Get there faster with the American Express AIR MILES Credit Card and AIR MILES Collector Card

We all want to win the rewards race. Whether it is to get enough miles to bring your family on the trip of a lifetime or even getting all your groceries paid for, the possibilities with rewards can be endless. Think of it like this you want to win the big NASCAR race. What do you need? You need a fast car and a great driver; you can’t get to the finish line without both parts working together. Can you just imagine how far you would get with only a fast car?

Walt Disney World

This year, my daughter and I really want to go to Walt Disney World. Visit all the different Kingdoms, hang out with Mickey Mouse and buy our own mouse ear hats, the whole shebang and we want to use our credit card rewards miles. For this, AIR MILES are my go-to reward miles; I shop at their partners like Metro and Toys “R” Us to reap the benefits but I recently found out that I wasn’t receiving as many miles as I could, I was apparently the great driver in a slow car. I recently found out there is an even quicker way to rack up my AIR MILES reward miles and get to my dream vacation with my daughter faster.

The American Express AIR MILES Credit Card allows me to earn AIR MILES even when I’m shopping at stores that aren’t AIR MILES partners, an added and much needed bonus to really rack up those reward miles. Additionally, at the over 120 AIR MILES partner stores I can use my Amex AIR MILES Credit Card in tandem with my AIR MILES Collector Card and get twice the miles.

fast cars

So now I’m currently winning the rewards race and racking up reward miles left, right and centre. It’s like I’m in the big NASCAR race and I am not only the best driver, but I also have the fastest car on the track. By using an American Express AIR MILES Credit Card along with an AIR MILES Collector Card, it lets you earn AIR MILES reward miles faster so you can reap the benefits sooner, simply making the two cards Better Together!

If you are an AIR MILES Collector, one of the ways we will get to rewards faster is by watching for sales and special bonus offers. These offers allow you to earn extra AIR MILES on top of the regular miles offered in-store. Every little bit helps us get to our reward (Disney World) faster.

American Express offers three different and unique AIR MILES card products ranging from annual fee of $0 to $299, so there is a card there for everyone. You can read more about the suite of American Express cards here.

This post was sponsored by Amex Bank of Canada. The views and opinions expressed in this blog, however, are purely my own.

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