How to Price Match in Canada

How to Price Match in Canada




Last week I was talking with a girlfriend about how to save money. She was all excited as she had downloaded the Flipp app but wasn’t sure how it could really save her time and money. I thought everyone knew about price matching. Here she loved being able to grab the flyers on her phone but she wasn’t getting the best value for her dollar so I told her I would do a complete guide to Price Matching in Canada. Now if many of you are like my girlfriend who really does want to save more time and money this year, this is one simple way to do so.

So How Do You Price Match in Canada? 

 How do You Define Price Matching?

 A definition– When  a retail store agrees to match a lower advertised price from a rival store and sells you the same product for the lower price, that’s the simple definition of price matching.

Many retail stores have couponing and price matching polices and guarantees. It is all about adding value for you the customer. Get to know your favorite stores price matching policies.

Price matching policies often don’t just apply to items you are going to purchase, they can actually apply to items you’ve paid for recently. Cool, right?

Example 1: I just bought a dress from retail store A.. I walk into retail store B, see the exact dress (brand name dress and bar code are the same). I can then check and see if it is advertised, if it is, I can return for a refund of the difference.

Example 2: I just bought a new tv at my favorite retailer and they lower there own price with a set amount of time (normally 14 days), you can request a refund of the difference.

If you check your flyers using an APP like Flipp you can really keep track of your favorite retail stores prices.

There are Different Types Of Price Matching Policies

Every retail store has a different price matching policy. The stores I frequent are Walmart, Target and No Frills. I have also price matched at Future Shop and Canadian Tire, but there are many more retailers that have a price matching policy. Check out your favorite store’s policy. Many of them can be found on the store’s website.

The Simple Price Match

The simplest  price match means a retail store which match the price you can receive the same price advertised from another store. For example Target’s Price Match Guarantee states that they will match a lower price if a customer finds the exact same item for less in a current and locally printed flyer.

Example A: I see an item price at 25.00 at a Canadian retail store in their flyer, I can clip it on my Flipp app (yes, Target is one of the Canadian retail stores that allow apps to be used when price matching), and then show that clipping at cash register at the store. Because I am also a  Target Red Card holder, I save another 5% on top of that as well. Now if I happen to have a coupon for the said item I can also use that as well, further reducing my costs.

The Beat By a Percentage Price Match

1. Another way retail stores price match is by beating the price by a percentage of the difference, usually 10% and that can rack up on big ticket items. For example, Best Buy’s Lowest Price Guarantee guarantees that they will not only match the price but beat it by 10% of the difference.

Example: I find an item I want to buy advertised in a flyer for $450.00 that sells at Best Buy for $500.00. I would not only be price matched at the $450 but be given an additional discount of 10% of the difference. Making me save more, in this example since the difference is $50.00 we would get (50.00×0.10)=$5.00 so we pay $445.00

2.You will find a lot less policies like Home Depot’s Price Guarantee specifies that they’ll beat a competitor’s lower price by an additional 10%.

Example: If an item sells for $500.00 and you find it advertised for $450.00 at another retail store then you get a an additional 10% off the lower price. So instead of paying $450.00 we will pay (450.00 x0.10)=$45.00.  so we pay $405.00

Price Match With Rewards

Some retail stores like Canadian Tire want you to be a loyal customer so they  choose to match lower prices and  offer loyalty reward incentives. Canadian Tire’s Price Match Guarantee notes that they will match competitor pricing and give 10% of the lower price in Canadian Tire money. Canadian Tire money can be used to purchase other items in their store. It is their loyal reward program.

So all of this sounds easy peasy, right? Well sometimes it isn’t. So how can you make life easier for your self.

How to Have the Best Price Matching Experience


First things first, make sure the items you are trying to price match are identical. They must be the same. This is the first rule of thumb. Barcodes, model numbers, quantity, size of packaging all must match.

Some retailers make you bring in the advertised flyer, others will gladly accept a clipping from an app like Flipp. Know your favorite retailer’s policy.

Sometimes even the cashier does not know the store policy, so if I ever have an issue at a retailer I print out the store policy and have it with me.

At the store it is normally fairly simply.

Let the cashier know that you would like to match a competitor’s lower price. Have your price matches ready. I do this by opening my flipp app or having my flyer in hand.

Show the cashier or app or flyer. Remember they can always check any price match so be aware some cashiers will or they might be new and not know their own store policy. I have found kindness works in these situations.

Once you have shown your cashier they match. With Flipp it means tapping your clipping so it goes back to the retail flyer so they can verify an active ad then you have completed a price match. Time to Celebrate!

What if they say NO? Ask why?

I actually ran into this on Black Friday and found a clause in the store policy that exempted days like Black Friday and Boxing Day. If you think they should be matching it ask for a store manager. Show them their policy or ask to see theirs if you have not printed one off. If speaking to the manager doesn’t work I have even called a head office while in store.

Sometimes You Can’t Price Match

Remember this simple rules, if you don’t you simply can’t price match.

  • Products must be identical in brand, size, weight, colour quantity and model number.
  • Product must be in stock
  • A  copy of the competitor’s flyer or ad must be provided. Some stores do not accept photocopies or flyers printed from online others do not, check the policy.
  • Some retailers accept price matches from across the country, others do not.

There are often Exclusions.  Some normal ones:

  • Online prices can not often be matched
  • Goods from a store like Costco that requires a paid membership.
  • Clearance Sales
  • Limited Time Sales like in Boxing Day.
  • Display merchandise.
  • Bid pricing or volume discounts.
  • Item cannot be combined with any other offer.

I have learned over the years that price matching can save me time and money. No more long lines at stores that have that one great deal when I can walk to a local store that offers a great price matching policy and has the same item in stock. Over the years I have saved thousands of dollars and been able to stretch my budget especially my grocery budget by price matching on a regular basis.

What stores have price matching policies?

These are just a few I found online. These are in alphabetical order.

There are also many other ways to save money besides price matching. Want to save more at the grocery store try couponing, use apps like Check Out 51, Zweet and Changio to save more and always watch for for opportunities to use SCOP (Scanning Code of Practice here in Canada). Overall, once you have experienced your first price match and see how easy it is you will kick yourself for not starting sooner.

* this is not a sponsored post, however, I am the Community Manager for the Flipp App. This post gets me no monetary gain, just wanted to share some great info.



5 thoughts to “How to Price Match in Canada”

  1. Hi, Hollie! Happy new year!
    I was in the supermarket this week and I just saw the HUGE sayings on the wall "we price match"! Then something clicked for me, I started the Flipp app and started looking for the things we were buying. BINGO! At least $5 saved this way, very quickly, no hassles!
    Thanks for the great tips!
    Daniel @ SaveWithDan recently posted…Monthly Savings Recap – DecemberMy Profile

  2. Great information. Always great to read more tips on saving money. I need to get back into the coupons again. Flipp has changed and saved so much for me, I always use it and like to share my secrets with others to help them as well!! I only shop at Super store as I find they give me the best and fastest way of getting points! I thought I'd share my tips with you on getting free products from super store and using Flipp as well!

    First I'll explain how the points system works if, but you probably know already.>>>>>>>>>>>
    Earn 10 PC points for every $1 spent, everywhere you shop

    Earn 20 PC points for every $1 spent** at over 1,000 participating stores where President's Choice® products are sold

    Now I'll explain the process of this madness!

    1: First step is you need to sign up your banking with PC financial. Get yourself a PC MasterCard and sign up for PC points plus. That gets added to your MasterCard

    2: Get yourself a Smart phone and download the PC points app. And another App called Flipp

    Once I had step one and step two down I started adding as many bills as I could to my MasterCard automatically.. Cell phone, internet, 407, etc. Get as many on there as you can. After that I pay for EVERYTHING on my MasterCard…Dentist..ok, dinner..ok gas…ok….Even a Tim Horton coffee….EVERYTHING! Don't go crazy mad and just purchase anything for the hell of it. It comes down to budgeting and knowing how to handle your money. Every purchase I make on my card is things I'll be needing to purchase anyways. Once I get my paycheck that MasterCard is Paid off in FULL! I refuse to pay interest! So on the side I'm always making PC points. If you consider After all the bills and such I usually owe every two weeks $1000.00 X 10 PC points for every dollar = 10,000 so every month I'm making $20.00 minumim.

    I always get my gas at the superstore gas station. Today I filled up for a total of $51.00 and that gave me 900 points.

    Now I'll explain what the PC points APP does. EVery week they will load 22 bonus offers onto your phone. Those offers are tailered to your product spending and random other products. These offers are something like 100 points for every $1.00 you spend on apples, or 200 points for every $1.00 spent on ground beef or 800 points for one side kick dinner…things like that. Sometime they have for every $75.00 you spend you recieve 20,000 points. Not only are you getting Points with the APP, but Superstore will also have random points on differnt products that dont even tie in with your APP.

    Now I'll explain the FLIPP app. every friday I go shopping and bring my phone and tablet as I get a break from my kid 😉 and it's not that busy. Plus groceries are done and I have all weekend to do other things. I'll tether my phone to my tablet and use FLIPP on the tablet. Once I find the product I need I'll type it into flipp and it will search all the stores in my region and get me the best price it can.Then the APP will do whats called "Clip" I touch the screen and it will "clip that product to a new screen and that will be my list. Then I move onto the next product. NO MORE searching through flyers, circling pages, and such. I get in search the data base for the product.. clip it and move on. I refuse to pay $1.77 LB for apples when I can price match at $0.98c a lb. Yes I'm price matching but I'm doing it in a fast, orgazied manner. Even the check out employees tell me how orgazized and fast this is. I HATE price matchers that hold up the line going through there 5 different flyers looking for the product, and I dont like holding up the line myself. I want to get in and get out with all my points! You just need to make sure you are organized. Before Check out I'll place all the non price match items first then I'll look at all my clipped products from FLIPP and line them up accordingly in the order they appear in the phone clippings. Then when it's time to price match my tablet is ready, and the check out Clerk just looks at the product and rings in the new price. In and out efficiently.


  3. I forgot to mention, that I've been doing this for a few years now and so far I've used my points to get a free PS3, PS4, Patio set, Sony sound bar, Christmas and birthday presents,food,and other things. Currently I'm working towards a new TV and I'm not that far away from getting it as well. I'll wait till the new Tax free day there!

  4. Check your local Walmart. Some will now price match for all of Ontario and some for all of Canada. Most will price match produce. A banana is a banana. You may be surprised at how 'user friendly' your local Walmart is. Also check out Shoppers Optimum card. Once you accumulate 95k points, the value of each point is higher. Couponing is continually improving.

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