The Flipp App Gets Better with Flipp 2.0 #Flipp4Life

For those of you who know of my love for Flipp, the app has just gotten better. Hard to believe I know. Flipp 2.0, is the leading digital shopping flyer app, and it’s now available on iPhone and iPad. The Android version will be out later this month.  You will love the new unique Shopping List feature that just makes sense of you weekly shopping experience.

 You will love the convenient way to use the lists to find corresponding sale items from the flyers of your favorite stores, right on your mobile device. You can find the update on iOS today.

flipp shopping list

With Flipp‘s new Shopping List feature, you can begin planning your shopping trips at home or on-the-go by adding items to the in-app list.  If you start it at home over wifi, remember the list and clippings do not need wifi in store. Save your data and start at home.

The new feature also has a new enhanced search functionality, which allows you to quickly find the best deals for everything you need. Once you are in the store you can easily check off items from your list to make sure you have everything. No more forgetting things at the store! Got to love that functionality!

Remember, Flipp is a free app that literally helps you save by putting over 400 different retail flyers from across North America on your app. By putting your postal code on the app you will see the flyers that are local to you.

With Flipp you can use the following features:

  • Flip – Browse through all of your weekly local flyers quickly and intuitively
  • Shopping List – Plan ahead and stay organized while shopping by adding items to the digital list, discovering matching offers from your local flyers, and checking them off in-store
  • Search – Easily find a specific store, item or brand
  • Clippings – Tap an item in a flyer to clip it for easy access while shopping and price-matching
  • Item Details – Tap and hold on an item for additional product information and reviews
  • Discount Slider – Highlights the best savings in the flyer to find them at-a-glance
  • Notifications – Reminders about expiring clippings and nearby offers ensure you never miss a deal

Have an item you want to add to the list, type it in. Hit enter and it’s there.

Want to know more about an item you are thinking about buying, press down on the item and all the product information is there.

The latest version of Flipp is available for free download now from the App Store on iPhone and iPad or at The new version will be available on Android later this month.month.


On February 25th, 2015, at 9pm. Flipp is celebrating the new Flipp 2.0 with the #Flipp for Life Twitter Party, shopping blogger @MrsLoulou will be the special guest and I am sure she will have a shopping tip or two.

For demo videos or more information, check out

52 thoughts to “The Flipp App Gets Better with Flipp 2.0 #Flipp4Life”

  1. Oh my ! I LOVE my flip app ! now im about to download flipp 2.0 , this is the first place I learned about it thank you

  2. Thank you Hollie for this well written post about a very useful app that saves people time and money .
    It has over 400 fliers and will select the local ones that apply to you . It can put together your shopping list or a bunch of clippings the fliers are in real time so they are valid and searchable and can easily be used to price match . I downloaded the new 2.0 flipp app on my iPad mini clipped the items I wanted to buy put together my shopping list and presto the app was on my other iPad along with my clippings and shopping list . Like a honey buy list ! An amazing way to shop in this digital age .

  3. I love Flipp and use it every week to do my grocery list. Can't wait to check out the new features but I will have to wait until the Android version comes out.

  4. Gotta love a free download…I just haven't made the move to using a smartphone. Well, I have a phone that could have smartphone capabilities, but I choose not to. This would be an app that I'd be interested in using though. I'm all about the savings.

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