#CommentsWays to Save: Day 7- Bulk Cooking Basics


Have you ever thought about cooking in bulk so you could free up some time and save some money? Some people cook for an entire month over a day or two. One of my friends lives by cooking for a month and creating meals she can simply grab from her freezer. When I can I love to spend Sunday preparing food for the week ahead. Bulking cooking definitely does free up your time. Now there are some bulk cooking basics that are important to remember.

Prepare Ahead

Sometimes thinking about cooking in bulk can get a bit overwhelming but by doing the prep work you will be on your way. What is the prep work?

1. Think about what you want to achieve. Are you cooking for an entire month? all meals? or just dinner? For me I do just dinners and have simple breakfast and lunch meals ready that take no longer then 15 mins of prep time.

2. Make a list, check it twice. Planning for your meals is important, what will you cook, do you have a great recipe everyone loves? If you need bulk cooking ideas I really suggest Pinterest as a great resource. Write down what you want to cook, and make a list of ingredients. I also check my favorite money saving apps to see what is on sale. ( For me here mine are Flipp and Checkout 51. In the states you might also like some of the coupon apps)

3. Think about your storage. How will you store this food? Do you have the freezer space? Check and make sure. Do you have the containers needed? I grab what I need from the dollar store. I stock up on aluminum trays and plastic freezer bags. For some things I do recyle plastic containers. Don’t forget labels.

4. Shop with a List. Remember that list I had you make? Well it’s time to hit the grocery store with your list.


Cook Day/ Days

1. Start early. By getting an early start to the day you are giving yourself time to enjoy the cooking experience.

2. Do your prep work. We chop all our vegetables, open up the cans, get the spices ready, and basically prepare chef stations. Since I do this for a week I have 7 stations I set up on my table.

3. Boost your energy. It’s going to be a long day, so to boost my energy I enjoy music while I cook. I turn on my favorite country tunes and well I have been known to break out in dance in my kitchen.

4. Start cooking. Tine to get cooking. In our house this is a family affair with both me and my daughter cooking. She is the better cook and even studying culinary arts in her high school. So feel free to get some help in the kitchen.

5. Everything cooked, now it’s time to store it all. Make sure you package the containers, freezer bags with proper labels. What needs to go on the label? Contents, date made.

Clean Up

Time to do the dishes and return your kitchen back to order, at this time I also use some oil and diffuser to get rid of any unwanted odors.

Have you bulk cooked? How many meals have you prepped at one time?



13 thoughts to “#CommentsWays to Save: Day 7- Bulk Cooking Basics”

  1. Every now and then when I have a bunch of ingredients to use up I will do some bulk cooking. I think the most meals I have made at once is 20 but that was when I was going in to have major surgery and wanted to have freezer meals for hubby to heat up.

  2. These are some great tips. I have never bulk cooked before but now that I'm getting super busy, it is a good idea to start, so thank you for this post!

  3. I tried bulk cooking a few times, I get so mixed up. Thanks so much for the tips, I'm going to give it another shot I think, it really is very time/money saving.

  4. I have cooked bulk on occasions and I always love the feeling afterwards of having a full freezer, so I don't know why I don't do it more often. Thanks for your tips, you might just have sparked my interest again.

  5. This is excellent advice.I think I have to do this and get some things into the freezer , life is busy and its stressful when you are lacking time but still want to provide your family with a healthy meal

  6. when I bulk cook I make the same dish but lots of it, and we will eat one that day then one every week when we don't feel like cooking

  7. This is awesome! My sister does this often, me not so much. I felt lost. Thanks for the tips, I think they will help!

  8. Great tips , i love cooking and i always make way more than we need , but like i say to hubby , its leftovers for a few days … he just winks and says you know how much i love leftovers lol

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