Building Holiday Traditions with Hallmark Northpole

To help celebrate the Hallmark original movie North Pole, it’s on next on December the 12th, Hallmark created the Northpole collection. Because I am a member of the #presspause panel Hallmark Canada sent me a box of goodies to checkout.

Hallmark Northpole

For us every year we have built Christmas traditions and one of them that we have done always over the years has been holiday baking. Rachel was delighted even as a big kid to see the Bake like an Elf, the Sprinkle bell, the Cookie Maker and the cookie taker. She loves to bake and she immediately claimed the Cookie Maker apron as her own. There are several very kid friendly Christmas recipes to try out, really something for every taste bud.

Since Rachel’s school is having a bake sale this week at school, it was time to get to holiday baking. She had fun in the kitchen and now we are almost ready for the Thursday bake sale.

We always bake for others every Christmas, its a tradition we started years ago. If baking with kids in a tradition for you, this might be fun..if it’s a new one you are thinking of these baking items are great for young kids.

2014-11-26 07.26.42

Two of the other things that were in the box that delighted Rachel, were the Snowby polar bear holding a snow globe. Rachel is a snow globe collector so she quickly claimed that as well. She also thought the Find me Santa ornament was adorable.

2014-11-26 14.50.27

Looking for something fun for the kids try Dance with the Kids, or the Northpole Communicator. They can dance like an elf to songs like Build a Snowman  or Stir the Hot Chocolate, or talk with Santa and the elves via the Northpole Communicator. We are sending these two to family members with young kids.

2014-11-26 09.20.56-2

The Rooftop Drop Game has been giving us a bit of fun around the house. I think I am better at dropping gifts, maybe its the natural klutz in me.

2014-11-26 07.27.20

If you are interested in learning more check out the Northpole 1820 website. You can buy items there are at you local Walmart. Rexall, Superstore or Hallmark stores.

*I am a member of the #presspause panel and as such I do receive product in exchange for a post for Hallmark Canada. My opinion is my own as always. 




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