Moving Vision to Reality: Goal Setting is a Must

goal setting is a must Last week I wrote about how I wanted 3 words to guide my year. Having 3 words has always helped me to stay focus, but I know I need to move from just having 3 guiding words to being able to take measurable action. For me goal setting is a must. The three words ground me but my goals are like my road map that get me to where I want to go. Last year I set some very specific goals. Then life happened and things need to be adjusted and that will happen at times, you have a detour come up and you have to adjust the path. First and foremost those you must have a goal you are striving for I know I do.

A goal has to be reachable. Last year I set the goal of losing 100 pounds in the year. I did not achieve this goal but I m healthier this year and I am still working on bettering my health. I learned an important lesson my goals had to be reachable and sustainable and significant.

Do your goals have all three of those components?

Over the years money goals and blogging goals have been rather easy for me to achieve. But when it comes to some of my other goals well I let things slide. Have you ever done that? I have also learned how important it is when you fall down to get back up and move ahead from where you are. It is a lesson I have had to tackle more then once. So what can we all do to do better?

Make the goals significant: I set three words for my 2015 year healthy, happy, and helping-How do those relate to this? What makes me happiest? There are three things that make me happy: Spending quality time with those I love, having an attitude of gratitude and getting out in nature. So how will I set goals that are significant and will make me happy? I set some goals

1. Have a an attitude of gratitude every day. So I started a happiness journal, so every night before bed I write in it what made me the happiest that day. Even on the hard days I will seek joy.

2. Nature. As a kid you could never get me inside. I loved to play outside with my best friends. We could have so much fun out of doors. This summer I want to do a camping trip with Rachel and get back to nature. I also want to make sure during the other times of the year even in the bitter cold I am getting outside and into nature at least once a month. This past fall I was able to do that often and really enjoyed my time walking outside.

3. Quality time–time without gadget, Facebook or social media. Yikes, did I just type that! Yes. I am learning I need to concentrate on the people I am with and make better connections with them. I also need to spend down time with those I love. So more evenings will be spent playing board games, or doing an activity with those I love.

I also set health goals:

This summer I want to walk a 5 KM and then by fall be ready for the half Toronto Marathon. I am looking at joining a walking club so I can stay on track with this one. Know a good walking club in Toronto, let me know.

I also did something January 2nd, as a birthday gift to my daughter, I gave up Diet Coke.

Finally, it is gone. I also want to cut my refined sugar intake by 50% this year. Over the holidays I actually did very well on this one. I was impressed with myself, even my birthday cake had little sugar.

I also set helping goals:

As well writing practical informative posts I want to give back to my blogging community and share what I know. I want to SPEAK this year…in that regard I have applied to speak at a few events this year.

I also want to volunteer in my community and have signed on as a Pan Am Games Volunteer.

I want to expand the reach of the #cdnmoney community so we can  help more people get and achieve their financial goals.

All these goals are significant. All of them are measurable. All of the are reachable. All of them have now been written. and all of them have been shared. Hold me accountable, okay.

Tonight for the #cdnmoney chat we are talking all about goal setting, please join Christa and I at 7 pm EST for a great chat on goal setting.

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