The Realities of the Target Canada Liquidation and Closure

Like many others, I was left in shock when Target announced it was closing its Canadian stores, I have been more in shock this weekend as I watched the firestorm of comments in the media and on social media, so many people don’t realize all the harsh realities that go with a store closure.

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I was there when Target Canada arrived in Canada. On Opening night my daughter and I attended the exclusive grand opening event and if Target Canada had an event instore in the GTA over the last 23 months we were there. From shopping the same aisles as Sarah Jessica Parker and other celebs it was quite the ride over those months. Target Canada became one of the most social brands in Canada and for bloggers like me we were given the opportunity to get the message out, and we did well at that. Target Canada did not fail because of a lack of media attention, it failed for many reasons. Now, we who loved Target Canada and all it brought are faced with some very harsh realities. Realities not talked about in the media thus far.

It has been about feeling bad for the employees, and for the lack of stock, and the lack of a great buy. There are far many more considerations to take into consideration.

Everyone talks about the 17,600 employees of Target Canada who will loss their jobs. It is not just them who lost jobs or will lose jobs. Think of every company that worked with Target Canada, from the malls, to the Canadian brands that were sold in Target, think of the ad agencies, event planners, designers, who relied on contracts from Target as part of their bread and butter. There are also already layoffs there. In one small company I know first hand, their staff was cut in half the day Target announced they were closing. Their bread and butter had been working with Target. My friend Sheri, from This Birds Day posted a link to the list of creditors and I was glad she did. Apex, Veritas and Connected Multimedia on on the list of creditors. I know people at all three. While the Canadian Revenue service is owed over 12,000,000 there are many creditors who are owed hundreds of thousands, and I counted over 20 that are owed over 1 million each.  Sobeys a Canadian brand is owed over 3 million. I know several there. Think about it, the job losses will not only be felt at Target but at its creditors as well based on what they are able to collect.

The list of debt currently owed does not presently contain unvoiced or unprocessed debt. Remember the total debt that Target Canada owes continues to grow, and will grow  till the day the are actually closed.

Russ Matthews CommonCentsMom

If you were a social media type and attended the great event with Russ Matthews in December at my local Target store here in the Stockyards, well think of all the suppliers that were there that night, they are unpaid. They are just among the hundreds of companies now owed by Target Canada.

My girlfriend asked me why I was there at Target Canada as the Liquidation sale started. It was because a liquidation sale is about paying the creditors the most they can. These creditors are my friends, they are the Canadian brands sold at Target, they the companies that help keep our economy going and I want to minimize the damage done to them. It’s about protecting possible job losses at them. It’s about getting brands I love at a price that is fair. For me it is not about getting the best deal, a rock bottom price as that would do little for these companies. It’s about minimizing loss.

Target Red Card

Now there are some decent deals already and if you have a Target Red Card, meaning you were already a loyal Target customer who liked to save your Redcard is still valid and you get those extra savings. 

When I went on Thursday I used up a Target gift card I had and spent some more to complete the living room redecorating I had been doing and picked up some cute items for Valentine’s Day. I also grabbed some cosmetics as they were at 30% off and brands like Pixi, Elf and Sonia Kashuk  who will soon be hard to find in Canada.

Now some tips if you plan on hitting the Target Canada Liquidation Sale

1. Go Early and Support the Creditors. The more in sales this week and next the more the creditors can and will receive.

2. Go Early for the best selection. Want a certain item you had your eye on, if you have not already been this weekend, you want to go this week.

3. Expect lines. There are many Canadians who are deal shoppers like me, they seem to come out in droves. I waited in line about 20 minutes to pay. Think Christmas eve.

4. Go Often. New trucks arriving daily means great chances you will find what you want.

5. Let politeness rule. As we get closer to the closing date, staff are shuffled and take on different job roles, and on the way out the door can you imagine the stress they are under. Job hunting while still working.

Let me know what are you thinking about the sale? Are you continuing to head to Target Canada till it closes?




24 thoughts to “The Realities of the Target Canada Liquidation and Closure”

  1. Your post definitely got me thinking about factors that I hadn't previously considered. I'm not sure I'll be heading to Target though, as I hadn't shopped there prior to this announcement.

  2. How awful to hear about big chains like this closing and all the jobs being lost. It's the most awful thing to be made redundant and not know where your next pay check is going to come from. I think your let politeness rule point was the best one, I hate when people are rude to shop staff.

  3. It's so disappointing that they have only been open ~2 years and are now completely shutting down. Not only that but people are savages trying to get their deals, then complain that the deals aren't good enough and taking it out on the poor employees. I am angry that the CEO or whatever the dude's name is, his compensation put together, is more than all Target Canada employees. So sad.
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  4. Whoa! I thought Target is really generating lots of revenues because of its sales. Employees must feel bad as they would not have expected it to be the case. There's thousands of them! I hope that they find a new job soon. This will also impact their family and overall lifestyle.

  5. These are great tips, and insight on the liquidation sale and closure. I haven't been to Target in a while, but will probably drop by sometime next week! I'm sad to see Target go, to be honest.

  6. I am so glad you wrote this article, because I never thought to include all of those unseen layoffs! This is just such a sad situation, and I hate that this is happening! I hope all the problems get sorted out ASAP!

  7. I like Target as I grew up shopping there in Australia. It's a pity it didn't do well in Canada. I certainly enjoyed the blog promotions and won several of them!

  8. Oh really hurts me to see so many employees losing their job. It's really a shame and even worse that the store couldn't be up to its full potential in terms of stock 🙁 Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I am sharing it.

  9. Oh, that's so sad!!! We have lots of Targets around where I live (CA, USA), and I love them for their 'affordable design' philosophy and huge range of affordable products. That's too bad that they're not making it in Canada. 🙁 Good shopping tips though; I hope you find some good buys! And come visit the US Targets sometime. 😀

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  10. I can't believe Target failed in Canada. Thank you for bringing light to all the people and companies affected by this situation. It is truly sad that so many will be faced without jobs and smaller companies could probably close as a result. Target has been closing many stores here in the states which is pretty sad. They are my favorite but I think that one bigger box store moves on to the area and directly affects Target's bottom line. Sending prayers to the people of Canada.
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  11. I had no idea Target was even in Canada to be honest but it's said it didn't work out. I mean personally, I love Target. I worked there for christmas a few years back and it was one of the greatest companies I have ever worked for. I feel so bad for all those Jobs lost. =( I haven't had any store close near us yet and I don't think I will as they are always packed. I really feel bad for all those people and those lost jobs =( It's so sad. Thank you for sharing all of this with us! I can't believe it!
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  12. None of the Target's opened near me and I, at that time, never had a car. However, I never did hear anything very good about the store/stock or how employees were actually being treated. The only real hype I read was prior to opening and from bloggers who were promoting Target. I decided to take the personal experiences of those I know in RL and never ventured into the store.

    I can't say I'm sorry to see them go, I'm sorry Canada is suffering and losing so much business.

  13. I feel sad for all the people that will be affected one way or another from the closures but I have to be honest and also say that I was not a fan of Target.

  14. It's too bad it didn't work out. I feel so bad for all those poor companies like Sobeys that will never get their money.

  15. It was a sad day when I heard the news. You have made many valid points here. I probably like most people didn't realize all the people above and beyond the Target employees that will be affected. I have went once since the liquidation started and will defiantly be going back.

  16. I am so sad that Target is leaving Canada. I wish they we staying. I loved shopping there because they had products that no other store in my area have. I went to Target all the time for ELF products and now, sadly, I will have to order them online. There will be so many things about Target that I will miss. I went on the second day of their liquidation and the customer service was so good. The employees were smiling and being so helpful. The store was a mess! But not from the staff but from customers. I feel really bad for them.

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