Thinking About Becoming A Web Designer

A well designed website is an important part of many business plans. A website might help a company make a strong first impression with potential customers, allow customers to shop online, ask questions, or find information about your company. Web designers are relied on to help create websites that are functional and attractive to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals. This is a career that will keep you interested by constantly challenging your creativity, your problem-solving skills, and your technical skills.

A diploma in web design is a path you should consider if you’re interested in a career that relies heavily on both technology and creativity. Web designers need to feel comfortable with technology, since they’ll be spending their days working on a computer. Programs such as Photoshop and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors are commonly used by web designers, and HTML and CSS are also common technical skills. These are just some of the tools which web designers use to create pages that both look great and are highly usable.

Successful web designers also tend to have some artistic or creative ability. They might be skilled in several art techniques, such as graphic design or drawing. They also need to be skilled communicators and have strong problem solving skills. If you’re communicating with the client or discussing a project with teammates, being a good listener and able to get your meaning across are important skills.

Web designers can find work in a variety of settings. They may work as part of a team in a large corporation, join a small business, or decide to work freelance. Web designers often work collaboratively as part of a team that might include web developers, programmers, content creators, and graphic designers. Web designers can find employment in the huge variety of industries that use websites, in many cities across Canada, which makes this career a great option for people who don’t necessarily want to be tied to one place.

Web design standards and aesthetics are constantly evolving. What was considered cutting edge just a few years ago is painfully out of date today- and that is not the impression any business wants to make. Each project will require a different perspective and will challenge you in new ways. There will also always be new programs and tools to learn about in order to keep your skills up to date. Additional training, webinars and volunteer work are all great ways to update your skills and make your resume even more competitive. A career in web design will mean a lifetime of learning and trying new things, so your days will never feel stale!

Web design is a growing field, with opportunities in many industries and locations. If you love the internet and enjoy making things beautiful and functional, you might want to consider taking a college course to learn web design!

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  1. the 'easy' part is learning the base skills. The hard part is having the creativity and flair to make a well-thought out site

  2. I admire individuals who are talented in the area of web design and programming. It is just such an interesting field!

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