Budget Friendly Smartphones and Tablets From Alcatel #Giveaway

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When you have a teen in the house, you really have to stay up to date on tech. Even as a blogger I find myself following lots of the great tech blogs to stay up to date on the latest innovations and what tech is perfect for the budget minded shopper. So I was super excited when I was asked to try out both Alcatel One Touch Idol 2S smartphone and the Alcaltel One Touch Pop 7 tablet to review and giveaway on my blog. Sweet, right? Alcaltel has just arrived in Canada ans one of the top ten mobile manufacturers I was eager to give it a try with my teen daughter’s assistance.

What’s the best way in on house to test out tech? Hand it to my teen. Last May, my teen lost her iPhone while aiding a woman who was hurt. The last call she made on that phone was to 911 for an ambulance. Even though she lost her phone while doing something good, it wasn’t in my budget to replace it right away. She really missed having a cell in the city. So I got her a very basic non smart cell phone when she went back to school in September, so she was super excited to play with a smartphone once again and as exams hit the tablet was great to have. In fact the tablet goes to school with her now every day. She loves it.

We have been both Android and iOS users for a long time now with us now really preferring the Android. Both of these devices are built on the Jelly Bean operating system which is to be expected for a budget friendly device. My teen quickly added her favorite widgets and apps in record time.

Budget Friendly Smartphones and Tablets From Alcatel #Giveaway

We were loving features on the Alcaltel one touch IDOL 2S  like a great camera on the smartphone, my teen noted she wished it had a bit better audio as she loves to listen to her music on the way to school (which was easy to add to the phone with a small SD card). She said the audio was good not great. The phone as an 8MP camera and a large 5 inch screen. When I measured it beside my Samsung 5 I could hardly tell the difference. With Bell you also get the Bell TV app. My teen thought the motion detection technology was great as you could turn over the phone to turn off an alarm. She also found moving between apps and widgets a breeze.

Now the tablet does not have a great camera coming in at only 2 MP camera but my teen loves the vibrant HD display to play her games. She also downloaded the Microsoft Office apps which made grabbing school assignments easy at exam time. She also prefers the tablet for watching movies, and just because she could she even tried out the Bell TV app. She only wished she had a larger screen, but said it was good for on the streetcar. My teen loved how ultra slim and light it was which is why she chose it as her go to tablet.

Now as a mom on a budget getting a smartphone and tablet for under $500 seems like a great value for me. You can purchase the Idol S2 for $300 or you can get it for $30 down on a 2 year contract with Bell. Now the tablet it at a great price as well, an easy $180 for a 3G tablet, that’s a good value in my eyes. You can check these both out at your local Bell Canada location. The good thing about Bell Canada it has a huge LTE network so staying connected is no issue.

Now some great news I can give away both on my blog! So enter by leaving a comment and letting me know what do you look for when you are shopping for new tech?

*open to Canadian residents only.
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168 thoughts to “Budget Friendly Smartphones and Tablets From Alcatel #Giveaway”

  1. I mainly look for getting the biggest "bang" for my "buck"! I want the most I can get/want for the least amount of money. But, I also want it to be reliable!

  2. I look for great consumer reviews.
    support/trouble shooting guide
    company reputation
    energy source and consumption

  3. I look for price, how far advanced they are, How durable, how suited they are for me and my needs and how they are in comparison to other brands

  4. I look for good quality product for a decent price, with a warranty & fair reviews from other consumers. I also look for what is specific to my needs; I don't always need all the bells & whistles & they are useless if I don't use them.

  5. Price is huge, but so is battery life and overall quality. I want something inexpensive, but not cheap, if you know what I mean.

  6. I expect a lot out of my techs. after all, shouldn't I for the price! I like leaders in technology, great battery life and decent screen size. It must be user friendly and have a camera. Thank-you for a great review and giveaway

  7. I look for something that is user friendly. I also check reviews and ratings online first before purchase. I like my smartphone and tablet to have a decent camera because I like taking pictures. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance.

  8. I'm from the older generation and technology can be a little intimidating. I need something that is user friendly but allows me to do all my chatting, emails and banking. A camera is a must and a long battery life is great. Thank-you for the nice share and giveaway. Much appreciated.

  9. I look for an up-to-date in as many ways as possible.
    Speed is a big factor and Options is another (what is that phone capable of.

  10. I look for quality and affordability. I like to get the best that I can afford in tech. I also like to have recommendations from family and friends. I also like to research a product for pros and cons before purchasing it.

  11. I like tech with good battery life that is easy to use. If it lasts a long time and I can make it do what I want, then it will be a good fit for my life.

  12. I look for reliable brands and products! I want something that is durable and goes above and beyond. I want something that will have great customer service as well. I love tech that is easy to use and has great reviews.

  13. I definitely think the most important thing I look for in tech is speed. I really dont want to be waiting a long time for something to load (like the struggle back in my Blackberry days)

    1. When I buy a new tech product-first and foremost I consider price point and ease of functionality. The easier the better. Portability is another huge factor-must be easy to transport w a handbag and diaper bag.

    2. When I buy a new tech product-first and foremost I consider price point and ease of functionality. The easier the better. Portability is another huge factor-must be easy to transport w a handbag and diaper bag.

  14. What I look for in tech is:
    – The latest useful innovations
    – Faster processing Speed
    – Lots of storage
    – A reputable Manufacturer
    – Good warranty

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