Use Enterprise Video Software to Save Money in your Company




Whether you are the owner of your company or simply a high ranking employee, there is a good chance that your goal has always been to save money, and one of the areas in which you can really save, is business travel. Using Blue Jeans enterprise video you can definitely make some changes, especially when you consider just how much is spent on travel each year. If you think about it, business travel can be broken down into several spending categories, each of which can become prohibitively expensive. Let’s take a look at a few examples.

  • Airfare – Obviously you need to get to the destination somehow and usually air travel is the way to go. That being said you most likely will want to travel business class so that work can be done in comfort on the plane. This will cost money, and it is money that you could be spending elsewhere.
  • Accommodations – When your employees reach their destination they are going to need a place to stay; do you have any plans for this, or are you just going to wing it? Hotel rooms are not cheap, especially if you want your people to stay in nice establishments. IN addition to that, you will have to pay for the room at full price, even if the employee will only be spending a few hours there – that is not a situation you want to find yourself in.
  • Food – Obviously your employees need to eat while they are out, and this can run up a greater tab than you think, especially if the employee actually has taste, so to speak.
  • Travel – At some point your employee will need to travel and this means paying for a cab or going so far as to pay for a car rental. This can seriously put a dent in the budget, especially if it is being done several times per year.

These are a few of the expenses that you are bound to find yourself dealing with when your employees travel. It will be expensive the first time but after that you will quickly come to realize, much to your dismay, that it does end after the first time. You still have plenty of more times to worry about, and it’s going to add up.

Did you know that according to recent data the average cost of domestic travel (within the United States) is roughly $111.7 billion per year? Each traveler is estimated to spend about $949 of company money on airline costs, hotels, food, and other expenses during travel. This is all to take trips that might only last for a few hours, if that. While business trips used to be necessary, video conferencing has done a great job of making them nearly obsolete.


Video Conferencing Perks

While has helped to deal with the mounting costs of business travel, has discussed reasons for which video conferencing will actually save you money, and they are not points that are to be ignored. On the contrary, they can be more beneficial than you realize. First of all, your employees will no longer need to travel simply to attend meetings. This is a great benefit as it will put more money in your pocket in addition to giving your employees more time. By this we mean they will not have to roam the country and can spend more time at the home office getting their jobs done. It is important to garner relationships with customers and clients, but now you can do so much more efficiently.

Another way in which video conferencing can save you money is by saving you the trouble of using a phone which would rack up serious long distance charges. For some businesses that might not seem consequential, but every penny counts, and the internet provides for the possibility of VoIP, which is something that you cannot deny the usefulness of.




Conferences on the Fly

The last point we will bring up is the ability to hold conferences on the fly, and what wouldn’t want to have this ability? Rather than attempting to gather everyone together in a single meeting spot, you can connect to them via their mobile devices. Something important to keep in mind is that the video conferencing software is normally handled server side, meaning you don’t have to deal with it at all. That is an amazing improvement, and it also means that more devices are compatible. Whether a person is on their smartphone, a tablet, PC, laptop, or even a Linux machine if it suits their fancy, they will be able to join the conference and participate. That is one of the greatest innovations and a money saving technique you can bank on.


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