Time for Back to Campus #StudentLife with a Contest and a Twitter Party!

I remember well getting ready for university my first year, I lived at home while I explored a new city, Halifax and attended Dalhousie University. By the time I hit second year however it was time for me to spread my wings and I was on my way to the University of Manitoba. While there I lived in a small apartment off campus and in the dorm. As I prepared for each year and each location there was always shopping that had to be done, as well as forging through friends and family to get what I needed.

I can remember well trying to make a strict budget, some of the favorite things I bought we my comfy duvet comforter that I got a deal on, my kettle for making tea and hot chocolate and milk crates they stored plenty of my items while I was in university.

As my daughter Rachel starts both college and her last year of high school this year she will be living at home but we are giving her bedroom a bit of a makeover and she will be doing so much studying well she will need the space.

Now many of my friends kids are getting ready for their first apartments and dorm rooms. I can remember it was a chore to get everything I needed for a small working kitchen. Think about it, what essentials would you put in the perfect student kitchen?


My friends at Canadian Tire have put together a pretty good list of the essentials for a great student kitchen:





Now my friends at Canadian Tire have some great tips on their site as well as the:


 #StudentLife Hack Contest


On the site they offer some great suggestions like making use of every day items in frugal and creative ways. One great suggestion is to use removable Command hooks and twine along with some clothes pins to hang photos which I think is a great tip. Make sure you check out all their tips!



Make sure you check out Canadian Tire’s Back to Campus page for more #StudentLIfe Hacks!

If you have a #StudentLife hack, you can win a daily prize of a $100 Canadian Tire gift card, and a grand prize of a $1000 gift card.

All you have to do is share a photo or video of your #StudentLife hack on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube, tag @CanadianTire and use #StudentLife.

The contest is on from now until September 4th

For more information please read the Contest Rules.

As well join us for the #StudentLife Twitter Party on Wednesday August 19th




I look forward to seeing you all at the Twitter Party and I hope you enter to win!

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