Remembering Robin Williams


Like many today I was stunned to learn that Robin Williams, the funny man who made me pee laughing had died. I am sure there will be much said about his final months, and death in the days to come. But I want to concentrate on the man who made me laugh so hard I though I would pee laughter.

When I was a young teen Robin Williams first walked into my life through the tv screen. Who can forget Fonzie meeting Mork? How about Mork and Mindy? They were favorite shows of mine as I grew up. Infact tonight, my teen and I sat down and watch some of the first episodes of Mork and Mindy, she laughed just like I did, back then.


Then there was Dead Poet Society, a movie that more then inspired me as a teen. Carpe Diem was my mantra for university.

Then there was Mrs Doubtfire and Alladin. As a dad dressed up as a nanny to stay close to his kids simply made me cry. Then as the Genie in Aladdin he again brought us joy and laughter. Then there Good Morning Vietnam and so many more roles to enterian us.

He went on bring up much more laughter and job over the years, but what I remember most was meeting him in LA just outside a restaurant. Even with a stranger, he was kind and generous and even made me laugh. That is the Robin Williams I will remember. The comedic actor who made my teen years full of laughter. My university years full of inspiration, and during my adult years he kept me more then entertained.

He was a terribly talented man who either made up laugh, inspired us or entertained us. For me I am grateful for the joys and smiles he brought, may he now rest in peace.


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