Perfect Date Night In Toronto: Getting Hitched at Mysteriously Yours

So last week was the boyfriend’s birthday so I was looking for something special as a way to celebrate. Since we were going to be celebrating on the Friday night I decided on taking in  dinner and a who done it at Mysteriously Yours. It was opening night for the new show. “Getting Hitched” is now on at Mysteriously Yours.

getting hitched

A night at the Mysteriously Yours dinner theater is well the perfect date night. Think about it, you get a great meal created by their new chef, Justine Vott. Just after dessert you get to solve a mystery.

mysteriously yours food

Let’s talk food first, a good meal is always something you are guaranteed to get at Mysteriously Yours.  With a great 3 course menu you can definitely find something to enjoy. There are even several gluten free options on the menu. I started with soup of the day as it was a cold night and wanted something to warm me up. With a choice of 4 main entrees including a vegan entry it was hard to choose what I wanted but I went with the Maple Dijon Chicken while my date chose the Provencale Beef Stew. For dessert we both had the Salted Chocolate Pot De Creme. Those we were dining with had the lemon tart and that looked good as well. I loved my choices.

2015-01-09 18.15.17

Now I have been going to shows at the theater for years, I first took my mom to a show back in 1996. Yes, almost 20 years ago when they were at the Royal York Hotel. I love the cheesy fun factor of a good murder mystery night.

getting hitch cast


With a new show, there is always a certain buzz in the air. Birgitte Solem and Brain Caws wrote “Getting Hitched” and I loved the dynamics of the cast. It was nice to see a face in the crowd of actors that I didn’t recognize but you know may know him from his time on Degrassi The Next Generation, Tim Melissis. A new face at Mysteriously Yours is Paddy Forde, who is originally from England. I loved him in dual roles as Hitch and his brother, Archie.

Overall the new show makes for a great night out and perfection for a date. Thinking of planning for Valentine’s Day? I highly recommend it.


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