Holiday Prep 201-Tech that can Help Your Holidays

Holiday Prep 201Tis the season and last week for the #cdnmoney chat on Twitter we were talking Holiday prep. Whther it is Christmas, Hannukah, or some other major holiday with it always comes lots of prep, from the budgeting, to the list making, to the shopping, to the travel there is always lots to do.

So how do we get it all done today? I know for me my tech gadgets and gizmos and apps keep me sane? I work off both Android and iOS operating devices. We have an ipad mini, a Samsung tablet, and a Samsung phone and an iphone in the house so I think that leaves us open to having the gadgets we need to help make this the most organized cost efficient holiday season.

So how do I use my gadgets and gizmos to help me this season?

I load them with apps that serve a purpose.

For list making and receipt keeping I use Evernote. Evernote I find to be a wonderful organizational app.

To keep me on budget I use Mint to track my budgeting, and spending.

To price check and find the deals that save me time and money at the grocery store of course I use my Flipp app. I have shared it here on my blog several times.

To find my car, there is Find my Car. Who hasn’t forgotten where there car is in an overcrowded parking lot.

Making a Road trip to visit family at this time of the year, Gas Buddy is definitely a friend telling you where you can get the best prices.

Have kids? Then you will also want to have a great Santa Tracker on your device as well, after all we have to keep track of Santa, don’t we.

Best thing about all these apps, they are free.

Do you have favorite apps that are making your holiday season easier? Join my friend Christa and me for the #cdnmoney chat on Tuesday, December 09th to talk the tech that makes the holidays easier this season. We will be on Twitter with the hashtag #cdnmoney. This is our last chat of 2014.

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  1. wow i will have to look into some of these apps , i have Flipp which i love and the Santa Tracker for my grandson , i want the Evernote app for sure , sound like a great app thanks for all the tips 🙂

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