#CommonCents Ways to Save: Day 6- Learning to Say No

Commoncentsday6Have you ever really wanted something? Seen something on a store shelf or had your kids see something in the candy aisle and beg for it? Learning to say no is an art form that allows money to stay in your wallet. It also helps you manage your budget. Learning to say no is important.

First, you have to say no to yourself. Are you an impulse shopper? Do you stick to your budget? So many times when we want that latest gizmo or to travel we simply put it on a credit card. Today has become the day of giving in to our latest desire. In adulthood we are  more and more about what we want and need in the moment. To often its about now with no thought of the future. To plan for the future you have to learn to say no now.

For me saying no to myself sometimes is hard. There are many things I want, but they are not in my best interest if I want to get to my long term goals. For me I have learned to shop with a list, and if I am making a major a major purchase I always wait  48 hrs before making the purchase.

Learning to say no to others is also important and this doesn’t just mean about money. We all have to know our own capabilities. We have to be able to say no to our kids and our families and even friends.

When it comes to my own daughter she has been saying no since she was young. Now days, she is very responsible when it comes to money. I have also learned that if you load money to family and friends you may not see it back. Whenever you loan money out, remember you are creating a debt for that person. Is that really the best thing for them? When we bail our kids out of financial messes, we leave them without money management skills often. It’s best to think twice.

When we learn to say no there is money left over to actually do what we want long term. A little self discipline and Learning to say no really can go a long way.



8 thoughts to “#CommonCents Ways to Save: Day 6- Learning to Say No”

  1. I do not have a problem saying no…
    (however my other half "may" struggle in this area – shhhhh. And that is complicating factor in the budget). Shhhhhhh.

  2. Saying NO is often a hard thing to do but something I am trying to work on doing more, mind you I have to try and get my other half to do the same because he is always wanting to buy me something.

  3. I struggle with this too. You know right now I am really wanting to buy something totally unnecessary, but I'm forcing myself to stay away from that website. It's so hard for me but I'm working through it. Hopefully this will become so much easier for me

  4. Saying No is so hard for me. I am an impulse buyer. If I like it, I want it. Lately, I have been walking away from things. Some things are easy to walk away from but there are a few things that I think about when I get home. I always think..should I go back and get it. Most times a few days pass and I'm glad I didn't buy it. This is new to me and I like it. Your post has encouraged me and lets me know that I am doing the right thing now. Thanks so much.

  5. Being on a strict budget, I have become a master at saying no to my family and also to myself. I wait out things I want to buy for months beforehand, saving for it & making sure it's something I really want instead of buying spur of the moment & realizing it was just an impulse buy.

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