned dollar. A cheap grill will last you the season, so spend a little for something that will work for years. Read the reviews and research, spend a few hundred dollars and get something that will last.

Take care of your grill.

For it to last, you have to make it your baby. Clean it properly at the beginning of the season and at the end, but beyond that get rid of any ashes when they are cool, and make sure you oil the grates well before and after you use your grill. As well don’t forget to cover it when you are not using it. Last week I shared one tip about cleaning it. Did you know to use Baking soda to clean your grill?

Make your own sauces and rubs

Look at the cost of the sauces and rubs. Have you checked them out lately? Ouch. Well first you can make healthier ones by making your own ( Homemade ones have less sugar and salt and are better for you). Need some inspiration. Check out Pinterest.

Save money when buying Meat

I have two ways I save money when buying meat, one my butcher knows best. If I head over to visit him I get some really good deals and a dose of knowledge. I have also learned that game meat tastes wonderful barbecued. The other I use my money saving apps like Flipp to check for the best prices that week. I have been able to find get prices on chicken, steak, hot dogs and prepared hamburgers this way.

Remember Your Veggies

One of the things we often think about when barbecuing is the meat but think about adding vegetables to the grill. I love grilled vegetables and they and substance and nutrition to the meal.

Make Extras

One of the things I like about grilled anything, is often the next day it tastes better. You can make enough for 2 meals instead of just one, and have your main meal for the next day as well.

how to barbecue on a budget

These are just some of the ways I save when barbecuing. How do you save money when grilling at your house? Let us know in the comments or when you join the #cdnmoney chat on Tuesday May 20th at 7 pm EST on Twitter.







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  1. I agree with remember the veggies, and also making available filling sides, like potato salads, etc.

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