Here is How I Save More thanks to #TargetREDcard




After living in the USA for several years, I was so excited that Target was finally come to Canada and was honored to be even invited to the Grand Opening of their first Canadian store. My daughter, Rachel is even is the opening night video with celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker. That first night I noticed a sign for the Target RedREdcard. I loved that it not only had a credit option but a debit option as well that would allow me to save even more every time I shop at Target Canada. Here is how I save more month after month  thanks to the Target REDcard.

I applied for the Target Redcard online. It was easy to apply for. After spending 5 minutes online and choosing the debit card option, I simply waited for my card to arrive. It didn’t take long to arrive, and after it did I simply use it to pay for my purchases month after month since last spring.

Every time I shop at Target Canada do I not only pay using my Target REDcard saving myself 5%, but I price match, stack coupons and watch for sales. Think of it as stacking savings, it is easy to do with Target Canada.


So last year when I did that huge Christmas shop at Target Canada, I saved. When a new store opened just blocks from my house this spring it became a weekly stop as I could price match easily with Flipp ( and when I had coupons it was just bonus). Rachel’s back to school shop was done at Target and so was our Halloween shop, and we saved on it all. Every single time I saved that extra 5%.

Now some important facts to know as you decide if you want a Target REDCard:

* Target REDcard offers the option of a credit card OR a debit card! You do not need to apply for another credit card, something this frugal mom is very happy about.

* The Target REDcard connects to any existing Canadian bank account. It works just like your debit card would at the cash register.

* As soon as you go to pay by swiping your card on the machine, the 5% comes off your bill. Sweet, right?

Now, don’t have a Target REDcard? New Target REDcards get a one time coupon for an additional 5% off if you sign up for the card before November 10th, 2014. Nice! It’s the perfect time to start saving more each time you shop at Target.

Target-Canada-coupon-1024x460 (1)

Now if you want to smile even more this weekend Target is doing even more! Everyone can print off this 10% off coupon for October 25th-26th, 2014. Just print off your coupon and you can shop and save! Remember to stack those savings, and price match!

So where could you spend that money you save? Perhaps you might want to invest it in a sweet vacation account like I am. Hope you get a chance to save this weekend. Have to say this I am glad that Target Canada has arrived in my neighborhood.

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by Target Canada and Shes Influential.  All opinions are strictly my own.






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